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Bodybuilding is the hardest sport in the world.

freak writes:

I’m terrified to become like you, Brent.

Hey man thanks I need to hear that.

Chris writes:

i’m a brotoss, a-move is my specialty. come at my deathball, bro.

You have consistently said “come at me bro” in almost all of your comments and it has consistently made me lol. Carry on. Is your userid on the battlenets “oldman?”

I cleaned 265lbs for a double, cleaned 275lbs for a single, pressed 160lbs x 5 with some back off sets, front squat 315lbs for a hard double (guess my back was tired from the deads), and did some barbell rows at 225lbs on Tuesday. I did one set of curls, and would have done more, but the gym was closing and I was pretty done at this point. Bodybuilding is the hardest sport in the world.

Some training notes that you prob don’t give a fuck about:

– Benching feels different when I’m not pressing. Seems like I tend to touch higher on the chest when I stop pressing, but when I press AND bench, I can touch lower on the chest and it feels easier to touch lower on the chest. Seems like arm abduction plays a greater role with touching lower so maybe I should try to keep pressing.

– Close-grip benching has definitively improved my lock-out. No-brainer here.

– This is kind of guess work but seems like doing joint approximation mob i.e. the best shoulder mob ever (at 3:05) has a pretty significant effect on shoulder inflammation and pain for me. There was a period when I did this pretty much 3-4x a week and this was a period during which I had zero shoulder pain (after having inflamed shoulders for like two years straight). I stopped doing it as much for a few months because I was focusing on other mobs, primarily soft-tissue work on pec minor, anterior deltoids, and external rotators, and my right shoulder started to be inflamed on a pretty regular basis, to the point that benching hurt without substantial warm-up (there was also a strain a couple months ago from dumbbell pressing that set me back quite a bit). Watched that episode of mobilitywod I linked above and started hitting joint approximation again pretty frequently – after several exposures my right shoulder does not hurt at all.

Re: the above mob, I must have showed this to about four different people while at Monterey and ALL of them were like “uh bro I get nothing out of this.” I guess if your shit is not impinged, it’s not as dramatic. This mob was the first thing I did from mobwod and it was a real game changer for me. And again, this is yet another example of everyone needs to find the shit they suck at/see the most difference with.

I don’t know if I should say this here but a week ago Justin was in his truck holding hands with his girlfriend Alycia. They were talking about Justin going to Australia and while he was looking into her eyes he said, “I wish Brent could come to Australia with me.” Not Alycia, his girlfriend, but me, Brent Kim, who tells him to “get fucked” on a regular basis. So Alycia took her hand away and gave him a look, and now her joke is, “Remember when you looked deeply into my eyes and told me you wanted to take Brent to Australia.”

When he told me this I loled and trollface.jpg’ed Alycia while texting her,

i guess you are not coming to australia with me and justin

She text back, Fuck. Off.

i loled

We did too. Then I continued dying inside because Justin thinks you and I are interchangeable.

Lastly, does this video do anything for you guys?

I like it at 2:00 when she makes a big deal out of broccoli.