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Please respond.

Pressed 175lbs x 4, 3, 2 and front squat 355lbs x 4 on Monday. I feel like if I wasn’t super-setting my front squat warm-ups with my pressing work sets I could have taken 355lbs x 5 for a pretty substantial PR, my downfall on this was my right bicep cramping up in the front rack. I could have done more ring dips. I could have done more front squats.

On Tuesday I just did good mornings, didn’t have time for anything else, I could have done more oly lifts.

You guys ever taken a dump at work and gotten walked-in on? It’s happened twice to me. By the same doctor. I go into the single-person bathroom, think I’ve locked the door, sit down and start checking out facebook and whatnot on my phone, I see the door handle turn and the door open and the doc barges in, sees me with my scrub pants down to my fucking ankles taking a fucking shit, then turns around very quickly and closes the door behind him without a word. This happened tonight, and before that it was a few months ago. At this point, the doctor probably thinks I want this to happen. Who lets this happen TWICE? Oh the first time didn’t bother me enough, let me leave the opportunity for someone to witness this fucking disaster more than once.

This last time his face showed more irritation and disgust than surprise and apology. I was thinking – is he sickened by my exhibitionist behavior? By my desperate thirst for attention which is so great I bait people into coming to watch me defecate? Hey man you wanna see me stick my thumb in my butt hole while you’re at it? I got it all, baby. Please respond.

George writes:

You know what, Brent? You know fucking what? I don’t really believe in much anymore. I used to have hopes and dreams and ideals, but one by one they went away as I realized that I am a piece of shit garbage athlete aspie beta fuck so I just wrote them off as being silly and pretended to move on it’s fine have you ever read The Stranger by Camus?
Speaking of Asian movies (can’t say films or cinema because I might come off as a hipster even though I’m wearing large glasses and own a lot of flannel) Have you seen What Time is it There? Might be up your alley.

My dog shit in the kitchen while I was writing this.

I loled. Haven’t seen the movie or read the book.

Hey man – I believe in you. I believe in you and I hope you decide to do what you have to do. Keep your passion alive.

cmoney writes:

Your philosophy prof lifts jellydick weights, and so do you.
Next you’re going to on about how the high bar back squat is some Kantian metaphor for man’s place in this world.
This isn’t fucking livejournal. This isn’t some lib arts college coffee shop where the betas all wax intellectual in vain attempts at pathetic intercourse.
This is brent fucking kim’s blog and he’s pretty fucking strong and he’s getting stronger. Lost in humorous emo musings is the fact that he’s approaching a 2xBW c+j.
The only prof that matters is Professor Pump. Now kindly stfu.

I actually like to think of my blog comments as a pretty chill coffee shop. Maybe the room in the gym just before the weight room, that room that’s got a lot of open space and some kind of turf or firm carpeting and a few pull up bars and various rigs where everyone can mob. But in this room anyone can talk about whatever they want, and actually from what it sounds like, The Myth of Sisyphus, like the tagline for Old Boy, fits the subject matter of this blog to a fucking T. I like that the people in my comments have personality, in addition to the guys who spam copypastas.

“He’s pretty fucking strong,” nah. “Approaching a 2x bw c+j.” At 156lbs bw, no one cares. But hey man, thanks for the support, I appreciate your enthusiasm and I’m happy you think I matter. It almost makes ME think I matter.

karibot writes:

That’s a good name for a workout log.
The beginning: “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide.”
The end: “The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”
It’s perfect in every way.

Yeah when I read this I was like, this is my life. This is my future. Let my heart fill.

Steven writes:

I appreciate you writing this blog. It gives me not only a good read between classes, but because of my schedule I always have to train alone so I feel like we’re training partners. Even though we’ve never met and I’m basically a voyeur to your life. Thanks.

Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.

Matt writes:

I was talking with a scientist and he told me that ~40% of the chinese population and take test and it will not show up in there piss for some scientfic reason he explained. You should research and see if this could benefit you since you are asian.
If you were on a deserted island and had a barbell but the weight had to be a fixed amount(welded or old school globe style), what weight amount would you choose and why?

First part sounds made up.

I’d prob do like a 100lbs barbell and just do lots of curls and front raises every day with it. Why? Because I can’t think of much else to do. I could say “275lbs” and then just proceed to do max-rep c+js with it, that’s assuming I wouldn’t do something dumb attempting 91% of my best c+j without any other warm-up. I could say “400lbs” and do the same thing with deads, or maybe 185lbs and do max-rep clean and presses but these all seem pointless because of my current woefully inadequate strength.

Tiny writes:

How do you feel about this:
or do you not like to trip while you hop?
If you don’t like its fine, I’ll get you something else….
Please respond.

Not really my thing. Music has to either make me want to fucking kill myself (see: Radiohead – Bulletproof) or make me want to either dance or bang out some fucking presses: