Special Forces is not in my future.

A song that I think about killing myself to:

Kelly Starrett had a haiku contest on his blog, which I prob should have gotten in on. I will write one here.

Mobbing hurts but less
than when she looks right through me
Guess I’ll kill myself

It would have been funny is if I spammed mwod.com with a bunch of foreveralone.jpg haikus. However I am pretty sure that the suicidal themes would have resulted in a perma-ban. I don’t think I could have beaten some of the ones in the comments, though, they are all good in that they use the inside jokes pretty well.

FYI – I ordered this t-shirt. For those of you who don’t read bodybuilding.com, the misc forum is where people say 4chan memes and hate their lives and post real dumb shit. I read it multiple times a day.

FYI – I’m prob gonna order one of these too.

Snatched 200lbs and 205lbs x 2, cleaned up to 280lbs, did some barbell rows, weighted pull ups, and curled on Sunday.

Tonight (Tuesday) I benched 270lbs x 2 paused, took another paused single also at 270lbs, low-bar back squat 425lbs x 3, and did some close-grip benching. This would be the first time I’ve benched 270 in training, and the first time I’ve low-bar squat in prob more than six weeks. Getting real intuitive here folks. I’d feel pretty good going into nationals benching 270lbs x 3, even if some or all of the reps were touch-and-go, I just think it’d be good insurance for hitting 130k/286lbs+ in the bench on a 3rd attempt. It’d be cooler if I was closer to 300lbs.

I’ve been hitting couch stretch with full dorsiflexion every day for prob a week straight at least, I like how that shit never really stops hurting, but I’ve made some pretty good improvement, as in I can actually post up using my old PC box to support myself. See this vid to see how much I fucking blow at couch stretch with dorsiflexion.

Many people are under the assumption that I’m not happy with my life or am a dismal person – while it may be true that I am a dismal person, I would just like to clarify that this is me in a good mood. I have a pretty stress-free job (i.e. work does not come home with me), no real deadlines and no real pressure. I eat, mob, and decline approaching pretty girls after making it a mission to approach at least one girl after my workout going to Walmart. The mission, fyi, wasn’t even to make a successful attempt, it was just to even initiate contact, so me saying

“Hello there, they didn’t tell me you’d be here, well it was good seeing you call me we’ll talk about it”

in one pass and then not looking back would have been acceptable. I failed the mission. Special Forces is not my future. Guess I’ll shovel shit in regular infantry.

What I’m trying to say is that on a scale of 1-10, 1 being take it 10 being leave it, I’d say I’m at about 3 as far as my general quality of life. Could it be better? Yes. Could I be talking to more girls with fat tits? Yes. Could I be flatly rejected by more girls with fat tits so that I can blog about it here? Absolutely. But overall I would say I am in a pretty good mood most of the time.

I’m gonna go couch stretch with dorsiflexion and hit some external rotation + hip flexion, thanks guys you’ve been great.

  1. The Obsolete Man

    Brent, what are the differences between fat boobs and big boobs? Both imply the same to me.

  2. tell a girl “i totally want to nydus your main right now”

  3. “best setup your defenses because your about to get drop shipped”

    what’s your supplement stack brent?

    • I can tell you, bro. Animal Rage, Animal Flex, Animal PM, Animal M-Stak, Animal Pak, Animal Pump, Animal Cuts, Animal Test, Animal Stak, Animal Omega, Animal Nitro, BCAA’s, Creatine, Hydroxycut, NO Xplode,and Viagra.

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