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One time I missed a 440lbs x 3 squat on my intensity day before work and only managed a double. I went to work, ate a lot of carbs (i.e. Thai fried rice), and after my shift I drove an hour to Arlington to my friend’s garage and tried again. I succeeded. This was about a week before 2010 USAPL raw nationals.

Also, when Arin was going after a PR set of 5 with a 232.5lb overhead press, he crushed the first three, like a fucking a machine, a terminator, and then slowed down on the fourth, and then the fifth press stalled at his forehead, and in fact began to grind back down, but he tried harder and drove the bar through the sticking point and got his chest under to achieve a solid lockout. Need a spot? Nah.

When Chris pulls a workset, he is like Charlie Sheen, just one speed, “go.” See his deadlift triple at 600lb: technically proficient, immensely strong. Should he try pulling sumo in a double ply squat suit? Probably not. The gear might give out.

Mike can’t be controlled as a lifter. You can get him warmed up, and you can train him in the months prior and have him think about cues, but when it comes to go-time he’s just going to be a fucking serial killer. Last thing on his mind is external rotation of his femurs. Let him listen to Drowning Pool, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson etc., the rest falls into place when he murders a 606lbs deadlift like he’s Patrick Bateman with a pair of escorts. Hey Mike, do you wanna beat ’em?

If you have seen Justin lift, you know that he is a fucking machine. Every rep looks identical to the one before it, irregardless of how difficult the set may be. Training with Justin was pretty good motivation. I’d be pretty fucking pussy if he had never pushed me, and he did this through both his coaching and his own training. Hero worship isn’t a sport, whatever, go fuck yourself.

  1. brent- Been meaning to tell you but I live somewhat near you Little Elm, if you know where that is. Anyways I got a platform and decent equipment for Oly lifts and if your ever tired of lowering metal plates or driving to Arlingtion let me know.

  2. You should write a book. You would probably hate it. But other people would definitely enjoy it.

  3. Only five comments? That’s weird.

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