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Fat tits vs. big tits.


I front squat 350lbs x 3 for a PR on Wednesday, did a back off set at 325lbs x 3 which was too easy (should have attempted like 330 or 335), and pulled 430bs x 1 for a pretty hard single. I was hoping to at least double that but uh ………….. Anyways my quads were sore today.

Today (Thursday night) I snatched up to 215lbs like a fucking joke, c+jed up to 265lbs, also a fucking joke, pressed 165lbs x 4, 3 and 160lbs x 5, then did barbell rows and curls.

Something that helped with the oly lifts today was restoring first rib movement – I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but just got a PVC stick today to actually start. Going overhead was pretty legit today. I’ll see how much benefit I get from hitting this on a regular basis. Feels like I can get the bar behind my ears a lot easier. Turning the bar over in the snatch was pretty snappy.

Daily couch stretching with dorsiflexion has also done a lot for my jerk split, I can get my toes pointing in the correct direction and I’m a lot more stable in the split as well.

The Obsolete Man asks:

Brent, what are the differences between fat boobs and big boobs? Both imply the same to me.

Me and Justin worked on a clear definition for this while in Monterey. All fat tits are big but not all big tits are fat. Fat tits must jiggle, and some droopage is acceptable (currently no defined quantity for droopage factor). For real-world examples: Katy Perry. Fat tits. These boobs? Fat tits. This gif right here? Fat tits. Thom Vale is our other SME on fat tits, and he may provide further examples in the comments. Also, please keep in mind that our researchers are still working on engineering a clear, concise definition for “fat tits” and thus some of the criteria are currently in a nebulous stage. For example, should all large, natural tits be considered fat? Or does the distinction go beyond more than just mere “natural” vs. “fake?” These are some rather pertinent issues that, quite frankly, I’m not comfortable defining without extensive study.

Another good one.

These, these and these could be considered “big tits” (vs. fat).

I just thought this was good.

I can’t imagine what this post is going to do to the search terms that result in hits to my blog.

Though let’s not forget that boobs alone don’t define a woman. The #1 criteria should always be “do I like her as a person?” And if we’re going to be reality, I’ve had some pretty strong attractions to girls who have very little to offer in the boobage department, they had pretty smiles and a good sense of humor and hearts of gold. These are the same girls I cry about in the corner of my shower sometimes.