Leaving for Monterey tomorrow.

So Sunday was kind of a marathon training session.

I snatched up to 215lbs, power cleaned 225lbs for a double with a jerk. I could have felt better here – maybe not quite enough food preworkout. I was moderately tired by the time I finished this, but uh, I did a lot more.

I benched up to 260lbs for two doubles. Didn’t think I’d be good to hit a PR triple, took a step in a different direction. This went OK. This is probably the most consistently I’ve been able to reliably hit 250lbs+ in the bench so I’d say I’m doing pretty well here.

Front squat 340lbs x 3 for a PR. This was pretty hard. Hit 325lbs for a back off triple. I’d prefer to be taking down a PR set of 5 but I’ve been trying to hit 335lbs x 5 for a while and it hasn’t been happening. I’ll prob have to take my 3rm up to 350lbs before I could reasonably attempt 335lbs x 5 again.

Close-gripped 225lbs x 5. I’m not hitting the reps I’d like to be here so I may have to come back down to 205lbs or 215lbs and come back up. I could be less impressed with this.

Pulled 390lbs x 6 halted at the knee. I wasn’t feeling very strong warming up but when I hit my workset I did a little better than I thought I would. This made my thumbs hurt.

I took a break here, met up with family for my sister’s birthday, then came back to the gym 3 hours later to finish up with:

Another set of close grip bench at 215lbs x 5. Another set of halted DLs at 355lbs x 5, two sets of RDLs at 275lbs, one set of 12 and another for 5. This sucked pretty bad, I was real tired. I finished up with barbell rows and curls and got the fuck out of there.

The issue here is timing things so I could hit some heavy days when I’m in Monterey. Basically on Thurs I’ll bench and squat for volume, Sunday I’ll bench and deadlift heavy, and I’ll throw in the oly shit wherever it’ll fit in. I wanted to RDL, but unless I did it the day after heavy deads it’d interfere with my volume squats, and I couldn’t do the RDLs after volume squats because that’d prob be too close to the next DL day. Fuck my life, I wish I were on steroids.

I don’t know what I’m going to do on an airplane for a cumulative total of 6 hours. I briefly considered picking up a handheld gaming console but all of them fucking suck and I don’t know what game I could play for even an hour without wanting to kill myself. I suffer from mild anhedonia in that I don’t play games, I quit school because of recess. I probably won’t want to read anything, because words are fucking cheap and I’m a man of action, and I sure as fuck am probably not going to want to make conversation with the people sitting next to me. This is irregardless if they are a 29 year old mouth breathing MtG addict, a 58 year old civil engineer who hates his life, or a mildly chubby 26 year old with fat tits who likes reading reddit rage comics.

If I had a laptop I’d probably play minecraft while listening to deep house.

Anyways, the 3rd best thing about going to Monterey for 5 days is that my roommate’s girlfriend won’t be there.

  1. Are your thumbs hurting because the bar is starting too high along your thumb for a DL hook grip? I find less discomfort (besides sheer pressure) hooking with only my finger tips under the thumb and the bar low in the grip.

  2. Your 5th Grade English Teacher

    It is regardless……

  3. brent you are so weird. your posts that aren’t about being a meathead are the most entertaining.
    -keyboard gymrat

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