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Picking up 87.5lbs of grass-fed beef with Saul tomorrow.

It’d be better if Saul was into boba tea or Starbucks because it’ll be about 4 hours round-trip but it’s fine. I hope Saul likes techno.

I’ve told a few people at work that I am going to pick up 87.5lbs of grass-fed beef and none of them care. Actually, they are puzzled and are like “why would you do that,” then all the girls say, “I only eat lean meat, I don’t want to bulk up. Is that why you are getting it?” to which I respond

“Yeah, because I wanna get real fucking jacked.”

Then they stop talking to me.

Tonight I clean-and-pressed 170lbs x 3 dead-stop, followed by 155lbs x 5 dead-stop, which is the first non-shitty press workout I’ve had since I’ve started clean-and-pressing. It was pretty OK. 170lbs x 3 was about a 9 RPE and I think it’s a dead-stop PR (when I pressed 170lbs x 4 it was touch-and-go. I was also belted, and I haven’t belted up for my clean-and-presses in a while).

330lbs x 7 RDL, followed by 330lbs x 5.

Weighted ring dips, +50lbs x 5, then 4. These were pretty hard today. I wanted to do quite a few more sets but decided against it since I’m trying to follow a volume-volume-intensity-intensity schedule for bench/OH press.

Finished up with rounded-back back extensions and a lot of curls, which were hard today.

Leeuwer writes:

In a(power)clean and strict press, how does one transition from the wrist position in the clean to the wrist position in the press?
I can do both movements fine separately, both once I combine the two in a clean and press, problems arise. I do my pressing with very straight wrists due to an injury caused by hammer throwing.
Cleaning with straight wrists causes pain and vice versa, pressing with the wrists in extension also causes pain.
Any advice is welcome.

I’m not very good at it and I’m not c+ping a lot of weight but I clean the bar directly into a press position i.e. I don’t push my elbows up to rack. If you are pretty proficient at power cleaning, you can use the time the bar comes off your shoulders after standing with the bar after the clean to immediately adjust your hands under the bar into press position, then pull your elbows back and down to begin the press. That probably wasn’t a very good description. But I would think that having to adjust your hands after the bar is racked will prob make for a pretty shitty press. Doesn’t look like Klokov moves his hands after the clean for his pressing. You could try seeing if doing some mobs for your wrist might help though – soft-tissue tack-and-stretch for forearms, some banded stretching for the wrist, then doing the externally-rotated stretch here to bias the fascia in the flexors of the forearm.

Another issue may be your actual front/press rack – improving your front rack by working on shoulder external rotation in flexion may take some strain off your wrists. Take at look at these three guys once a day for a week and see if you get anything out of them.

oldman writes:

ok mgmt, maybe but the first song was fucking weak. I am going with this:
in combo with your mgmt song to out do the gayness that exists with purposely listening to mgmt before a workout.

lol link another song like that again and I’ll perma-ban you from my blog.

Brian writes:

Hi Brent, I have been listening to this song a lot today, I’m real impressed with it. I figured I would share it with you.
also, I hope you liked my “corgis on boats” post that I shared with you.

I enjoyed and favorited the song and the corgis on boats link was pretty good too.

Penn, 270lbs is not a c+j PR, I’ve hit 275lbs, but 270 is the most I’ve gotten recently.

The girl at work I am currently hoping to hang out with fist-bumped me this morning, I forgot for what reason … actually I think I remember, I think she was saying she was taking a drug screen class for the clinic (as in she was celebrating the fact that we would be both be certified collectors to do DOT drug screens). It simultaneously was a sign that I was definitely friend-zoned and also another reason that I want to date her. This is probably why I clean-and-pressed so well tonight.

Showed her my dance vid – was that a good idea or no?

PRed my db hammer curls.

I PRed my db hammer curls by quite a bit Friday, hit 40lbs for a set of 10. I also snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 265lbs. I hit 255lbs in the c+j a few more times. Becky said my split sucks so I worked on it. Clean pulled up to 305lbs x 3 for two sets, clean-and-pressed 160lbs x 4, 4, then 165lbs x 3, then 150lbs x 5. Did a bunch of curls obv, 105lbs x 6 or 7 with the regular barbell, then 105lbs 3×5 with a fat bar, then the db hammer curls.

Thursday I did a belted 1rm for Chris’s study in the back squat, then drove back to Carrollton and finished up with some front squats at 315lbs, hit 5 and then 3 after a short rest period and went to work.

On Sunday I did an un-belted 1rm for Chris’s study. I squat 417.5lbs with a belt and 410lbs without – both times I was squatting blind and could only choose my weights up to my last warm ups which were 385lbs belted and 365lbs un-belted. Ask Chris about his study if you are curious, he will answer questions about it better than I can. After squatting I benched 260lbs for a paused double and did some shitty close-grip benching.

Today I snatched up to 225lbs, c+jed 270lbs, and front squat 325 and 330lbs for triples, then another double at 330lbs.

I was missing jerks today and I think it was because my torso was soft during the dip-and-drive so I thought about not flopping around and staying rigid. Helped a bit. 270lbs was about as hard as 255lbs. Something that probably doesn’t help is when my back sometimes unlocks momentarily after I stand with the clean, when the bar comes off my shoulders and then back down. “Belly tight” helped with that.

Think I’m friend-zoned by the girl at work. “Which girl are you talking about this time Brent.” It’s kind of irrelevant since every girl I have ever mentioned in this blog has friend-zoned me. In fact, I would be disappointed if a girl DIDN’T friend zone me – I feel like I have a legacy to uphold. I’ll enjoy PRing in a bunch of lifts this week. If all else fails I will def PR in some goddamn cheat curls if that is what it fucking takes.

JC writes:

I hate blogs, yet this is consistently entertaining. It’s probably because you’re able to somehow combine bitterness, anger and sarcasm in just the right amounts that it actually becomes endearing. Keep up the good work. I like that 70sBig has this whole other weird section hidden away behind the main page.

It’s been established that I am the only funny part about 70s big.

Some fucking guy writes:

Way to play it cool with the VPVG, and totally kiss her ass for her. Solid strategy.

oldman writes:

i’ve moved onto techno at the suggestion of others. this song is currently in my workout play list:
as is this
make suggestions

Both those songs fucking blow dude. This one is old but it should make you want to squat or press pretty aggressively. I listened to this one driving to the gym today and it prob helped me by at least 5% on my sn. and c+j.

I met Cristina at raw nationals and she is pretty cool, she started a blog about what she thinks about when she thinks about lifting. Her blog is called What I Think About When I Think About Lifting. I would say it’s like xkcd.

About the mega pretty powerlifter chick at ISystems Gym – she’s also apparently a fitness model? Have I mentioned that? Anyways I was training one day a few weeks ago and I thought I heard her say something like,

“Hey! When did you start training here?”

but I did not stop to see if she was talking to me. I automatically assumed she was not talking to because we’ve never spoken with each other before, and again, while I’ve seen and noticed her at meets, I just would find it pretty hard to believe she would give any fucks about some piece of shit Asian who, back then, was more than 15% bf, did not curl, and wasn’t wearing a tank. There were three other people in the gym at the time, a trainer and his two older clients. She could have said fucking anything okay? I didn’t really hear. And I would think if she were addressing me she would have tried more than once. It’s possible that she somehow recognized me though and now I look like a real pile of shit for being too hard to take a break from sweating profusely in my tank top to talk with her, but lettuce beans and real tea, it’s real real REAL unlikely she was talking to me. I am mentioning it because I feel like it is something I should be putting on this blog.

Well hey guys I am gonna go kill myself now so I’ll talk to you here in a little bit.

Caught an hour of shirtless sunlight today.

Hopefully catch another hour tomorrow morning. Gonna squat up to a 1rm for Chris’s thesis in a belt shirtless. Oughta be good. So oldman go fuck yourself, I guess I will be getting a fucking tan now.

Another story about Very Pretty Vietnamese Girl – her and her friend were going to teach me Vietnamese because I couldn’t say her friend’s name. So she asked me what I wanted to learn.

Brent: “How do you say, ‘has anyone ever told you you’re pretty before?'”
VPVG: “Uhh – ”
Brent: “How do you say, ‘you’re pretty enough to be a part-time model.'”
VPVG: “What? Okay, this is – ”
Brent: “How do you say, ‘you could spend part of your time modeling and part of your time with me.'”
VPVG: “I’m done with this conversation.”
/VPVG walks away

Today I snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 255lbs. I had racked 225lbs overhead in the snatch a few times but couldn’t stand with it, and I went from 255lbs to 275lbs in the clean and didn’t jerk it.

brickhouse writes:

brent its time for you to get with the vpvg. its time.

Doubt she’s actually interested. It was the first time we hung outside of work so maybe she just saw that I was funny and cool and laid-back so I’m still in the friend-zone, she just actually wants to hang out now.

Jake writes:

How do you feel about this video?

Saw it 10 years ago? It’s not that funny.

Nathan writes:

brent what is your favorite romantic comedy (preferably with a sad ending)


Puke writes:

Hey Brent, what do you think of this haiku?
Nobody likes you
you were told that you have friends
but you were lied to

How do you think I feel about it?

How am I supposed to react to this?

The very pretty Vietnamese girl was at my clinic this past Friday, her, some other coworkers, and I all went out to dinner after work. I was wearing the soffes underneath my scrubs and immediately after I clocked out I ripped the scrub pants off, much to my doctor’s disgust. My friend Alex aka to Chris as Johnny Tran had taken me to work so I rode with her to the restaurant and she also dropped me off back at my place. We had some pretty good conversation.

/car pulls out uncomfortably close to our lane
Very Pretty Vietnamese Girl: “Uh oh…”
Brent: “We’re about to die.”
/we pass car unharmed
Brent: “I don’t know how we survived.” <– the previous three lines are something I stole from Justin, and I have used them with Saul in the car as well
VPVG: “We would have been ok. At least it would have hit your side.”
Brent: “That’s true, I am wearing my tank top after all.”

Here is a haiku I wrote about hanging out and riding in the car with her.

Cold in soffes and
tank, her warm brown eyes lit a
fire inside me.

I should note that prior to this night, VPVG gave no fucks about me. I called her once and she didn’t answer or call back, and we sent like, a total of five or six texts between us. Two days after hanging out with me in my tank and soffes, she calls me after work just to talk???????????? Oh Brent I can’t help but notice you are 13% bf, which I mean is “okay” but certainly nothing to be up in arms about, but I guess I’ll give you the time of day now since you’ve become mildly attractive compared to the mean level of attractiveness in our dating milieu?????????????

Kind of irrelevant now, I am usually thinking about the other girl from work with a pretty smile and super chill personality. She knows I am a loser though so uh this oughta be real good, and by that I mean when she friend zones me I’ll prob snatch 245lbs for a PR and then later that night season my ribeye steak with the salt from my tears as I eat alone in my apartment.

Can’t really remember what I’ve done for training on what days specifically so

– snatched 230lbs last Thursday for sure
– snatched 215lbs last Saturday
– c+jed up to 265lbs on Thursday???
– c+jed pretty terribly on Saturday
– clean-and-pressed pretty terribly on Friday, 165lbs x 2, 160lbs x 3 or 4? did a few back off sets at 145 for 5+
– back squat 375lbs 3×5 on Saturday, which was hard
– possibly because I back squat 390lbs x 3 on Friday, which was also hard
– 330lbs RDLs x 6 and 5
– lotsa reverse hypers and curls on Saturday

Tonight with Saul I benched 255lbs x 4, 3, and 1 (lol), then hit a few back off sets at 240lbs for 4 and 3. I would like to hit 5 @ 255lbs but uh I guess I am being a real piece of shit. These did feel better than last week. I felt stronger out of the bottom and through the middle, I am guessing this is a product of doing ring dips quite a bit. I just hit a fucking wall on the fourth rep and then on the third set. I will be doing some paused reps for an intensity day next bench session.

Jerked 245lbs out of the rack for 4 singles, then jerked 255lbs for my fifth single. I did the most recent internal rotation mob prior to doing any of this and it’s pretty fucking legit. Killed a lot of the anterior tightness I get usually after lots of pressing, and it seemed to have cleaned my shoulder extension so that ring dips felt a lot better – most interesting is that it also somehow indirectly improved my shoulder flexion quite a bit, as I was jerking with a pretty decent shoulder position even after benching which is kind of unusual for me and my shoulders. Possibly improving end range function in extension meant my shoulders were less inflamed after pressing so that I could actually keep moving them through a better ROM?

Did a lot of barbell rows, hit some weighted ring dips at +45lbs for 5, 4, 4, and then five sets of curls. A side goal I’m trying to accomplish in training is to 1.) increase the frequency of my curling to 2-3x a week as opposed to 1-2 and 2.) do 5 sets of curls every time I curl. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Here are a few vids from tonight:

Me being a scrub on the rings and doing a pretty terrible job at externally rotating at the top:

Anything truly good should make you want to kill yourself, whether it is a PR set of 10 squats or a real pretty girl who you DON’T talk to.

Nathan wrote something that definitely made me want to kill myself. I don’t really want to talk about it so if you guys want to read what it was you will have to ask him about it.

Then I showed him something I wrote a couple years ago and he told me I should keep writing. I said I’d rather do more weighted ring dips with Saul, because my pecs could not be more fucking sore right now. And my anterior shoulder bits could not be more tight. I mobbed for quite a bit tonight but will probably have to mob a little bit more before training tomorrow if I want to not snatch like a piece of shit.

I used to write a lotta soft-cocked virgin shit but I’ve realized that the time I spend writing is time that I could spend mobbing, or perhaps banging out barbell curls and squatting sets of 10. Also, my preferred modality of art is currently dance, and I am still developing my ability to shuffle so that I can interpret another fucking sweet song.

Training with Saul and Becky has been pretty A++++, my mood’s been a lot better just from having IRL friends to train and hang with. I keep telling them, “I could not be more pumped about today” in my characteristic monotone, and Becky said, “I like how you say that but you don’t look excited at all.”

“This is me real fucking pumped,” I say.

“Well I guess there is kind of a sparkle in your eye.”

I high-bar squat 350lbs x 9 + 1 rep after racking the bar, then went 6 and 5 and finished up with another set of 5 at 365lbs which I almost fucking did not complete which would have been bad because I was not squatting in a rack and I did not have spotters. Some real jelly-dicked shit really. Glutes felt tight and Becky remarked that my bar path was a \ path towards my toes as opposed to |. I haven’t done tabletop stretch in a while so I collected 5mins both sides tonight, which was agonizing for the first couple minutes.

Benched 255lbs for 3, 3, 2, and 225lbs x 5, this was kinda shitty but I suspect it was from benching the first two sets off of a bench that had a separate seat cushion and body cushion – my hips were not supported very well by the separate seat cushion.

Snatched up to 215lbs after all that, which was surprising, and cleaned 255lbs which was real hard and did not jerk it. I was real tired. Throughout all this I was also doing quite a few ring dips with weight and unweighted and banged out two sets at +25lbs x 5 and then repped out with bw up to 7-8 once or twice. I tried to externally rotate the rings at the top of the dip and can get like 30-45 degrees of external rotation but it creates an unparalleled peak pec tension and is really just an awful experience. My pecs, again, could not be more sore, but Zyzz would have done it for the sake of being more aesthetic which is reason enough for me to continue doing them with vigor.

We also made a new friend in this training session, which is actually a guy that Justin and I had met in Van Alstyne last year. We told him he looked like our friend Chris and got a picture with him, he was kind of weirded out by it, but we’ve exchanged numbers and now we will all get real fucking swole together.

I loled real fucking hard at the interaction between Joe, Cristina, and Mark in last post’s comments. A+++ guys, would read again.

Cute girl at work mentioned a while ago, was just talking about work one day or something and she had said, “It was busy but I didn’t like, kill myself.”

I loled – and asked her if she had somehow gotten that from me. She said no, she hadn’t heard me say it.

“I say it all the time,” I told her. “That’s like my thing.”

She made a face and said, “That’s crazy.”

This probably isn’t going to work out.

How many velociraptors is that?

Last week Jacob showed me a picture on facebook, it was him about to snatch something, and one of the comments said, “how many velociratpors is that?” to which Jacob responded, “That is 8 velociraptors.”

me: dude
“how many velociraptors is that”
that’s fucking good

Jacob: oh i haven’t told you about that?
sometimes we measure weights in dinosaurs
1 velociraptor weighed up to 33lbs
the largest pterodactyls weighed up to 100lbs
so we use the top end limits

i thought
it was a unit of like how cool something was
this is better

Jacob: Put it to use my friend
did you train today?

me: yeah benched and squat one intuitive set of 3

Jacob: how much

me: i benched 255lbs x 3 paused with no belt and squat 365 x 3
which is the first “heavy” squat i’ve done in 3 weeks

Jacob: i’m sorry Brent
i don’t
understand the units of measurement you’re using
try again please

I found out this real hot chick that I saw at USAPL Texas State and Raw Nationals apparently trains at the gym Saul and I just signed up at????? I have not seen her around, which is a good thing, because if I did I would leave the gym and not train that day. I am hoping she trains in the AM so I will just never see her. If she ever appears at the gym while I am training I am going to terminate my workout in the middle of the fucking set and just pack my shit up and leave. She is too hot. I can’t deal with it. I just can’t.

Another thing is – has she noticed me at these meets as well? I mean, I doubt it, which is fine, and in fact I’d actually prefer that. What I’m concerned with is not, “Hmm, I wonder if she finds me remotely attractive,” I am more concerned with her thinking, “Uh I saw this guy at a couple meets and now he is training at my gym? Is he stalking me? What a fucking creeper. By the way nice shorts, faggot.”

There is a cute girl at work who smiles every time I wear the soffe shorts since I usually come from the gym if I work in the afternoon. Today as she was leaving she said, “Bye, Brent, don’t wear those shorts again.”

I said, “I’ve been wearing them every day.”

“Brent Kim. Brent Kim if you wear those shorts again I will never take you seriously.”

“That’s fine.”

Guess I’ll kill myself.

I have two favorite reactions to the soffe shorts so far:

One is from a coworker, a super experienced LVN who is usually unflappable. She’s seen it all and doesn’t give a shit. Dick head patient? She’s a smooth operator. Some fucking weird guy patient hits on her? She’s fucking ice. Doctor being grumpy? She wishes she cared. But I walked in with the shorts and her eyes went wide and she immediately turned away and burst into laughter. It was a pretty good reaction.

Second one was from a random dude from Starbucks and much more subtle but just as enjoyable. I walked in and he was sweeping and he sees me then goes back to what he’s doing, but he makes this face to himself that says, “I guess this is what kids are doing for fucking fun these days.”

Other than that, most guys think I am a fucking loser and girls smile at me like I have a chromosomal abnormality. It’s fine. If we are going to be real tea, this isn’t very different from when I wasn’t wearing the soffe shorts every day.

Training was short but considerably productive today, I snatched up to 220lbs, c+jed up to 260lbs, with the snatch being a baseline that I’d like to hit on a pretty regular basis (and hopefully reach into 230+). The c+j was kinda weak today, though it’s possible with longer rest periods I may have felt better for a little more. The good news is I did not miss any jerks and felt pretty good overhead. Did all this in about 35min, would have liked more time and taken more attempts for both lifts. I’m off tomorrow though and will be training with Saul and Becky, if the squats I do don’t fucking wreck me I’ll see if I can take a fucking swing. I’m thinking that I might get there before Saul, do my squats, have a boba tea and rest and then come back to do the oly shit. Maybe change my tank top while I’m at it.



Trained at ISystems Gym in Carrollton, which will be my new main training ground. It was the BEST SATURDAY EVER with Saul and Becky.

Intuitively squat high-bar up to 405lbs x 2 and then another single without a belt.

I snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 265lbs, cleaned 275lbs but it was pretty tough and I dumped it after the clean.

Clean-and-pressed up to 165lbs x 3, which fucking blew, then did some back off sets, this wasn’t that great of a press day.

RDLed up to 315lbs x 7, 330lbs x 5.

Close-grip benched 240lbs x 3.

Did a few sets of ring pull ups, which got my bis pretty legit sore the last time I did them with Saul, I did four sets today and went for AMRAP (best set was 10 though I was not touching the rings to my body towards the end of the set) so hopefully I will get a little swollertrophy out of this.

I established my shit head cred before leaving when I saw the jacked guy who was closing up the gym mixing his post-workout shake and asked, “Hey man, what’s your stack?”

He laughed and said, “My what?”

“Your stack man? What is it?”

“Yeah,” Becky added, “Is that isolate or concentrate?”

So now when I show up next time wearing my misc t-shirt they will definitely know I’m a real piece of shit.

Guy was legit mega jacked, I liked him because he was real jacked and the first thing he did upon walking into the gym was dumbbell curls. He then spent the rest of the 1.5 hours he was there doing bis and tris. I’m going to start having an arm day in my programming. “That’s real lame Brent” OH I’m sorry I didn’t know having fucking 20″ bis at 5’5″ and legit clydesdale horse shoes for tris was lame why don’t you go fuck yourself.

Iggy writes:

hey brent do you plan on competing officially in olympic weightlifting? usa needs more guys in the lower weight classes (69′s, 77′s, )

lol as if the USA is going to benefit from some shit head scrub who doesn’t c+j 400lbs @ 77k. I will be focusing on oly as a secondary goal (primary goal being flexing in the mirror) but uhhh I mean no one’s gonna give a shit about what I do.

Until I start using stanozolol.

Some fucking guy writes:

HEY BK. How much proteinz and cals is there in 1 Pound of Korean Kalbi short ribs (king cut)??? I bought 10 pounds pre marinated @ at the korean grocery store but it doesn’t say . They are really thin cut though and kinda long (like AC’s cawk no homo). And what is your name on the forums?????????????????????

I dunno, generally speaking a lbs of beef is gonna be around 70-100g of pro depending on how lean the meat is. I dunno about cals? Again that’d depend on the fat content of the meat. I don’t have a name on the forums, I just lurk the misc and popcorn.gif (and wear the t-shirt).

Shoulda done more curls today.

At the CrossFit gym I snatched up to 100k and c+jed 115k, missed a 122k jerk twice. Pulls all felt easy, I think with a better split I should be hitting some better jerks soon.

Then I went to a boba tea shoppe (while still wearing soffe shorts. I was out in public with the shorts from 11am to 9pm) and there was a too cute Vietnamese girl wearing glasses behind the counter. This is a haiku I wrote about our interaction:

She speaks softly. I
lean towards her just to be
closer, not to hear.

I went home and mobbed, then drove to Denton to train with Saul, but first I stopped by a Thai place in Denton – which was really fucking good – but it was kind of a semi-fancy place and so I looked like a real pile of shit sitting there in a sweaty hipster tee and soffe shorts.

I trained with Saul and banged out some high-bar squats at 340lbs for 10, 7, and 7, then finished up with 365lbs x 5. I also clean-and-pressed up to an intuitive triple, hit 160lbs dead-stop, then did barbell bent over rows and cheat curls. I was gonna go ring with Saul and blast my bis with some ring pull ups but it had gotten kinda late so I went home to cook and get to bed early for work.

I heard Saul laugh and I turned and he pointed out an obese guy struggling to do partial dips with all of the assistance on the assisted dip machine. I was laughing because Saul was like, legit laughing at this fucking guy, like 80s movie bad guy bully “look at this loser” laughing, but Saul said, “He’s an adult male who is too fat to be doing dips, and he got that fat in the first place,” and I couldn’t really argue with that. It reminded me of when Mariah was real upset one day because she was reading about the Fat Acceptance Movement and was reading some virgin’s blog about accepting that she was a fat fucking piece of shit and how she claimed to enjoy life as an obese fuck face. It was a pretty good blog, I’m surprised I didn’t bookmark it.

We also spent time making fun of these WABDL old fucks who weren’t very strong and squatting to a bench that was above parallel, and two guys who were clearly on anabolics of some kind.

I just want to add that Saul’s experimenting this week by doing the Herculean Weightlifting total every training day, and he trains every day. So that is working up to a 1rm (and occasionally doing more singles for volume) in the clean-and-press, deadlift, and cheat curl every day – if he had bumpers he’d be doing the snatch and c+j with those. You guys would like Saul.

Jake writes:

Watching that video definitely gave me a bad case of yellow fever. Are all Asian girls trained from birth in the art of being fucking adorable?

They’re not being adorable, Jake, those are pathetically well-rehearsed mannerisms derived from societal cliches, if you think that’s cute you’re a jelly-dicked virgin Mormon.

Mike writes:

we’re more or less tied bro. i’m at 230+280 – with clean miss jerk at 290. i know you’re good for more, and so am i.

I’ll be checking out a gym 20mins away with oly bars and bumpers and a wider range of hours than the CF gym so if we end up training there regularly I should hopefully have more opportunity to sn. and c+j and hopefully get real fucking jacked.

I left my fb logged in at Saul and Becky’s, look what Becky did:

That’s real fucking good, Becky. I should note that I haven’t spoken to two of the people who responded in a real long time, so their first interaction with me in a couple years is making suggestions for what kind of tramp stamp to get and asking if I was sticking my fucking dick in a penis pump. So that’s real fucking good, Becky.

So what’s your sign?

Checked out a locally owned gym in Denton to do some training with Saul and Becky, the gym was actually usable for the slow lifts.

While we were signing waivers for the gym, Becky noticed my birthday and said “oh are you aware of the connection we all have? We’re all born in March!”

I said, “Oh that’s cool, we’re all Aries. Do you think it fits you?”

Then I turned to the girl at the desk, who was quite pretty, and asked her, “So what’s your sign?”

There was a pregnant moment during which all parties had to accept that I, in fact, just asked her that question, and then there was an exasperated smile from the front desk girl and hysterical laughter from Becky.

“I’m a Virgo, actually,” she says.

I said, “I could tell,” and she smiled at that too. Then I didn’t talk to her again. And fucking killed myself.

I pressed 155lbs for four sets, going 5, 5, 4, 5, and starting each set with a clean, which was fun, but could have been funner if I was pressing 160lbs.

Front squat 315lbs x 3, then 335lbs for 3 and then a double and just got flat-out stapled on the last rep. I haven’t front squat in quite some time, so it felt a little weird but the legs felt pretty strong doing this. Just not used to bottoming-out here, which should return pretty shortly.

Did some barbell rows afterwards – this is the only movement during which my hamstring still feels some tightness, though it’s not severe and the fact that I can snatch and clean and RDL what I did pre-injury makes me not worry. Should prob do some more soft-tissue tack-and-stretch and high-hammy stretching.

Later this night, they hung their rings up over a tree branch and we played around – Saul and Becky did legit gymnastics skills and I shoveled shit. I did a few dips, attempted poorly to get into an externally-rotated support, did a few ring pull ups and could not get the rings to touch my chest (they were low enough, I just could not pull my elbows and shoulders back so that the rings made contact with my body even with external rotation), and tried a few support positions. Would be interesting to do these on a regular basis and see what they do for my pressing and upper body swollertrophy.

Saul’s thing today, and this happened twice, was to say, “Brent,” and nod at me when an Asian female walked by. Both times they weren’t terribly attractive and looked pretty grumpy and just in general could not have been less approachable and I was a little confused about what action he wanted me to take, because I sure as fuck was not going to talk to them.

Unless they looked like this. Warning, this video fucking blows.

I’m going to learn to shuffle.

I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you know about my dance vid to Pretty Lights – Up & Down I Go. In fact, about 90% of you quite frankly wouldn’t give a fucking shit about me if it WEREN’T for that dance vid.

Well you probably know about Party Rock Anthem. You should also probably know a dance that’s often associated with it, the Melbourne Shuffle, and you should also know that I am going to be more committed to learning how to do the Melbourne Shuffle than I am to training. That means if there is ever a day where I have to pick between my 30min – 1 hour training session of learning the shuffle or getting swole, I’m going to choose learning how to shuffle.

If a cute geeky girl who liked StarCraft 2, ate Paleo, did the oly lifts and wasn’t a fucking douche about it, had a heart of gold, and KNEW HOW TO SHUFFLE and did it wearing Ranger panties and a tank top, if this girl asked me to hang out and hold hands at any point in the next couple weeks or months or however long it took to become proficient at the Melbourne Shuffle, I’d say, “Sorry chief, I have to go practice the Melbourne Shuffle in my apartment bedroom.” And I wouldn’t even give a fuck, I’d be completely unphased by the fact that a female gave me unprovoked attention and I’d be banging out T-steps like I should be banging out front raises for my severely lacking anterior delts.

I met Saul and Becky aka RUNITAGAIN and ThunderThighs, we’ve been hanging out and trained on Wed and will be training tomorrow (Saturday) as well. Been pretty good times, Becky is surprised that we get along well but imo we all like StarCraft 2 and lifting weights which are both full-time jobs in and of themselves so it’s hard to imagine why we wouldn’t get along.


On Wednesday, the three of us did Herculean Weightlifting’s inaugural meet. For the uninformed, Herculean Weightlifting is Saul’s brainchild, and it consists of two attempts each in clean-and-press, snatch, clean-and-jerk, deadlift, and a 1rm cheat curl with no knee flexion in the event of a tie breaker. Saul will post more information in the comments for any questions regarding the competition rules and format.

I snatched up to 97k and c+jed 120k and did real fucking shitty in everything else – my best clean-and-press was 75k and I missed an 82k press on my second attempt, then maxed my double overhand no hook grip dead at 150k, even with the excellent Rogue Eleiko knurling.

I picked up some boba tea without changing – one girl rolled her eyes at me and at least two separate groups nodded at me to their friends and then giggled derisively – and at the globo with my roommate I banged out some shitty bench presses (255lbs x 4 and a few back off sets at 225lbs for volume) and sand-bagged my high-bar squats (330lbs x 10, 5, 5, though my legs have been GGed from this for the past 2 days).

Oldman writes:

This is on my play list now too:
What does this song do for you?

What the fuck do you think it does for me?

Jake Briskin writes:

What is it about English being rapped with a Korean accent that I find so annoying

It’s the fact that Korean Americans are pieces of shit.

Brian writes:

brent is looking real swole in the recent saul video.
Also I never see you or justin online on SC2.

Me and Saul are about to play what’s your gamer id? my # is 483

Puke writes:

We can kill ourselves together, Brent. I saw the girl I really liked wearing a Greenpeace shirt the other day.

Give her a chance, bro.