Daily Archives: July 13, 2011

I’m in Wichita Falls and it’s still a fucking shit hole in case you forgot.

So I tried ordering an iced cocoa cappucino today at Starbucks but again since it’s a seasonal drink sometimes the employees don’t know it so they say

“…. okay you want an iced mocha frappucino????” which is what happened today.

So I decided fuck it we’ll do it love and switched to a java chip frappucino and they were like “… okay is this an additional drink or are you replacing the current one?”

I looked like a real asshole, I prob should have just fucking killed myself.

Uh our last breakfast in Monterey we went to this sweet breakfast place called The Breakfast Club and it was pretty legit. I had coffee there meaning they gave you a mug and black coffee so I was putting some half & half and sugar in it and Justin said, “You’re looking real awkward with that.”

I said, “I haven’t done this before,” and they thought that was pretty funny.

Today’s volume bench and squat day was pretty all right (in the words of Nathan). I benched 245lbs for 5, 5, 4, 4, which I’ll take for a lifetime volume PR, and I squat 375lbs high bar for 5, 5, 5, 3, which was all right but could have been better. First set was probably the hardest, other than the last one which I obviously DNFed.

So DFW fucking sucks, I couldn’t be more upset about still not being in Monterey.

Me and Justin are on video chat right now and his mom was there and asked, “Is he naked?”

I said, “Yeah I’m naked, you like that?” If it wasn’t Justin’s mom I would have asked, “Did you cum?”

She laughed and said, “What kind of man is afraid of touching a manta ray” oooh KAY. If it didn’t feel like a lubed-up dick I’d probably be okay with it. Also, I’m not too cool with Diane questioning my manhood because I don’t want to touch a slimy sea creature, what the fuck do you curl Diane????

Mike, Chris, and AC have been trying to contact Justin to talk about their programming leading up to raw nationals and he hasn’t been available on the phone or gchat. I told them to start playing StarCraft 2 if they wanted to talk to him since I have been playing like 10 games a night with him LUL. My id# is 483 and character name is WishICared, add me if you want but I prob would rather play with my IRL friends than anyone else.

My dad called me today and told me not to swear on facebook.