Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Shoulda done more curls today.

At the CrossFit gym I snatched up to 100k and c+jed 115k, missed a 122k jerk twice. Pulls all felt easy, I think with a better split I should be hitting some better jerks soon.

Then I went to a boba tea shoppe (while still wearing soffe shorts. I was out in public with the shorts from 11am to 9pm) and there was a too cute Vietnamese girl wearing glasses behind the counter. This is a haiku I wrote about our interaction:

She speaks softly. I
lean towards her just to be
closer, not to hear.

I went home and mobbed, then drove to Denton to train with Saul, but first I stopped by a Thai place in Denton – which was really fucking good – but it was kind of a semi-fancy place and so I looked like a real pile of shit sitting there in a sweaty hipster tee and soffe shorts.

I trained with Saul and banged out some high-bar squats at 340lbs for 10, 7, and 7, then finished up with 365lbs x 5. I also clean-and-pressed up to an intuitive triple, hit 160lbs dead-stop, then did barbell bent over rows and cheat curls. I was gonna go ring with Saul and blast my bis with some ring pull ups but it had gotten kinda late so I went home to cook and get to bed early for work.

I heard Saul laugh and I turned and he pointed out an obese guy struggling to do partial dips with all of the assistance on the assisted dip machine. I was laughing because Saul was like, legit laughing at this fucking guy, like 80s movie bad guy bully “look at this loser” laughing, but Saul said, “He’s an adult male who is too fat to be doing dips, and he got that fat in the first place,” and I couldn’t really argue with that. It reminded me of when Mariah was real upset one day because she was reading about the Fat Acceptance Movement and was reading some virgin’s blog about accepting that she was a fat fucking piece of shit and how she claimed to enjoy life as an obese fuck face. It was a pretty good blog, I’m surprised I didn’t bookmark it.

We also spent time making fun of these WABDL old fucks who weren’t very strong and squatting to a bench that was above parallel, and two guys who were clearly on anabolics of some kind.

I just want to add that Saul’s experimenting this week by doing the Herculean Weightlifting total every training day, and he trains every day. So that is working up to a 1rm (and occasionally doing more singles for volume) in the clean-and-press, deadlift, and cheat curl every day – if he had bumpers he’d be doing the snatch and c+j with those. You guys would like Saul.

Jake writes:

Watching that video definitely gave me a bad case of yellow fever. Are all Asian girls trained from birth in the art of being fucking adorable?

They’re not being adorable, Jake, those are pathetically well-rehearsed mannerisms derived from societal cliches, if you think that’s cute you’re a jelly-dicked virgin Mormon.

Mike writes:

we’re more or less tied bro. i’m at 230+280 – with clean miss jerk at 290. i know you’re good for more, and so am i.

I’ll be checking out a gym 20mins away with oly bars and bumpers and a wider range of hours than the CF gym so if we end up training there regularly I should hopefully have more opportunity to sn. and c+j and hopefully get real fucking jacked.

I left my fb logged in at Saul and Becky’s, look what Becky did:

That’s real fucking good, Becky. I should note that I haven’t spoken to two of the people who responded in a real long time, so their first interaction with me in a couple years is making suggestions for what kind of tramp stamp to get and asking if I was sticking my fucking dick in a penis pump. So that’s real fucking good, Becky.