Daily Archives: September 3, 2011

I’m going to learn to shuffle.

I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you know about my dance vid to Pretty Lights – Up & Down I Go. In fact, about 90% of you quite frankly wouldn’t give a fucking shit about me if it WEREN’T for that dance vid.

Well you probably know about Party Rock Anthem. You should also probably know a dance that’s often associated with it, the Melbourne Shuffle, and you should also know that I am going to be more committed to learning how to do the Melbourne Shuffle than I am to training. That means if there is ever a day where I have to pick between my 30min – 1 hour training session of learning the shuffle or getting swole, I’m going to choose learning how to shuffle.

If a cute geeky girl who liked StarCraft 2, ate Paleo, did the oly lifts and wasn’t a fucking douche about it, had a heart of gold, and KNEW HOW TO SHUFFLE and did it wearing Ranger panties and a tank top, if this girl asked me to hang out and hold hands at any point in the next couple weeks or months or however long it took to become proficient at the Melbourne Shuffle, I’d say, “Sorry chief, I have to go practice the Melbourne Shuffle in my apartment bedroom.” And I wouldn’t even give a fuck, I’d be completely unphased by the fact that a female gave me unprovoked attention and I’d be banging out T-steps like I should be banging out front raises for my severely lacking anterior delts.

I met Saul and Becky aka RUNITAGAIN and ThunderThighs, we’ve been hanging out and trained on Wed and will be training tomorrow (Saturday) as well. Been pretty good times, Becky is surprised that we get along well but imo we all like StarCraft 2 and lifting weights which are both full-time jobs in and of themselves so it’s hard to imagine why we wouldn’t get along.


On Wednesday, the three of us did Herculean Weightlifting’s inaugural meet. For the uninformed, Herculean Weightlifting is Saul’s brainchild, and it consists of two attempts each in clean-and-press, snatch, clean-and-jerk, deadlift, and a 1rm cheat curl with no knee flexion in the event of a tie breaker. Saul will post more information in the comments for any questions regarding the competition rules and format.

I snatched up to 97k and c+jed 120k and did real fucking shitty in everything else – my best clean-and-press was 75k and I missed an 82k press on my second attempt, then maxed my double overhand no hook grip dead at 150k, even with the excellent Rogue Eleiko knurling.

I picked up some boba tea without changing – one girl rolled her eyes at me and at least two separate groups nodded at me to their friends and then giggled derisively – and at the globo with my roommate I banged out some shitty bench presses (255lbs x 4 and a few back off sets at 225lbs for volume) and sand-bagged my high-bar squats (330lbs x 10, 5, 5, though my legs have been GGed from this for the past 2 days).

Oldman writes:

This is on my play list now too:
What does this song do for you?

What the fuck do you think it does for me?

Jake Briskin writes:

What is it about English being rapped with a Korean accent that I find so annoying

It’s the fact that Korean Americans are pieces of shit.

Brian writes:

brent is looking real swole in the recent saul video.
Also I never see you or justin online on SC2.

Me and Saul are about to play what’s your gamer id? my # is 483

Puke writes:

We can kill ourselves together, Brent. I saw the girl I really liked wearing a Greenpeace shirt the other day.

Give her a chance, bro.