Daily Archives: September 11, 2011


Trained at ISystems Gym in Carrollton, which will be my new main training ground. It was the BEST SATURDAY EVER with Saul and Becky.

Intuitively squat high-bar up to 405lbs x 2 and then another single without a belt.

I snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 265lbs, cleaned 275lbs but it was pretty tough and I dumped it after the clean.

Clean-and-pressed up to 165lbs x 3, which fucking blew, then did some back off sets, this wasn’t that great of a press day.

RDLed up to 315lbs x 7, 330lbs x 5.

Close-grip benched 240lbs x 3.

Did a few sets of ring pull ups, which got my bis pretty legit sore the last time I did them with Saul, I did four sets today and went for AMRAP (best set was 10 though I was not touching the rings to my body towards the end of the set) so hopefully I will get a little swollertrophy out of this.

I established my shit head cred before leaving when I saw the jacked guy who was closing up the gym mixing his post-workout shake and asked, “Hey man, what’s your stack?”

He laughed and said, “My what?”

“Your stack man? What is it?”

“Yeah,” Becky added, “Is that isolate or concentrate?”

So now when I show up next time wearing my misc t-shirt they will definitely know I’m a real piece of shit.

Guy was legit mega jacked, I liked him because he was real jacked and the first thing he did upon walking into the gym was dumbbell curls. He then spent the rest of the 1.5 hours he was there doing bis and tris. I’m going to start having an arm day in my programming. “That’s real lame Brent” OH I’m sorry I didn’t know having fucking 20″ bis at 5’5″ and legit clydesdale horse shoes for tris was lame why don’t you go fuck yourself.

Iggy writes:

hey brent do you plan on competing officially in olympic weightlifting? usa needs more guys in the lower weight classes (69′s, 77′s, )

lol as if the USA is going to benefit from some shit head scrub who doesn’t c+j 400lbs @ 77k. I will be focusing on oly as a secondary goal (primary goal being flexing in the mirror) but uhhh I mean no one’s gonna give a shit about what I do.

Until I start using stanozolol.

Some fucking guy writes:

HEY BK. How much proteinz and cals is there in 1 Pound of Korean Kalbi short ribs (king cut)??? I bought 10 pounds pre marinated @ at the korean grocery store but it doesn’t say . They are really thin cut though and kinda long (like AC’s cawk no homo). And what is your name on the BB.com forums?????????????????????

I dunno, generally speaking a lbs of beef is gonna be around 70-100g of pro depending on how lean the meat is. I dunno about cals? Again that’d depend on the fat content of the meat. I don’t have a name on the bb.com forums, I just lurk the misc and popcorn.gif (and wear the t-shirt).