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Fat tits vs. big tits.

I front squat 350lbs x 3 for a PR on Wednesday, did a back off set at 325lbs x 3 which was too easy (should have attempted like 330 or 335), and pulled 430bs x 1 for a pretty hard single. I was hoping to at least double that but uh ………….. Anyways my quads were sore today.

Today (Thursday night) I snatched up to 215lbs like a fucking joke, c+jed up to 265lbs, also a fucking joke, pressed 165lbs x 4, 3 and 160lbs x 5, then did barbell rows and curls.

Something that helped with the oly lifts today was restoring first rib movement – I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but just got a PVC stick today to actually start. Going overhead was pretty legit today. I’ll see how much benefit I get from hitting this on a regular basis. Feels like I can get the bar behind my ears a lot easier. Turning the bar over in the snatch was pretty snappy.

Daily couch stretching with dorsiflexion has also done a lot for my jerk split, I can get my toes pointing in the correct direction and I’m a lot more stable in the split as well.

The Obsolete Man asks:

Brent, what are the differences between fat boobs and big boobs? Both imply the same to me.

Me and Justin worked on a clear definition for this while in Monterey. All fat tits are big but not all big tits are fat. Fat tits must jiggle, and some droopage is acceptable (currently no defined quantity for droopage factor). For real-world examples: Katy Perry. Fat tits. These boobs? Fat tits. This gif right here? Fat tits. Thom Vale is our other SME on fat tits, and he may provide further examples in the comments. Also, please keep in mind that our researchers are still working on engineering a clear, concise definition for “fat tits” and thus some of the criteria are currently in a nebulous stage. For example, should all large, natural tits be considered fat? Or does the distinction go beyond more than just mere “natural” vs. “fake?” These are some rather pertinent issues that, quite frankly, I’m not comfortable defining without extensive study.

Another good one.

These, these and these could be considered “big tits” (vs. fat).

I just thought this was good.

I can’t imagine what this post is going to do to the search terms that result in hits to my blog.

Though let’s not forget that boobs alone don’t define a woman. The #1 criteria should always be “do I like her as a person?” And if we’re going to be reality, I’ve had some pretty strong attractions to girls who have very little to offer in the boobage department, they had pretty smiles and a good sense of humor and hearts of gold. These are the same girls I cry about in the corner of my shower sometimes.

Special Forces is not in my future.

A song that I think about killing myself to:

Kelly Starrett had a haiku contest on his blog, which I prob should have gotten in on. I will write one here.

Mobbing hurts but less
than when she looks right through me
Guess I’ll kill myself

It would have been funny is if I spammed with a bunch of foreveralone.jpg haikus. However I am pretty sure that the suicidal themes would have resulted in a perma-ban. I don’t think I could have beaten some of the ones in the comments, though, they are all good in that they use the inside jokes pretty well.

FYI – I ordered this t-shirt. For those of you who don’t read, the misc forum is where people say 4chan memes and hate their lives and post real dumb shit. I read it multiple times a day.

FYI – I’m prob gonna order one of these too.

Snatched 200lbs and 205lbs x 2, cleaned up to 280lbs, did some barbell rows, weighted pull ups, and curled on Sunday.

Tonight (Tuesday) I benched 270lbs x 2 paused, took another paused single also at 270lbs, low-bar back squat 425lbs x 3, and did some close-grip benching. This would be the first time I’ve benched 270 in training, and the first time I’ve low-bar squat in prob more than six weeks. Getting real intuitive here folks. I’d feel pretty good going into nationals benching 270lbs x 3, even if some or all of the reps were touch-and-go, I just think it’d be good insurance for hitting 130k/286lbs+ in the bench on a 3rd attempt. It’d be cooler if I was closer to 300lbs.

I’ve been hitting couch stretch with full dorsiflexion every day for prob a week straight at least, I like how that shit never really stops hurting, but I’ve made some pretty good improvement, as in I can actually post up using my old PC box to support myself. See this vid to see how much I fucking blow at couch stretch with dorsiflexion.

Many people are under the assumption that I’m not happy with my life or am a dismal person – while it may be true that I am a dismal person, I would just like to clarify that this is me in a good mood. I have a pretty stress-free job (i.e. work does not come home with me), no real deadlines and no real pressure. I eat, mob, and decline approaching pretty girls after making it a mission to approach at least one girl after my workout going to Walmart. The mission, fyi, wasn’t even to make a successful attempt, it was just to even initiate contact, so me saying

“Hello there, they didn’t tell me you’d be here, well it was good seeing you call me we’ll talk about it”

in one pass and then not looking back would have been acceptable. I failed the mission. Special Forces is not my future. Guess I’ll shovel shit in regular infantry.

What I’m trying to say is that on a scale of 1-10, 1 being take it 10 being leave it, I’d say I’m at about 3 as far as my general quality of life. Could it be better? Yes. Could I be talking to more girls with fat tits? Yes. Could I be flatly rejected by more girls with fat tits so that I can blog about it here? Absolutely. But overall I would say I am in a pretty good mood most of the time.

I’m gonna go couch stretch with dorsiflexion and hit some external rotation + hip flexion, thanks guys you’ve been great.

Story of my life ITT.

Back to the really pretty Vietnamese girl (see bottom of linked post for a refresher) –

She came to the clinic in regular clothes today which to her means a skirt and sleeveless shirt which was an immediate GG for all my sensibility. I said,

“Are you always this pretty or just on Saturda-”

“Whatever.” <– her response with no hesitation or even really stopping to look at me.

Should I kill myself?

Jake: why is it important to the story that she’s vietnamese?
Brent: because i think they can be the hottest Asians
at least the most sultry and exotic
Jake: you should have threatened to napalm her villaige
Brent: the only thing that was napalmed here was my heart
it’s still smoking in the dusk
Jake: smells like victory

I did get her number yesterday, somehow –

“But don’t call it,” she adds, “I don’t want you to find out it’s a fake number until you leave.”

So ……………

(It is her real number. This story is mostly irrelevant since she is seeing a guy long-distance, he is on a football scholarship. I’ll say it again: she’s seeing a guy who is on a football scholarship. I play StarCraft 2. Diamond 2v2 with Saul aka Antigen aka RunItAgain actually. This is the end of the story.)

(Also for the sake of objective reporting – she is actually a very nice girl with a brilliant smile, for example one time she bought me and another person at the clinic a thai iced tea when we said it sounded good when she was going to get one, she just has a sense of humor (a good one imo), and obviously has no interest in me. She’s also offered to buy me lunch. Not on a date, but like, at the clinic, one time I thought I didn’t have cash and she was like oh it’s ok I’ll get it but then I find some so she didn’t have to. She is amazing. I want to hold her hand and stare into her eyes. She has very pretty eyes.)

I benched 250lbs for 5, 4, 4, and 3 (stalling and failing at the 4th rep without a spotter and barely managing to bring the bar into the lower pins on the bench). High-bar back squat 380lbs for a pretty solid 3×5, then did some rushed RDLs at 285lbs for 8 and 6. By rushed I mean I did them as soon as I racked the weights for the squat and brought 225lbs back to the floor and loaded it to 285. I was pretty tired.

However – I woke up at 12:00pm for this workout, and had to be at work at 2:50ish. I didn’t think I’d even be able to do one set of 5 for bench and squat and have it be like 90% of my best effort. But I approached pre-workout nutrition with an immediate waxy maize/pro shake, slammed down a 9oz ribeye, had some coffee, and was training by 1:30pm. I wasn’t expecting even a decent workout, but I think the waxy maize 1.5 hours before training + the coffee for elevated blood glucose levels is a pretty legit pre-workout stack.

MOBTALK: this one right here looks like it might help me a lot, specifically the internal rotation of the hips + joint approximation. Hoping that helps my split foot work, i.e. me internally rotating the back leg so that my toes point inwards, not out.

Bodybuilding is the hardest sport in the world.

freak writes:

I’m terrified to become like you, Brent.

Hey man thanks I need to hear that.

Chris writes:

i’m a brotoss, a-move is my specialty. come at my deathball, bro.

You have consistently said “come at me bro” in almost all of your comments and it has consistently made me lol. Carry on. Is your userid on the battlenets “oldman?”

I cleaned 265lbs for a double, cleaned 275lbs for a single, pressed 160lbs x 5 with some back off sets, front squat 315lbs for a hard double (guess my back was tired from the deads), and did some barbell rows at 225lbs on Tuesday. I did one set of curls, and would have done more, but the gym was closing and I was pretty done at this point. Bodybuilding is the hardest sport in the world.

Some training notes that you prob don’t give a fuck about:

– Benching feels different when I’m not pressing. Seems like I tend to touch higher on the chest when I stop pressing, but when I press AND bench, I can touch lower on the chest and it feels easier to touch lower on the chest. Seems like arm abduction plays a greater role with touching lower so maybe I should try to keep pressing.

– Close-grip benching has definitively improved my lock-out. No-brainer here.

– This is kind of guess work but seems like doing joint approximation mob i.e. the best shoulder mob ever (at 3:05) has a pretty significant effect on shoulder inflammation and pain for me. There was a period when I did this pretty much 3-4x a week and this was a period during which I had zero shoulder pain (after having inflamed shoulders for like two years straight). I stopped doing it as much for a few months because I was focusing on other mobs, primarily soft-tissue work on pec minor, anterior deltoids, and external rotators, and my right shoulder started to be inflamed on a pretty regular basis, to the point that benching hurt without substantial warm-up (there was also a strain a couple months ago from dumbbell pressing that set me back quite a bit). Watched that episode of mobilitywod I linked above and started hitting joint approximation again pretty frequently – after several exposures my right shoulder does not hurt at all.

Re: the above mob, I must have showed this to about four different people while at Monterey and ALL of them were like “uh bro I get nothing out of this.” I guess if your shit is not impinged, it’s not as dramatic. This mob was the first thing I did from mobwod and it was a real game changer for me. And again, this is yet another example of everyone needs to find the shit they suck at/see the most difference with.

I don’t know if I should say this here but a week ago Justin was in his truck holding hands with his girlfriend Alycia. They were talking about Justin going to Australia and while he was looking into her eyes he said, “I wish Brent could come to Australia with me.” Not Alycia, his girlfriend, but me, Brent Kim, who tells him to “get fucked” on a regular basis. So Alycia took her hand away and gave him a look, and now her joke is, “Remember when you looked deeply into my eyes and told me you wanted to take Brent to Australia.”

When he told me this I loled and trollface.jpg’ed Alycia while texting her,

i guess you are not coming to australia with me and justin

She text back, Fuck. Off.

i loled

We did too. Then I continued dying inside because Justin thinks you and I are interchangeable.

Lastly, does this video do anything for you guys?

I like it at 2:00 when she makes a big deal out of broccoli.

Me and Nathan chat on a regular basis about our epic fails with girls.

While I have definitely been contemplating fucking ending it during my nightly face time with an M1911, I have in fact not fucking killed myself.

My friend Carolyn, who is the only girl I currently talk to on a regular basis, had the chance to meet Mike, who is currently dating her close friend, and was giving me a running commentary of her impression of him:

Carolyn: ever see the julia roberts movie sleeping with the enemy
Brent: parts of it
Carolyn: That’s how mike makes crystal feel. Like she has to line up labels or get beat

Mike’s stack, which consists of whey protein, casein, waxy maize, fish oil, and a multi, is organized in Optimum Nutrition tubs from largest container to smallest with the labels oriented in the same direction. While the containers are Optimum Nutrition, some things are not necessarily Optimum Nutrition supps, i.e. some of the whey is actually the EAS stuff from Sam’s or Costco and dumped into the ON tub. One of the first times Justin hung out at Mike’s place, Justin reorganized Mike’s stack while he was in the shower, and Mike immediately had to restore order when it came to his attention.

This is completely irrelevant, but I think many of you will enjoy reading it: I am officially the only character on 70s big who is not dating anyone. Am I going to say “guess I should fucking kill myself?” Are you waiting for it?

No really, I’m fine. I’m going to get a corgi named Mortimer and make 10 facebook status updates a day talking about how much I love my life, family, and friends. Then post at least 3 pictures a day of Mortimer, despite no one giving a shit. Most people’s response to my online activity will be asking the pointed question “who are you trying to convince.” Then when someone makes me question the validity of the delusion of a good life I’ve created for myself I’ll delete my profile only to make another one three days later. Then I’ll fucking kill myself.

On Sunday I benched 265lbs x 3 paused for a pretty solid PR, high bar squat 405lbs x 3, and pulled 425lbs x 2 + a delayed rep double overhand. I also snatched 195lbs x 4, with two of those being power snatches. I could have been more tired doing all this.

Just so you know – I signed up to lift at 181 at USAPL raw nationals, which is in about a month. The issue was that we could all fly in a day later and save on one night of the hotel room. I thought it was a good idea at the time. Until I weighed 163-164lbs for the past fucking month. Granted it’s just 1-2lbs to gain to officially not be a 165, I guess I’ll drink a lot of fucking water the morning of weigh-in and have breakfast before I get on the scale.

“Eating isn’t hard Brent” hey go fuck yourself seriously.

I’m in Wichita Falls and it’s still a fucking shit hole in case you forgot.

So I tried ordering an iced cocoa cappucino today at Starbucks but again since it’s a seasonal drink sometimes the employees don’t know it so they say

“…. okay you want an iced mocha frappucino????” which is what happened today.

So I decided fuck it we’ll do it love and switched to a java chip frappucino and they were like “… okay is this an additional drink or are you replacing the current one?”

I looked like a real asshole, I prob should have just fucking killed myself.

Uh our last breakfast in Monterey we went to this sweet breakfast place called The Breakfast Club and it was pretty legit. I had coffee there meaning they gave you a mug and black coffee so I was putting some half & half and sugar in it and Justin said, “You’re looking real awkward with that.”

I said, “I haven’t done this before,” and they thought that was pretty funny.

Today’s volume bench and squat day was pretty all right (in the words of Nathan). I benched 245lbs for 5, 5, 4, 4, which I’ll take for a lifetime volume PR, and I squat 375lbs high bar for 5, 5, 5, 3, which was all right but could have been better. First set was probably the hardest, other than the last one which I obviously DNFed.

So DFW fucking sucks, I couldn’t be more upset about still not being in Monterey.

Me and Justin are on video chat right now and his mom was there and asked, “Is he naked?”

I said, “Yeah I’m naked, you like that?” If it wasn’t Justin’s mom I would have asked, “Did you cum?”

She laughed and said, “What kind of man is afraid of touching a manta ray” oooh KAY. If it didn’t feel like a lubed-up dick I’d probably be okay with it. Also, I’m not too cool with Diane questioning my manhood because I don’t want to touch a slimy sea creature, what the fuck do you curl Diane????

Mike, Chris, and AC have been trying to contact Justin to talk about their programming leading up to raw nationals and he hasn’t been available on the phone or gchat. I told them to start playing StarCraft 2 if they wanted to talk to him since I have been playing like 10 games a night with him LUL. My id# is 483 and character name is WishICared, add me if you want but I prob would rather play with my IRL friends than anyone else.

My dad called me today and told me not to swear on facebook.

Monterey’s real cool.

The weather’s been like a solid 60 since I got here, been real pleasant, and I’m consistently impressed with how good the food is here.

Uh – when I got off the plane and met up with Jacob Tsypkin, within about thirty seconds an attractive lady walked past and I did what Justin calls the “full extension point,” which is just how I point at stuff, but he says I deliberately fully extend my elbow along with my index finger, and I said, “who’s that” with no inflected question mark.

Me and Justin have been mobbing, playing StarCraft, and training pretty intuitively, it’s been a solid couple days so far.

The folks at Jacob’s gym are all pretty cool, let me direct you to Nathan’s and Mariah’s blog here with easily two of the best 10/10 A++++++ debut blog posts I’ve ever read. If you enjoy mine you should derive similar enjoyment out of theirs. Note the title of the blog, “ohgodsheslookingatmebetterjuststicktosquatting,” which just on its own does a lot for me.

Gonna get real tea with you guys here, me, Justin, Nate, and Saul played a 4v4 StarCraft 2 match earlier tonight and won a hard fought battle to tell the other team to get fucked.

Let me walk you through a few things –

At the aquarium here we saw this fucking dumb looking piece of shit fish TIME OUT, no, let me save that for next, first I touched a manta ray twice. The second time I touched the manta ray I felt my stomach drop and my skin crawl and got shivers up my back and came real close to puking, was fucking gross. Could have taken or left the texture but mostly left that shit, Mariah was trying to push the idea that they were cute to me but uh cute to me is something like this. Wasn’t really a fan of this.

One of the best parts for me was this dumb looking piece of shit fish which is apparently called a sunfish. This fucking guy was prob retarded, and I can barely type this post without laughing SITTING IN JACOB’S FUCKING CHAIR WHILE JUSTIN IS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH NEXT TO ME, I can barely fucking type this without laughing because Justin’s impression of this fish is so fucking LOL, because this fucking guy doesn’t actually swim, he just kind of drifts real slow and aimlessly and his facial expression doesn’t change, you just see his fins undulating a little bit. So when Justin does the impression he crosses his eyes and holds his mouth half-open like a mouth breather and like holds his arms by his sides with his forearms out and twitches his hands like fins, I fucking die every time he does it.

Mariah has been driving me and Justin around quite a bit the past couple of days and DESPITE WHAT SHE MAY CLAIM she definitely wants to kill us for multiple episodes of poor planning and time management. See her blog post for further information. All events depicted in her write-up can be verified as being 100% accurate.

I think I’ve been to Starbucks every day since I’ve gotten here. This most recent time I went with Nate, and I was buying his coffee so I told the lady –

“Uh we are together but we’re not together,” which she loved. Nate was wearing his pajama pants. She asked if we were on our honeymoon. Then I started to say my order but my voice cracked, so I started over, and she loved that too. Then she didn’t know what I was ordering because the iced cocoa cappucino is a seasonal drink so I mean I’m looking like a real fucking cock sucker here, I asked her, “Am I ruining your day right now” and she answered “not entirely” oooh KAY. Then when Nate ordered his drink she asked him “cream? sugar?” and when she said sugar I said “sugar is an inflammatory” and she just looked at me WITH NO FUCKING RESPONSE so she rang us up and gave us the receipt and said thanks guys and I took the receipt and turned real fast and said “WELL SEE YA LATER.” We walked away and Nate said,

“That was pretty bad.”

So then we just tried to stay out of sight in the corner and fucking killed ourselves.

Jacob’s roommate Bill is this Army SF guy who’s real laid back and cool but goes to the gym to get real fucking serious, when the gym was about to start their metcon, Bill said to no one in particular, “I’d rather slam my balls in a car door than do this,” and Jake Briskin from 20 feet away continued mobbing and said “ooh KAY.” Bill’s said a lot of awesome shit in the short cumulative time that I’ve been in the same room as him but one awesome line tonight was, “If I can do it drunk it’s not a sport and that includes bowling, golf, and driving.”

He had said that because we were on the subject of what is and isn’t a sport and of course baseball came up. We definitively established that baseball was, in fact, not a sport, and that StarCraft 2 was. When asked to provide the athletic criterion by which SC2 could be considered a sport I countered with “how fucking fast can you move the mouse pointer from A to B” and that was a solid gg.

Jake Briskin, by the way, his idea of saying hello is to punch you in the stomach. He drives with his hands at 10 and 2 at all times. He also listens to the Barber of Seville, it’s on his fucking ipod shuffle, I called it “the Barbarossa of Figuero” which he thought was real funny since it made me sound real fucking ignorant. He’s also left handed which makes playing StarCraft 2 real difficult for him. When he plays Modern Warfare he has to fucking take his left hand off the mouse and hit the “R” key to reload. His life fucking sucks. But he is a real cool guy and trains real hard and I wish we could lift together on a regular basis. If you are saying “aww” or “no homo” or “sounds like bro love,” would you kindly please get fucked.

Jacob’s been nothing but a complete gentleman and a gracious host for out entire stay here. Kindness, compassion, and caring are all qualities that Jacob has in rather extreme abundance. Great guy, you’ll never meet someone nicer.

I should note that Monterey, CA is prob the only place I’ve visited in my life where I have not spent the majority of my time wanting to fucking kill myself. Other than maybe Austin, TX. This may be because one of the reasons I’m here is to fucking lift weights, as opposed to sight-seeing and being a virgin Mormon tourist like I would in a typical vacation. I lead an unbalanced and singular-purposed life, not a big deal or anything, I don’t need to branch out more and actually get a personality, that’d be completely superfluous imo.

It’s been pretty cool so far. I can’t wait to go back to DFW and train foreveralone.jpg in a globo gym, eat sub-par food at shitty restaurants, and play StarCraft 2 alone in my bedroom (I’ve been playing it sitting in a chair 5 feet away from Justin).

I trained shirtless in my singlet with the straps down on Friday with Justin, Nate, and Jake, and we all banged out some barbell curls and posed for pictures together after we got a legit pump going. That should tell you all you need to know about how fucking awesome my training was this week.

Leaving for Monterey tomorrow.

So Sunday was kind of a marathon training session.

I snatched up to 215lbs, power cleaned 225lbs for a double with a jerk. I could have felt better here – maybe not quite enough food preworkout. I was moderately tired by the time I finished this, but uh, I did a lot more.

I benched up to 260lbs for two doubles. Didn’t think I’d be good to hit a PR triple, took a step in a different direction. This went OK. This is probably the most consistently I’ve been able to reliably hit 250lbs+ in the bench so I’d say I’m doing pretty well here.

Front squat 340lbs x 3 for a PR. This was pretty hard. Hit 325lbs for a back off triple. I’d prefer to be taking down a PR set of 5 but I’ve been trying to hit 335lbs x 5 for a while and it hasn’t been happening. I’ll prob have to take my 3rm up to 350lbs before I could reasonably attempt 335lbs x 5 again.

Close-gripped 225lbs x 5. I’m not hitting the reps I’d like to be here so I may have to come back down to 205lbs or 215lbs and come back up. I could be less impressed with this.

Pulled 390lbs x 6 halted at the knee. I wasn’t feeling very strong warming up but when I hit my workset I did a little better than I thought I would. This made my thumbs hurt.

I took a break here, met up with family for my sister’s birthday, then came back to the gym 3 hours later to finish up with:

Another set of close grip bench at 215lbs x 5. Another set of halted DLs at 355lbs x 5, two sets of RDLs at 275lbs, one set of 12 and another for 5. This sucked pretty bad, I was real tired. I finished up with barbell rows and curls and got the fuck out of there.

The issue here is timing things so I could hit some heavy days when I’m in Monterey. Basically on Thurs I’ll bench and squat for volume, Sunday I’ll bench and deadlift heavy, and I’ll throw in the oly shit wherever it’ll fit in. I wanted to RDL, but unless I did it the day after heavy deads it’d interfere with my volume squats, and I couldn’t do the RDLs after volume squats because that’d prob be too close to the next DL day. Fuck my life, I wish I were on steroids.

I don’t know what I’m going to do on an airplane for a cumulative total of 6 hours. I briefly considered picking up a handheld gaming console but all of them fucking suck and I don’t know what game I could play for even an hour without wanting to kill myself. I suffer from mild anhedonia in that I don’t play games, I quit school because of recess. I probably won’t want to read anything, because words are fucking cheap and I’m a man of action, and I sure as fuck am probably not going to want to make conversation with the people sitting next to me. This is irregardless if they are a 29 year old mouth breathing MtG addict, a 58 year old civil engineer who hates his life, or a mildly chubby 26 year old with fat tits who likes reading reddit rage comics.

If I had a laptop I’d probably play minecraft while listening to deep house.

Anyways, the 3rd best thing about going to Monterey for 5 days is that my roommate’s girlfriend won’t be there.

Oh I’m Japanese I have bad day I tink I go kirrh myserlf.

rpbrown writes:

Hey Brent, what is auto-regulation and how does it work? You mentioned it recently regarding squats.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is when you choke yourself while masturbating and achieving orgasm. Supposedly oxygen-deprivation enhances the sensations you feel when you reach completion. People have died from doing this, because they are legitimately strangling themselves and I guess lose control of the situation. So their parents come home and see their 17 year old son who spent a lot of time on 4chan slouched against his bed frame covered in his own semen with his eyes bulging and his tongue hanging out and his face blue from the jump rope he used to choke himself to death with. This is one of the last images they’ll have of him.

Auto-regulation, which is what you were asking about, is something I don’t really know about, I use it mainly to troll Justin, but from what I’ve gathered it’s the idea of not systematically programming your progression each workout, and going by how you feel. If you feel good for a PR you say fuck it and go weapons-free. If you don’t feel too hot you just work up to a training load that you think you can handle for the day.

Dudes, I trained real fucking hard today.

I actually made it out to CF Dallas Central for the first time in a long while and did the oly lifts on bumpers, which is a lot fucking better than doing the lifts without bumpers. Snatched up to 100k, backed down to 90k and hit 94k. 100k was real ugly, my hips kept rising faster than my chest on the recovery and I was having to chase a lot of shit, but 94k felt a lot better.

Cleaned up to 120k, didn’t really jerk anything meaningful. Cleans felt pretty good though. I’ve been keeping the wrists flexed slightly with the pull, to keep the bar just that smidge closer, and there’s a noticeable difference in how much better the pull and receiving the bar feels. If I wake up early enough, I’d like to go to the CF gym tomorrow and do some jerks from the rack to get used to what a legit oly bar feels like.

At the globo gym, I high-bar squat 375lbs x 5, 4, then 365lbs x 5, then one last set for a final triple. Legs were pretty smoked here. However, I should note that suprapatellar pouch tack-and-stretching def makes a difference with my squatting. Gonna re-take 375lbs next volume session and try to kill all 4 sets. When I finished my last set, the triple at 365lbs, which fucking destroyed me, a guy I had never seen before approached me, fist bumped me, said “beast mode,” and then walked away oooh KAY.

RDLs at 255lbs for 11, then 10. I did 11 on the first set because I reset my grip three times, meaning three of the pulls were not necessarily RDLs. While I was doing these, one of the gym staff asked me, “yo dawg are you really putting up all this weight? you do a lot of legs? are you a runner?” oooh KAY.

What’s that Brent, you can get any number of guys to approach you in a day but a girl never has guess you should fucking kill yourself.

I did some barbell bent over rows and curls to invest in my imminent future in soft core gay porn then I went home and fucking killed myself.

Number of things in this post that would offend spar enough to make her type 2500 words: 4. See if you can find them all.