Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

Anything truly good should make you want to kill yourself, whether it is a PR set of 10 squats or a real pretty girl who you DON’T talk to.

Nathan wrote something that definitely made me want to kill myself. I don’t really want to talk about it so if you guys want to read what it was you will have to ask him about it.

Then I showed him something I wrote a couple years ago and he told me I should keep writing. I said I’d rather do more weighted ring dips with Saul, because my pecs could not be more fucking sore right now. And my anterior shoulder bits could not be more tight. I mobbed for quite a bit tonight but will probably have to mob a little bit more before training tomorrow if I want to not snatch like a piece of shit.

I used to write a lotta soft-cocked virgin shit but I’ve realized that the time I spend writing is time that I could spend mobbing, or perhaps banging out barbell curls and squatting sets of 10. Also, my preferred modality of art is currently dance, and I am still developing my ability to shuffle so that I can interpret another fucking sweet song.

Training with Saul and Becky has been pretty A++++, my mood’s been a lot better just from having IRL friends to train and hang with. I keep telling them, “I could not be more pumped about today” in my characteristic monotone, and Becky said, “I like how you say that but you don’t look excited at all.”

“This is me real fucking pumped,” I say.

“Well I guess there is kind of a sparkle in your eye.”

I high-bar squat 350lbs x 9 + 1 rep after racking the bar, then went 6 and 5 and finished up with another set of 5 at 365lbs which I almost fucking did not complete which would have been bad because I was not squatting in a rack and I did not have spotters. Some real jelly-dicked shit really. Glutes felt tight and Becky remarked that my bar path was a \ path towards my toes as opposed to |. I haven’t done tabletop stretch in a while so I collected 5mins both sides tonight, which was agonizing for the first couple minutes.

Benched 255lbs for 3, 3, 2, and 225lbs x 5, this was kinda shitty but I suspect it was from benching the first two sets off of a bench that had a separate seat cushion and body cushion – my hips were not supported very well by the separate seat cushion.

Snatched up to 215lbs after all that, which was surprising, and cleaned 255lbs which was real hard and did not jerk it. I was real tired. Throughout all this I was also doing quite a few ring dips with weight and unweighted and banged out two sets at +25lbs x 5 and then repped out with bw up to 7-8 once or twice. I tried to externally rotate the rings at the top of the dip and can get like 30-45 degrees of external rotation but it creates an unparalleled peak pec tension and is really just an awful experience. My pecs, again, could not be more sore, but Zyzz would have done it for the sake of being more aesthetic which is reason enough for me to continue doing them with vigor.

We also made a new friend in this training session, which is actually a guy that Justin and I had met in Van Alstyne last year. We told him he looked like our friend Chris and got a picture with him, he was kind of weirded out by it, but we’ve exchanged numbers and now we will all get real fucking swole together.

I loled real fucking hard at the interaction between Joe, Cristina, and Mark in last post’s comments. A+++ guys, would read again.

Cute girl at work mentioned a while ago, was just talking about work one day or something and she had said, “It was busy but I didn’t like, kill myself.”

I loled – and asked her if she had somehow gotten that from me. She said no, she hadn’t heard me say it.

“I say it all the time,” I told her. “That’s like my thing.”

She made a face and said, “That’s crazy.”

This probably isn’t going to work out.