Daily Archives: April 26, 2011


Again, neglected lower body mob the night before. (Did hip extension and external rotation tonight though). Did the best shoulder mob ever and rolled on external rotators.

Ate a Chipotle burrito preworkout. Rice, barbacoa, peppers and onions. Been eating out a lot recently, should probably stop.

Benched 225lbs x 7, 6, 4, first three reps of each set paused. Improved on 2nd and 3rd sets but didn’t hit 225lbs x 8, which I thought I would be good for today upon starting the first work set.

High-bar back squat 355lbs x 9, 5, 5. Should be good for all 10 next week. Mondays have left me smoked the past two times I’ve gone over 5 reps. I fucking suck apparently. This is not really that legit. I might drop the weight in another week or two and attempt to accumulate some solid volume, i.e. 25+ reps in the workout. I think I’d have go to 330lbs or less for that. Or, I could hit a 10rm for the day and then take weight off, but going sets across is a lot more challenging and in all honesty I’ve been sandbagging this shit lately.

The real solution is to get on fucking sustenon and train 6 days a week. Fuck this mid-300lbs bullshit.

Didn’t have time to overhead press at the end of the workout, I honestly could not be more upset about this.

Days like these definitely make me wish I was abusing the fuck out of anabolic steroids.