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Oh I’m Japanese I have bad day I tink I go kirrh myserlf.

rpbrown writes:

Hey Brent, what is auto-regulation and how does it work? You mentioned it recently regarding squats.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is when you choke yourself while masturbating and achieving orgasm. Supposedly oxygen-deprivation enhances the sensations you feel when you reach completion. People have died from doing this, because they are legitimately strangling themselves and I guess lose control of the situation. So their parents come home and see their 17 year old son who spent a lot of time on 4chan slouched against his bed frame covered in his own semen with his eyes bulging and his tongue hanging out and his face blue from the jump rope he used to choke himself to death with. This is one of the last images they’ll have of him.

Auto-regulation, which is what you were asking about, is something I don’t really know about, I use it mainly to troll Justin, but from what I’ve gathered it’s the idea of not systematically programming your progression each workout, and going by how you feel. If you feel good for a PR you say fuck it and go weapons-free. If you don’t feel too hot you just work up to a training load that you think you can handle for the day.

Dudes, I trained real fucking hard today.

I actually made it out to CF Dallas Central for the first time in a long while and did the oly lifts on bumpers, which is a lot fucking better than doing the lifts without bumpers. Snatched up to 100k, backed down to 90k and hit 94k. 100k was real ugly, my hips kept rising faster than my chest on the recovery and I was having to chase a lot of shit, but 94k felt a lot better.

Cleaned up to 120k, didn’t really jerk anything meaningful. Cleans felt pretty good though. I’ve been keeping the wrists flexed slightly with the pull, to keep the bar just that smidge closer, and there’s a noticeable difference in how much better the pull and receiving the bar feels. If I wake up early enough, I’d like to go to the CF gym tomorrow and do some jerks from the rack to get used to what a legit oly bar feels like.

At the globo gym, I high-bar squat 375lbs x 5, 4, then 365lbs x 5, then one last set for a final triple. Legs were pretty smoked here. However, I should note that suprapatellar pouch tack-and-stretching def makes a difference with my squatting. Gonna re-take 375lbs next volume session and try to kill all 4 sets. When I finished my last set, the triple at 365lbs, which fucking destroyed me, a guy I had never seen before approached me, fist bumped me, said “beast mode,” and then walked away oooh KAY.

RDLs at 255lbs for 11, then 10. I did 11 on the first set because I reset my grip three times, meaning three of the pulls were not necessarily RDLs. While I was doing these, one of the gym staff asked me, “yo dawg are you really putting up all this weight? you do a lot of legs? are you a runner?” oooh KAY.

What’s that Brent, you can get any number of guys to approach you in a day but a girl never has guess you should fucking kill yourself.

I did some barbell bent over rows and curls to invest in my imminent future in soft core gay porn then I went home and fucking killed myself.

Number of things in this post that would offend spar enough to make her type 2500 words: 4. See if you can find them all.