Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Caught an hour of shirtless sunlight today.

Hopefully catch another hour tomorrow morning. Gonna squat up to a 1rm for Chris’s thesis in a belt shirtless. Oughta be good. So oldman go fuck yourself, I guess I will be getting a fucking tan now.

Another story about Very Pretty Vietnamese Girl – her and her friend were going to teach me Vietnamese because I couldn’t say her friend’s name. So she asked me what I wanted to learn.

Brent: “How do you say, ‘has anyone ever told you you’re pretty before?'”
VPVG: “Uhh – ”
Brent: “How do you say, ‘you’re pretty enough to be a part-time model.'”
VPVG: “What? Okay, this is – ”
Brent: “How do you say, ‘you could spend part of your time modeling and part of your time with me.'”
VPVG: “I’m done with this conversation.”
/VPVG walks away

Today I snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 255lbs. I had racked 225lbs overhead in the snatch a few times but couldn’t stand with it, and I went from 255lbs to 275lbs in the clean and didn’t jerk it.

brickhouse writes:

brent its time for you to get with the vpvg. its time.

Doubt she’s actually interested. It was the first time we hung outside of work so maybe she just saw that I was funny and cool and laid-back so I’m still in the friend-zone, she just actually wants to hang out now.

Jake writes:

How do you feel about this video?

Saw it 10 years ago? It’s not that funny.

Nathan writes:

brent what is your favorite romantic comedy (preferably with a sad ending)


Puke writes:

Hey Brent, what do you think of this haiku?
Nobody likes you
you were told that you have friends
but you were lied to

How do you think I feel about it?