Picking up 87.5lbs of grass-fed beef with Saul tomorrow.

It’d be better if Saul was into boba tea or Starbucks because it’ll be about 4 hours round-trip but it’s fine. I hope Saul likes techno.

I’ve told a few people at work that I am going to pick up 87.5lbs of grass-fed beef and none of them care. Actually, they are puzzled and are like “why would you do that,” then all the girls say, “I only eat lean meat, I don’t want to bulk up. Is that why you are getting it?” to which I respond

“Yeah, because I wanna get real fucking jacked.”

Then they stop talking to me.

Tonight I clean-and-pressed 170lbs x 3 dead-stop, followed by 155lbs x 5 dead-stop, which is the first non-shitty press workout I’ve had since I’ve started clean-and-pressing. It was pretty OK. 170lbs x 3 was about a 9 RPE and I think it’s a dead-stop PR (when I pressed 170lbs x 4 it was touch-and-go. I was also belted, and I haven’t belted up for my clean-and-presses in a while).

330lbs x 7 RDL, followed by 330lbs x 5.

Weighted ring dips, +50lbs x 5, then 4. These were pretty hard today. I wanted to do quite a few more sets but decided against it since I’m trying to follow a volume-volume-intensity-intensity schedule for bench/OH press.

Finished up with rounded-back back extensions and a lot of curls, which were hard today.

Leeuwer writes:

In a(power)clean and strict press, how does one transition from the wrist position in the clean to the wrist position in the press?
I can do both movements fine separately, both once I combine the two in a clean and press, problems arise. I do my pressing with very straight wrists due to an injury caused by hammer throwing.
Cleaning with straight wrists causes pain and vice versa, pressing with the wrists in extension also causes pain.
Any advice is welcome.

I’m not very good at it and I’m not c+ping a lot of weight but I clean the bar directly into a press position i.e. I don’t push my elbows up to rack. If you are pretty proficient at power cleaning, you can use the time the bar comes off your shoulders after standing with the bar after the clean to immediately adjust your hands under the bar into press position, then pull your elbows back and down to begin the press. That probably wasn’t a very good description. But I would think that having to adjust your hands after the bar is racked will prob make for a pretty shitty press. Doesn’t look like Klokov moves his hands after the clean for his pressing. You could try seeing if doing some mobs for your wrist might help though – soft-tissue tack-and-stretch for forearms, some banded stretching for the wrist, then doing the externally-rotated stretch here to bias the fascia in the flexors of the forearm.

Another issue may be your actual front/press rack – improving your front rack by working on shoulder external rotation in flexion may take some strain off your wrists. Take at look at these three guys once a day for a week and see if you get anything out of them.

oldman writes:

ok mgmt, maybe but the first song was fucking weak. I am going with this:
in combo with your mgmt song to out do the gayness that exists with purposely listening to mgmt before a workout.

lol link another song like that again and I’ll perma-ban you from my blog.

Brian writes:

Hi Brent, I have been listening to this song a lot today, I’m real impressed with it. I figured I would share it with you.
also, I hope you liked my “corgis on boats” post that I shared with you.

I enjoyed and favorited the song and the corgis on boats link was pretty good too.

Penn, 270lbs is not a c+j PR, I’ve hit 275lbs, but 270 is the most I’ve gotten recently.

The girl at work I am currently hoping to hang out with fist-bumped me this morning, I forgot for what reason … actually I think I remember, I think she was saying she was taking a drug screen class for the clinic (as in she was celebrating the fact that we would be both be certified collectors to do DOT drug screens). It simultaneously was a sign that I was definitely friend-zoned and also another reason that I want to date her. This is probably why I clean-and-pressed so well tonight.

Showed her my dance vid – was that a good idea or no?

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  1. where do you buy 87.5 lbs of grass fed beef? further how do you store that?

  2. What you should be saying is “If you think that’s a lot of meat you should see my penis.”

  3. Nutmeg, do you do any band mob work at home? Where the hell do attach the band for such stuff? Also I got mad lame internal rotation issues with my right shoulder from sitting at a desk clicking on a mouse all day for work. Any suggestions to help me not have a tvale/gordonfuck right shoulder?

  4. Seduce her with your dancing skills.

  5. I think it’s a great idea. Invite her back to your pad under the pretence of showing her some sweet dance moves and then bang the shit out of her. Good luck.

    P.S.- I enjoy your blog.

  6. cristina reads your blog`

    How about

    doing a weekly post on women that actually lift heavy things and cry about very pretty Vietnamese girls while listening to The Smiths? (the second part is important. Maybe.)

    I think it will be popular. And you can consider killing yourself after you see these uber jacked bitches deadlift more than you.

    But then you’ll feel better, because they’re really not that attractive anyways.

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