PRed my db hammer curls.

I PRed my db hammer curls by quite a bit Friday, hit 40lbs for a set of 10. I also snatched up to 215lbs and c+jed up to 265lbs. I hit 255lbs in the c+j a few more times. Becky said my split sucks so I worked on it. Clean pulled up to 305lbs x 3 for two sets, clean-and-pressed 160lbs x 4, 4, then 165lbs x 3, then 150lbs x 5. Did a bunch of curls obv, 105lbs x 6 or 7 with the regular barbell, then 105lbs 3×5 with a fat bar, then the db hammer curls.

Thursday I did a belted 1rm for Chris’s study in the back squat, then drove back to Carrollton and finished up with some front squats at 315lbs, hit 5 and then 3 after a short rest period and went to work.

On Sunday I did an un-belted 1rm for Chris’s study. I squat 417.5lbs with a belt and 410lbs without – both times I was squatting blind and could only choose my weights up to my last warm ups which were 385lbs belted and 365lbs un-belted. Ask Chris about his study if you are curious, he will answer questions about it better than I can. After squatting I benched 260lbs for a paused double and did some shitty close-grip benching.

Today I snatched up to 225lbs, c+jed 270lbs, and front squat 325 and 330lbs for triples, then another double at 330lbs.

I was missing jerks today and I think it was because my torso was soft during the dip-and-drive so I thought about not flopping around and staying rigid. Helped a bit. 270lbs was about as hard as 255lbs. Something that probably doesn’t help is when my back sometimes unlocks momentarily after I stand with the clean, when the bar comes off my shoulders and then back down. “Belly tight” helped with that.

Think I’m friend-zoned by the girl at work. “Which girl are you talking about this time Brent.” It’s kind of irrelevant since every girl I have ever mentioned in this blog has friend-zoned me. In fact, I would be disappointed if a girl DIDN’T friend zone me – I feel like I have a legacy to uphold. I’ll enjoy PRing in a bunch of lifts this week. If all else fails I will def PR in some goddamn cheat curls if that is what it fucking takes.

JC writes:

I hate blogs, yet this is consistently entertaining. It’s probably because you’re able to somehow combine bitterness, anger and sarcasm in just the right amounts that it actually becomes endearing. Keep up the good work. I like that 70sBig has this whole other weird section hidden away behind the main page.

It’s been established that I am the only funny part about 70s big.

Some fucking guy writes:

Way to play it cool with the VPVG, and totally kiss her ass for her. Solid strategy.

oldman writes:

i’ve moved onto techno at the suggestion of others. this song is currently in my workout play list:
as is this
make suggestions

Both those songs fucking blow dude. This one is old but it should make you want to squat or press pretty aggressively. I listened to this one driving to the gym today and it prob helped me by at least 5% on my sn. and c+j.

I met Cristina at raw nationals and she is pretty cool, she started a blog about what she thinks about when she thinks about lifting. Her blog is called What I Think About When I Think About Lifting. I would say it’s like xkcd.

About the mega pretty powerlifter chick at ISystems Gym – she’s also apparently a fitness model? Have I mentioned that? Anyways I was training one day a few weeks ago and I thought I heard her say something like,

“Hey! When did you start training here?”

but I did not stop to see if she was talking to me. I automatically assumed she was not talking to because we’ve never spoken with each other before, and again, while I’ve seen and noticed her at meets, I just would find it pretty hard to believe she would give any fucks about some piece of shit Asian who, back then, was more than 15% bf, did not curl, and wasn’t wearing a tank. There were three other people in the gym at the time, a trainer and his two older clients. She could have said fucking anything okay? I didn’t really hear. And I would think if she were addressing me she would have tried more than once. It’s possible that she somehow recognized me though and now I look like a real pile of shit for being too hard to take a break from sweating profusely in my tank top to talk with her, but lettuce beans and real tea, it’s real real REAL unlikely she was talking to me. I am mentioning it because I feel like it is something I should be putting on this blog.

Well hey guys I am gonna go kill myself now so I’ll talk to you here in a little bit.

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  1. Brent,

    In a(power)clean and strict press, how does one transition from the wrist position in the clean to the wrist position in the press?

    I can do both movements fine separately, both once I combine the two in a clean and press, problems arise. I do my pressing with very straight wrists due to an injury caused by hammer throwing.
    Cleaning with straight wrists causes pain and vice versa, pressing with the wrists in extension also causes pain.

    Any advice is welcome.


    • You have to clean it with the wrist, hand and arm position you do the press from. That’s why it’s a power clean And Press. Use your flared lats against your triceps to get some sort of shelf that supports the weight of the bar right before you press.

      So to repeat your elbows will be in front of the bar but not as high as a power clean or squat clean. And your wrists will be totally straight, unlike a power clean or squat clean, because you’re pressing it, not just cleaning it.

      • If the clean part is hard, your power clean must not be very strong. If you had to rack it like an actual clean, you could always pop it up like a weightlifter.

        It really isn’t hard, so I hope Saul’s description helps.

  2. ok mgmt, maybe but the first song was fucking weak. I am going with this:
    in combo with your mgmt song to out do the gayness that exists with purposely listening to mgmt before a workout.

  3. cristina reads your blog


  4. Brent have you ever thought about getting a sponsor by some major pharmaceutical company that manufactures anti-depressants?

  5. Brent, have you ever thought about getting a sitcom from a major television company? I’d watch it.

  6. Fact: Sitcoms with Asian main characters do very poorly. FACT!

    • You said fact twice. Does this make your statement more factual than say… the common fact? You put heavy emphasis on the second “fact” with the use of capital letters. Was this done to draw attention to the fact that you wrote “fact” twice, or were you literally shouting, as in a jubilant triumph over less intelligent plebeians?

      Just pondering…


    • cristina reads your blog

      I hear they do very well on Hulu

  7. Hi Brent, I have been listening to this song a lot today, I’m real impressed with it. I figured I would share it with you.

    also, I hope you liked my “corgis on boats” post that I shared with you.

  8. Since everyone is posting workout songs:

  9. I think about not flopping around and staying rigid while Jerking as well.

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