So what’s your sign?

Checked out a locally owned gym in Denton to do some training with Saul and Becky, the gym was actually usable for the slow lifts.

While we were signing waivers for the gym, Becky noticed my birthday and said “oh are you aware of the connection we all have? We’re all born in March!”

I said, “Oh that’s cool, we’re all Aries. Do you think it fits you?”

Then I turned to the girl at the desk, who was quite pretty, and asked her, “So what’s your sign?”

There was a pregnant moment during which all parties had to accept that I, in fact, just asked her that question, and then there was an exasperated smile from the front desk girl and hysterical laughter from Becky.

“I’m a Virgo, actually,” she says.

I said, “I could tell,” and she smiled at that too. Then I didn’t talk to her again. And fucking killed myself.

I pressed 155lbs for four sets, going 5, 5, 4, 5, and starting each set with a clean, which was fun, but could have been funner if I was pressing 160lbs.

Front squat 315lbs x 3, then 335lbs for 3 and then a double and just got flat-out stapled on the last rep. I haven’t front squat in quite some time, so it felt a little weird but the legs felt pretty strong doing this. Just not used to bottoming-out here, which should return pretty shortly.

Did some barbell rows afterwards – this is the only movement during which my hamstring still feels some tightness, though it’s not severe and the fact that I can snatch and clean and RDL what I did pre-injury makes me not worry. Should prob do some more soft-tissue tack-and-stretch and high-hammy stretching.

Later this night, they hung their rings up over a tree branch and we played around – Saul and Becky did legit gymnastics skills and I shoveled shit. I did a few dips, attempted poorly to get into an externally-rotated support, did a few ring pull ups and could not get the rings to touch my chest (they were low enough, I just could not pull my elbows and shoulders back so that the rings made contact with my body even with external rotation), and tried a few support positions. Would be interesting to do these on a regular basis and see what they do for my pressing and upper body swollertrophy.

Saul’s thing today, and this happened twice, was to say, “Brent,” and nod at me when an Asian female walked by. Both times they weren’t terribly attractive and looked pretty grumpy and just in general could not have been less approachable and I was a little confused about what action he wanted me to take, because I sure as fuck was not going to talk to them.

Unless they looked like this. Warning, this video fucking blows.

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  1. Next time you want to talk to a girl you should be taking your shirt off and flexing your pecs as you talk to them.

  2. How much does a polar bear weigh? enough to break the ice! Hi, I’m Brent Kim.

  3. Women are people. And, as you are also people, you know good and well that you’ve decided whether or not someone is bone-worthy within 3 seconds of seeing them. So there’s almost nothing you can say to a girl that will help you. Your fate is sealed before you even open your mouth.

    So all that’s really left for you to do is ascertain where you stand in her eyes: bone-worthy or not. You seem shameless enough do have no problem getting a conversation going. Then just ask her if she has a boyfriend. If she says yes she is either (1) lying to you or (2) has a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. But if she says no, then you’re pretty much in.

    Considering the sheer number of people in the world there simply has to be some overlap between the people you find bone-worthy and the people who find you bone-worthy. All that’s left is a matter of wading through rejection as quickly as possible to find out who will tra-la-la your ding-ding-dong.

  4. You should have asked desk-girl how fast her Zerg-rush is.

    Did you forget to get a super-legit-backseat-dumbbell-pump goin’ before asking her about her sign? Did you apply Axe all over? I don’t understand the problem here.

  5. I find it odd that the Asian females were grumpy. All the ones up here in WA are always excited and taking pictures of shit.

  6. Korean BBQ > lots of other asian things

  7. Watching that video definitely gave me a bad case of yellow fever. Are all Asian girls trained from birth in the art of being fucking adorable?

  8. Hey Brent, I fucked up my head so that every time I train or fucking walk up some stairs I feel like an aneurysm is about to rupture up there. Now when I tell my wife im gonna go workout till i kill myself i can actually mean it. WIN, WIN i suppose…

  9. we’re more or less tied bro. i’m at 230+280 – with clean miss jerk at 290. i know you’re good for more, and so am i.

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