My fingers hurt. What was that? I said my fingers hurt. Oooh. Well now your back’s going to hurt, because you just pulled landscaping duty.

Things I’ve mobbed this week:

IR stretch, lacrosse ball to pec minor/anterior capsule/pec, couch stretch, hip flexion + external rotation, double lacrosse ball to t-spine.

Things I’ve eaten:

10oz ribeye + sweet potato, microwaved, butter + brown sugar (multiple times). Couple slices of meat lover’s pizza. 3 egg omelette with 3 strips of bacon and a whole tomato topped with salsa. Vietnamese grilled chicken with rice. Vietnamese girls are really pretty. There’s one really pretty one who’s studying to be an RN at one of the places I like to eat, I’ve actually made conversation with her a few times (which is why I know what she’s studying) and she seems pretty nice, however I’ve intentionally avoided going to the restaurant she works at so I don’t have to deal with the pressure of talking to her again. She’s prob dating a white guy now, and I probably bench more than him even though I fucking suck at benching. In fact, if he works out at all, he probably just does dumbbell pressing and curls. I fucking hate my life.

Training wise:

Tuesday I snatched up to 195lbs x 2, pausing mid-pull at the knee. Had fun doing these. Power snatched 175lbs and 185lbs x 3. Pausing at the knee with the snatches was for drilling knees back and maintaining back angle, one of my constant faults in snatching is that my chest always rises immediately off the floor.

C+jed up to 255lbs with difficulty. Shoulders were tired.

On Thursday I trained in my friend’s garage gym in Arlington. We recently acquired a Rogue S-2 squat/press stand and it’s pretty fucking amazing. Their bench is basically IPF width and height and is pretty sturdy.

I benched 245lbs x 4 paused, was frustrating to hit this wall again. Benched 225lbs x 6 touch-and-go after this, was hoping for 7. My pressing could be a lot fucking better.

Front squat 335lbs x 2, then a single, then 315lbs for two triples. This was a pretty awful performance and I wasn’t particularly happy about it.

I did manage an OK press, 150lbs x 7 all reps paused, then 150lbs x 4 for a second set. 150lbs x 7 paused would be a rep PR.

Part of the issue is that Arlington is about a 50 minute drive, just makes it hard to time calorie intake and training when there’s a big gap in there. Very rarely have I felt “really good” when I’ve trained in Arlington. Was probably 3 hours between cessation of eating and training total, and I don’t think I ate enough to begin with. Probably needed another meal. The garage gym is fucking super legit though.

Today I snatched up to 195lbs x 1, pausing at the knee, then pulled 375lbs x 5, again paused at the knee, with the hook grip. 375lbs x 5 is a grip PR, and wasn’t particularly hard on the grip. The halts at the knee did make this pretty hard to do as far as pulling goes, though. I’ll be testing my regular deads next week, will see how 365lbs x 10 feels. Hopefully the hands hold out.

Basically, I want to be like Chris Riley. I’ve been having trouble pulling symmetrically with a mixed grip, bar tends to twist to one side or the other, and on occasion I’ll have muscle spasms in my upper back on the side which used the supinated grip while deadlifting. Pulling double overhand i.e. when I warm up or when I’ve used straps for RDLs has always felt pretty good. I feel like a gordon fuck when I’m pulling with a mixed grip. Also, pulling DOHG = fucking man shit.

Wanted to do some back extensions, rowing, and curls, had to get to work though. Hopefully get to these at some point tomorrow.

  1. It’s necessary to point out that your hands may not have proper dimensions to pull DOHG; they are small fucking Asian hands. Chris has large hands with long fingers, hence the quality DOHG. But you’re not going to listen to me anyway. I did my part by having you do the linear progression back in the day.

  2. What do you usually eat pre-workout, and how do you time it? I’ve been trying to figure out how to schedule eating and lifting so I feel “good.” It’s obviously different for everyone, just curious if you have a go-to method.

    • so far my proven pre-workouts:

      1.) 5 strips of bacon, 3 eggs, instant oatmeal + peanut/almond butter

      2.) instant noodles, 9oz ribeye, green beans

      3.) a big reuben sandwich

      4.) 4 tacos

      5.) sweet potato + ribeye is currently pending

      depending on how i feel i might add a 50g pro/50g waxy maize shake to the above, and i try to consume a few glasses of water in the hours i’m up before training

      pre-workout nutrition is pretty critical for me when it’s also the first meal of the day, it’s less important when i’ve eaten more than once imo. there have been days when i eat something before or at work, then eat after work, have coffee, take a nap, and started training 2-3 hours after eating and felt extremely good

      but my general rule assuming pre-workout = first meal of the day is aim for 100g carb and 700-800 calories total, and the time frame between cessation of eating and beginning of training is crucial as well (i feel best when i have about 1.5hrs in-between finishing eating and my warm ups)

      • I usually lift late-afternoon, and I find that 1.5 hours after eating or so works best also. I’ll give some of those meals a shot. Seems like going for a meat, a veggie, and some decent carbs is the way to go. Thanks Brent.

    • also, i like coffee a lot pre-workout

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