Caught an hour of shirtless sunlight today.

Hopefully catch another hour tomorrow morning. Gonna squat up to a 1rm for Chris’s thesis in a belt shirtless. Oughta be good. So oldman go fuck yourself, I guess I will be getting a fucking tan now.

Another story about Very Pretty Vietnamese Girl – her and her friend were going to teach me Vietnamese because I couldn’t say her friend’s name. So she asked me what I wanted to learn.

Brent: “How do you say, ‘has anyone ever told you you’re pretty before?'”
VPVG: “Uhh – ”
Brent: “How do you say, ‘you’re pretty enough to be a part-time model.'”
VPVG: “What? Okay, this is – ”
Brent: “How do you say, ‘you could spend part of your time modeling and part of your time with me.'”
VPVG: “I’m done with this conversation.”
/VPVG walks away

Today I snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 255lbs. I had racked 225lbs overhead in the snatch a few times but couldn’t stand with it, and I went from 255lbs to 275lbs in the clean and didn’t jerk it.

brickhouse writes:

brent its time for you to get with the vpvg. its time.

Doubt she’s actually interested. It was the first time we hung outside of work so maybe she just saw that I was funny and cool and laid-back so I’m still in the friend-zone, she just actually wants to hang out now.

Jake writes:

How do you feel about this video?

Saw it 10 years ago? It’s not that funny.

Nathan writes:

brent what is your favorite romantic comedy (preferably with a sad ending)


Puke writes:

Hey Brent, what do you think of this haiku?
Nobody likes you
you were told that you have friends
but you were lied to

How do you think I feel about it?

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  1. I can’t believe Flight of the Conchords lyrics didn’t work

  2. I am confused about these soffees you wear. I didnt know what they were so I googled them and all I saw were girls shorts… You wear girls shorts? And VPVG’s like this?

  3. I’m gonna guess you read it and killed yourself.

  4. i’m expecting progress pic’s of your tan. you live in texas for chrissakes don’t tell me the sun hasn’t been SHINING IN THE RECORD 100+ DEGREE DAYS THERE A-HOLE

  5. This post definitely PR’d in emo

  6. Hey Brent, I am catching up

    Snatch Pull + Snatched 220lbs off high blocks saturday, then Snatch Pull + Snatched 200lbs off high blocks yesterday for 2 sets.

    low hips though. lolz


  8. Hey Brent, you should look up “Bailey Jay”

  9. You’re right, I’m not sure why I posted that video. I was pretty high.

  10. I hate blogs, yet this is consistently entertaining. It’s probably because you’re able to somehow combine bitterness, anger and sarcasm in just the right amounts that it actually becomes endearing. Keep up the good work. I like that 70sBig has this whole other weird section hidden away behind the main page.

  11. Brent is the fucking man. He knows what to do: fucking kill himself. And if you try to stop him, he’ll fuck you up. He’ll curl you for breakfast, brah.

    I’ve definitely got an impersonator. Perhaps the msingh doppelganger? The world may never know.

  12. Way to play it cool with the VPVG, and totally kiss her ass for her. Solid strategy.

  13. Brent,

    Stop being a pussy and bang that bitch. It’s not difficult. Looking for love is gay. Love happens when you’re too lazy to go out and fuck other women.

    Either fuck her or I will fly out there with my girlfriend and watch her fuck her.


  14. by the way… who the hell is impersonating me???? come at me bro.

  15. i’ve moved onto techno at the suggestion of others. this song is currently in my workout play list:

    as is this

    make suggestions

  16. brent. hi. i just got myself caught up on your last few posts. so i have lots to say, i guess.

    so—when i was wearing those soffes and you were all excited about it? ok, now i get it. i was totally oblivious to the significance of soffes at the time. but really, you can borrow them any time if you want.

    ok—those ring dips were adorable.

    the intro—was that a reference to my favorite music?

    um—videos. those were highly entertaining and i lol’d a lot in between trips to the bathroom. yeah, i ate too much catfood again yesterday and i’ve already shit what looks like your venti cappafrappalatte mocha concoction six times in the last hour. i guess my question is how come we never make vids when i join you guys at the gym?

    sleep—sorry about sleeping at the gym. i think i was out cold for like two hours.

    balls—thanks for teaching me how to use lacrosse balls to my benefit. i am so fucking sore. but it’s good.

  17. I’m clearly the original Freak. The doppelganger uses none of my speech patterns, uses multiple periods and questions marks, doesn’t even try using punctuation, and uses memes. Clearly a fake.

  18. I’m clearly the original Freak. The doppelganger uses none of my speech patterns, uses multiple periods and questions marks, doesn’t even try using punctuation, and uses memes. Clearly a fake.

    Blah, Blah, Blah. I’m CLEARLY the ORIGINAL FREAK.

  19. LOL ppl crack me up here. whoever the “original” freak may be, let it go. Sometimes ppl just do certain things for kicks. I’m just wondering who is the original freak and what kind of person he is in real life.
    and yes, brent kim, the BIG WOMANIZER, the kryptonite of very pretty girls (vpg).

  20. I’m Spartacus.

  21. Ah…looks like someone is impersonating super vincent (a name that has been just recently created.) could it be the “original” FREAK??????? we may never know…


    Katy Perry shows her fat tits! I know you have seen this by now but if you haven’t. They look good!

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