A shining beacon of hope.

brent: i’m so disillusioned with fitness and strength blogs these days
i’m just so burnt out

Justin: I got that way, but I’m making an effort to follow yours and MWOD
I love mwod and kelly so much

me: agree
the guy is just

Justin: he is the shining beacon of hope

me: a fucking beacon of hope

Justin: hsadl;fjsad;kljsad

Also this is good:

shawn: brent
I’m in class
we’re doing “roleplaying exercises”
if you need me, I’ll be the guy trying to pinch my way to the artery in my fucking thigh to bleed out and die in this fucking waste of god damn time class.
if i could have a seizure – I would.
I would have a seizure solely to get out of this waste of my fucking time class.
my teacher is a fuckign fat woman
and she’s a fucking teacher
so, that means – she wasn’t successful doing the fuckign thing that she fucking went to school for
and this is her paycheck
fucking chubby cunt
nasty fat bitch
i hate it here.
fuckign shsi ghtias
asos upset i could squat a car.
this fucking bitch just mentioned she’s a non litigating attorney
meaning she flat out refuses to go to court
should of been a fucking bartendeer
fuckign cant’ even type
should have been a fucking dancer
I would have beena god damn glorious dancer
dammit that would make for some top shelf 70sbig posts
hey here’s my buddy shawn’s regime since he’s a fucking NATIONAL DANCING CHAMP
this is his squat program
my fucking legs would be jacked
I fucking sit at a desk
occassionalyl rubbing my fun stick through my pants wishing i was anywhere i could get the fuck off.

Tiny writes:

Will you describe in 27 words your average day? Then sum that up in two more words.

Wake up, I could have slept more. Hydrate, eat, mob, like a robot. Train, this is pointless. Go to work now. I should just fucking end it.

Fuck everything.

Snatched up to 230lbs x 1 on Monday, C+Jed up to 265lbs, missed 285lbs and cleaned 295lbs. Front squat 375lbs x 1, 355lbs for two doubles. Did some poor man GHRs with bodyweight, mainly trying to slow down the negative and using push up assistance off the floor to come back up.

Tuesday I pressed 175lbs for 3, 3, 2, 1. Did my first handstand push up on rings on Saturday? Did like 10 more on Tuesday, one double and a bunch of singles. Ring dipped +100lbs x 2. Did some light oly work.

On Wednesday I did weighted pull ups, +100lbs x 3, 2, 2, some curls, and db delt work.

Today (Thursday) I snatched pretty terribly and high-bar squat up to 450lbs x 1 without too much trouble, followed up with 415lbs x 3. I guess at the meet my squat will go 192.5 –> 202.5 –> see what happens. I’d like to leave the opportunity to PR (by 2.5kg) open.

What do you guys think of this?

[spoiler effect=”simple” show=”Long Q&A is long.”]

Welp, see ya later! writes:

Have you thought about pursuing a DPT program? If not, why the FUCK not? You obviously love this stuff. What if your JOB were to help people move better? I’m sure Starrett would hook you with internship and research opportunities. I want this for you. It would be so lame of you to ignore this question.

Talk is real fucking cheap so I don’t bother mentioning “I’m gonnas.” I’m gonna submit my applications to UTD and UNT Dallas once I have my transcripts (forgot how many credit hours I have) and finish my bachelor’s in bio (I need to complete two higher-level courses). I’m going to need to collect some hours at PT clinics. I’m going to apply to a bunch of DPT programs and hope they don’t friendzone (which is a euphemism for “reject”) me.

“I’m going” to bench 350lbs. “I’m going” to stop losing bw and get up to a thick, solid, tight 170lbs. I can say “I’m gonna” do anything and it doesn’t make a fuck until it happens.

If I get accepted into a program you’ll hear about it sometime. If I suddenly stop updating this blog and Justin posts something on the mainsite about losing a friend – you’ll know I just wasn’t fucking good enough. Who didn’t see this coming a fucking mile away.

Hamburger fan writes:

I don’t know if you’re trying to troll me, but I’m sure you’ll be glad to know it’s working.

It shouldn’t be trolling. It’s not uncommon for people at PL meets to not use belts. Hook-gripping deads is a little rarer, but definitely has been done before, and isn’t a big fucking deal if your dead is <500lbs anyways. I legit have not used a belt for anything save for a few cam shows since September of 2011. I've always been enamored with the idea of the no-no-no squat so …

Beonick writes:

Any links to the MWods that helped your bench? Or should i go through past entries or just search on MWod? Or should i just stay safe?

Tack-and-stretched distal tris, lacrosse ball to medial border of scapula with arm behind back, best shoulder mob ever, tack-and-stretch on pecs. When my anterior capsule was inflamed I did this one and it helped.

Welp, see ya later! writes:

Fucking persistent anterior hip tendinitis. The kind you get when your knees slide forward at the bottom of the low bar squat. It is a bitch to get rid of once you’ve got it. I’ve been stalling and resetting my squat and pounding form for like two years because of it. Frustrating as shit. Just recently said screw it I’m switching to high bar. I can still feel it some though. Can mobbing help me finally resolve this?

“Can mobbing help me finally resolve this” dude fuck you seriously what the fuck, try it??????????? It won’t hurt???????????? Get some joint approximation to the back of the socket, hit your anterior capsule, open that shit up, improve your squat bottom position by with hip flexion + external rotation bias and unglue your posterior chain. Take a look at your ankle ROM and see if you have tight gastrocs that are holding you back. Seriously? You’ve been lurking how long and you haven’t even fucking given it a shot? If your shit is legit inflamed and hot, ice it down at minimum 3x a day (after your workout) for 10mins on/20 off. Go Paleo and/or start supplementing with EPA/DHA. What are you, new?

Dude – you’re a classic case of someone who would benefit from this shit. “I’m still functional, I’ve got this great capacity to produce force, but it hurts to do some things and I’m playing gasso-brako.” It kills me to see guys like you. Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy male, regular guy lifting weights, does some things OK but could be so much better. See what helps. Keep doing those things. Become a better athlete. Things don’t have to – and shouldn’t – hurt when you squat, press, or dead. Normalize your fucking tissues man. Eliminate one more obstacle in hitting your PRs.

Eli writes:

I was curious about doing oly lifts with steel plates though. I’m at a PL gym currently where there are no rubber plates so I’m forced to learn the lifts with steel ones. I was just curious what your path was when you were learning the lifts this way compared to using rubber weights. Oh and have you ever received any coaching besides Justin’s on the Oly lifts? Thanks brah, mirin’ always. Stay Safe.

You’re gonna get real good at lowering the weights under control. You will miss when you push the envelope. Hope your gym doesn’t care. Power snatches/power cleans may be more feasible most days. Have fun. I sure as fuck didn’t.

lambchop writes:

PS have you read Dan John’s book? It’s like a ray of sunshine to me for some reason and makes me feel less inclined to fly an airplane straight into the ocean.

Dan John’s a minister, I’m not terribly inclined to hear what he has to say. I used to read his articles on T-nation. They were useful. When I was 18 and benching 135lbs. He has good ideas that people figure out on their own in a few years. I’m not saying he’s bad. I’m just saying I don’t care. [/spoiler]

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  1. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35o2pi/ I accomplished this. Haven’t talked to her since September 24, 2010. http://i41.tinypic.com/3313jh0.jpg

  2. Mr. Kim,
    Can I be real for a second? Here are 19 words on why you should never give up the dream…

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Go to Physical therapy school. Become supple leopard. Be Safe.

    For serious though, you have to ask yourself one question? Why the fuck not? You are a smart guy, When I was looking into PT and now Med school I looked at the people doing PT and Medicine and said “THEY are no better than ME” Fuck it.

    You are a much better lifter than me, and I have begun say before I lift ” that little asian is kicking the fuck out of you, are you going to let him win?” You are still kicking the fuck out of me, and I may never beat you, but I’m going to work to fucking get better, and thats all you can do.

    Or I could get some D-bol.

    Your facade of cynical nihilism isn’t fooling anyone. WE KNOW YOU BELIEVE.

    • hey man

      thanks for the support – but i was saying i’m taking the steps to get in, i just haven’t blogged about it because i haven’t actually made anything happen yet

      when were you looking at med/PT school and what are you doing now?

      • I’m on the track for med school right now. I graduated with a double degree in history and politcal science, and the realized that I didn’t wanna be a lawyer.

        Im taking, gen chem, bio, anatomy and phys, and physics right now, and I will take organic next year while studying for the MCAT. I’ll be working as a nursing assistant starting in March.

        I have already shoveled shit in my youth so I think I will be okay.

        I understand, you are doing stuff, I just like trolling you.

        In three words I will describe life….

        Better off dead.

        • enlightenedsnipe

          hey tiny, good luck with the path you’re on. I’m just coming out the other side of the run up to med school, and it’s worth it. Currently waiting to hear back from my top choice program. Oh, and I did a year of law school, very smart choice staying the hell away from that hell hole.

    • tiny: I read your first sentence real quick and thought it said “Mr.Kim, Can I be your second?” I got all grrrr and started feeling possessive. I’m fine now. phewwww! Carry on 🙂

  3. Thanks Brent. Will try all these posted mwods over the weekend.



    p.s. Good guy greg is a phaggot. When a real man gets friend-zoned, he lays on his bed listening to radiohead while going through every single text message he received from the girl, analyzing where he went wrong. Then masturbates.

  4. Welp, see ya later! needs to see MWOD 277. I’m starting to catalog MWOD vids in my YouTube playlist (although it’ll be organized soon on the regular site) whilst taking notes on what is in the videos in my notebook. It’s what sane people do.

    Here’s #277:

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9b05GbeeoY

    Lights will never love you, but you can love her.

  6. When Justin wrote that post about antagonistic motivation, I thought of how much I hate you Brent.

  7. Welp, seeya later!

    Yo Brent, thanks for the motivation and the links to specific MWODs. It means a lot that you respond even when a guy doesn’t remember to say please respond. As for mobbing, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything. Basically I’ve been stuck in a rut hammering the couch stretch and some half-assed foam rolling and hoping this shit will go away some day. So you’re right that I need to get serious about it and get some variety in my moblife; thanks for the links. Started doing this one recently: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2012/01/episode-363365-pre-squat-hip-opener-mob-rx.html It’s amazing.

    Justin, thanks for the link. I guess a big part of my question is what is the potential of this mobbing stuff to remedy real chronic stuff like what I’m dealing with that has been present for literally years? I mean I know it’s good for me, and it helps me move better in the here and now, and it can prevent more damage…but is there other stuff I need to do to make the longstanding damage that has already been done go away? Because it’s pretty well-established now, you know? These are just general thinking-out-loud questions, so don’t feel compelled to respond.

    Anyway, Brent, I am glad to hear about your plans. Hope it works out.

    • “it helps me move better in the here and now”

      As opposed to moving in the lore of old?

      Oh, and “well established” isn’t hyphenated unless it’s being used as an adjective.


      • take it easy, Shakespeare

      • Welp, seeya later!

        What about “eat a dick?” Is that hyphenated?

        It’s cool though. Keep on being a prescriptivist on strength training blogs. It’s a pretty well-established way to make yourself look like a fun guy to be around.

        • Welp, seeya later!

          Should read “around which to be.” Sorry, Broseph.

          • You are actually mad.
            On the Internet.
            And if you haven’t noticed, I’m not here to make friends; I’m here to troll and you’re sating my appetite.
            Also, it’s quite clear you spend a lot of time on forums and blogs because you used the word “prescriptivist” correctly. Well done, faggot. Keep writing bricks of text looking for approval. I’ll keep pissing everyone off.

          • No one is angry, no one is truly being trolled

          • You really got me, lambchop.
            Great job.
            You did it.

  8. How many blogs are you reading? All I read is this, 70’s big Mainsite, then Stroup’s, Vale’s Tyspkin’s, etc, one or twice a week.

  9. enlightenedsnipe

    Hey Brent, at least you aren’t pressing jelly weight for mediocre PRs, then missing bench singles at 225 three times in one week. It’s fine…

    I’ll just go back to mobbing my scaps, traps, and tris. At least the pain there means something is getting better.

  10. “Have fun. I sure as fuck didn’t.”

    As if you have any fun doing Oly lifts on bumper plates either…

  11. What mobs did you use to improve your bench? I’ve been having proximal bicep/anterior shoulder pain and want to mob it away.

  12. Brent,

    Im at work right now. sitting in a room with a guy who unsuccessfully tried to blow his head off, (im a nurse) is it wierd that it reminded me of you, except that I thought that you would be much more successful. I was thinking about how unhappy this guy was and how much more shitty his life is going to be now that half of his face is missing and he is still alive. IMO we could all learn alot from this guy. GUN TO THE TEMPLE NOT UNDER THE CHIN! BTW you should go after white chicks. They have much lower standards than asian chicks.

  13. What we usually find is that the busier people get things done.

  14. Hello to all
    In this baffling forthwith, I proclivity you all
    Prize your family and friends

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