Daily Archives: April 24, 2011

Every other fucking word out of my roommate’s girlfriend’s mouth is “baby.”

It’s important to note that Jacob Tsypkin guided me early on when I was just doing lacrosse ball to front of the shoulder and driving the humerus to the back of the socket. He actually suggested I do several of the mobs I listed below to improve my movement. Talking with him about it was pretty life changing. I am not ashamed to say that I love Jacob Tsypkin.

Late update on Friday’s workout.

Thursday night I did some overhead work with an external rotation bias. Continued an ongoing project of rolling out pec minor/anterior capsule. Slacked on lower body mob <– apparently I don't want to be a better athlete. Guess I should kill myself.

Forgot what I ate Friday, if I recall correctly it was just 3 tacos and a Starbucks iced cocoa cappucino.

Power snatched 185lbs x 2, snatched 200lbs x 2. Probably would have done more here given time, these felt pretty easy today, going overhead with the snatches was a completely different experience having done this mob the night before.

C+jed up to 255lbs, legs were too tired to push much more here safely (I would have if I was training with bumpers).

Touch-and-go deadlifts at 395lbs x 4, emphasizing hips back, although I did use leg flexion to get the plates to the floor, descent was super controlled with minimal plate contact. Suppose you could say sloppy RDLs. Strapped up for these. Followed this with 355lbs x 6 touch-and-go, with a reset at rep 3 and rep 5. I was pulling 355lbs double overhand hook grip, wanting to develop the capacity to pull my competition lifts and at least some heavy worksets with the hook. Pain was less of an issue here, more just the dread that my thumbs were about to be pulled out of socket.

What was that? “They were not deadlifts if you did them touch-and-go,” I think I read about that in Who Gives A Fuck Magazine. Be more dogmatic please. The fucking Vatican called, they want to know if you’d join their ranks.

Did some rounded back weighted back extensions after, with probably less than 3 mins rest after cessation of the deadlifts. Definitely caught a legit pump here.

Would have done some upper back rowing, pull ups, curls, etc. but had to leave for work. Was going to do them Saturday (today) but caught up on sleep instead. Caught up on 40lbs db curls in my room after work tonight.

Also caught up on mobbing, IR stretch, double tennis ball to t-spine (I’ve lost some of my lacrosse balls, gonna have to get new ones to do this more legitly), external rotation in hip flexion, hip extension stretch, rolled on pec minor.