Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

How am I supposed to react to this?

The very pretty Vietnamese girl was at my clinic this past Friday, her, some other coworkers, and I all went out to dinner after work. I was wearing the soffes underneath my scrubs and immediately after I clocked out I ripped the scrub pants off, much to my doctor’s disgust. My friend Alex aka to Chris as Johnny Tran had taken me to work so I rode with her to the restaurant and she also dropped me off back at my place. We had some pretty good conversation.

/car pulls out uncomfortably close to our lane
Very Pretty Vietnamese Girl: “Uh oh…”
Brent: “We’re about to die.”
/we pass car unharmed
Brent: “I don’t know how we survived.” <– the previous three lines are something I stole from Justin, and I have used them with Saul in the car as well
VPVG: “We would have been ok. At least it would have hit your side.”
Brent: “That’s true, I am wearing my tank top after all.”

Here is a haiku I wrote about hanging out and riding in the car with her.

Cold in soffes and
tank, her warm brown eyes lit a
fire inside me.

I should note that prior to this night, VPVG gave no fucks about me. I called her once and she didn’t answer or call back, and we sent like, a total of five or six texts between us. Two days after hanging out with me in my tank and soffes, she calls me after work just to talk???????????? Oh Brent I can’t help but notice you are 13% bf, which I mean is “okay” but certainly nothing to be up in arms about, but I guess I’ll give you the time of day now since you’ve become mildly attractive compared to the mean level of attractiveness in our dating milieu?????????????

Kind of irrelevant now, I am usually thinking about the other girl from work with a pretty smile and super chill personality. She knows I am a loser though so uh this oughta be real good, and by that I mean when she friend zones me I’ll prob snatch 245lbs for a PR and then later that night season my ribeye steak with the salt from my tears as I eat alone in my apartment.

Can’t really remember what I’ve done for training on what days specifically so

– snatched 230lbs last Thursday for sure
– snatched 215lbs last Saturday
– c+jed up to 265lbs on Thursday???
– c+jed pretty terribly on Saturday
– clean-and-pressed pretty terribly on Friday, 165lbs x 2, 160lbs x 3 or 4? did a few back off sets at 145 for 5+
– back squat 375lbs 3×5 on Saturday, which was hard
– possibly because I back squat 390lbs x 3 on Friday, which was also hard
– 330lbs RDLs x 6 and 5
– lotsa reverse hypers and curls on Saturday

Tonight with Saul I benched 255lbs x 4, 3, and 1 (lol), then hit a few back off sets at 240lbs for 4 and 3. I would like to hit 5 @ 255lbs but uh I guess I am being a real piece of shit. These did feel better than last week. I felt stronger out of the bottom and through the middle, I am guessing this is a product of doing ring dips quite a bit. I just hit a fucking wall on the fourth rep and then on the third set. I will be doing some paused reps for an intensity day next bench session.

Jerked 245lbs out of the rack for 4 singles, then jerked 255lbs for my fifth single. I did the most recent internal rotation mob prior to doing any of this and it’s pretty fucking legit. Killed a lot of the anterior tightness I get usually after lots of pressing, and it seemed to have cleaned my shoulder extension so that ring dips felt a lot better – most interesting is that it also somehow indirectly improved my shoulder flexion quite a bit, as I was jerking with a pretty decent shoulder position even after benching which is kind of unusual for me and my shoulders. Possibly improving end range function in extension meant my shoulders were less inflamed after pressing so that I could actually keep moving them through a better ROM?

Did a lot of barbell rows, hit some weighted ring dips at +45lbs for 5, 4, 4, and then five sets of curls. A side goal I’m trying to accomplish in training is to 1.) increase the frequency of my curling to 2-3x a week as opposed to 1-2 and 2.) do 5 sets of curls every time I curl. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Here are a few vids from tonight:

Me being a scrub on the rings and doing a pretty terrible job at externally rotating at the top: