Story of my life ITT.

Back to the really pretty Vietnamese girl (see bottom of linked post for a refresher) –

She came to the clinic in regular clothes today which to her means a skirt and sleeveless shirt which was an immediate GG for all my sensibility. I said,

“Are you always this pretty or just on Saturda-”

“Whatever.” <– her response with no hesitation or even really stopping to look at me.

Should I kill myself?

Jake: why is it important to the story that she’s vietnamese?
Brent: because i think they can be the hottest Asians
at least the most sultry and exotic
Jake: you should have threatened to napalm her villaige
Brent: the only thing that was napalmed here was my heart
it’s still smoking in the dusk
Jake: smells like victory

I did get her number yesterday, somehow –

“But don’t call it,” she adds, “I don’t want you to find out it’s a fake number until you leave.”

So ……………

(It is her real number. This story is mostly irrelevant since she is seeing a guy long-distance, he is on a football scholarship. I’ll say it again: she’s seeing a guy who is on a football scholarship. I play StarCraft 2. Diamond 2v2 with Saul aka Antigen aka RunItAgain actually. This is the end of the story.)

(Also for the sake of objective reporting – she is actually a very nice girl with a brilliant smile, for example one time she bought me and another person at the clinic a thai iced tea when we said it sounded good when she was going to get one, she just has a sense of humor (a good one imo), and obviously has no interest in me. She’s also offered to buy me lunch. Not on a date, but like, at the clinic, one time I thought I didn’t have cash and she was like oh it’s ok I’ll get it but then I find some so she didn’t have to. She is amazing. I want to hold her hand and stare into her eyes. She has very pretty eyes.)

I benched 250lbs for 5, 4, 4, and 3 (stalling and failing at the 4th rep without a spotter and barely managing to bring the bar into the lower pins on the bench). High-bar back squat 380lbs for a pretty solid 3×5, then did some rushed RDLs at 285lbs for 8 and 6. By rushed I mean I did them as soon as I racked the weights for the squat and brought 225lbs back to the floor and loaded it to 285. I was pretty tired.

However – I woke up at 12:00pm for this workout, and had to be at work at 2:50ish. I didn’t think I’d even be able to do one set of 5 for bench and squat and have it be like 90% of my best effort. But I approached pre-workout nutrition with an immediate waxy maize/pro shake, slammed down a 9oz ribeye, had some coffee, and was training by 1:30pm. I wasn’t expecting even a decent workout, but I think the waxy maize 1.5 hours before training + the coffee for elevated blood glucose levels is a pretty legit pre-workout stack.

MOBTALK: this one right here looks like it might help me a lot, specifically the internal rotation of the hips + joint approximation. Hoping that helps my split foot work, i.e. me internally rotating the back leg so that my toes point inwards, not out.

  1. Have you told her you’re in diamond league? I think that alone would push the football guy out of the picture.

    • it very much would, think about it. football scholarship long distance relationship or playing 2v2 SC2 w/ you in the diamond league? that’s pretty much a fucking slam dunk right there.

  2. Pitch woo to her. Make her yours. Then, she will bear your fruit.

  3. Have you considered just fucking killing yourself?

  4. Just tell her you’re thinking about going pro in Korea

  5. You’re probably stronger than football guy though lol

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