Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

May as well make it official.

Last night’s mobility was The Best Shoulder Mob Ever, hip flexor stretch, external rotation of the femur with lateral and posterior band distraction, and rolling out soft tissue along t-spine/scap with arm behind back in internal rotation.

Preworkout fuel consisted of a rather inadequate reuben sandwich with kettle chips and a Starbucks iced cocoa cappucino. Hydration = 16oz of water.

45min glucose elevation time, then:

Benched 245lb x 4 paused, followed by 235lbs x 4 and 225lbs x 5. Probably could have finished off 245lb x 5 if I had a bigger meal preworkout. 245lb x 4 paused is still a PR, I’ve benched 252.5lb x 5 touch-and-go at 178lbs bw and the most I ever paused at the time was 235lbs x 5. I’m 161lb now.

High-bar back squat 395lb x 4, 375lbs x 5, 355lbs x 5.

Barbell pressed 135lbs x 7. Would have done more here, but needed to get to work. I press 2x a week, both focused on either volume or intensity bench, and I do some accessory pressing at the end of each workout with overhead work and db benching for swollertrophy. In a perfect world I would have gotten another set of barbell press here, with another few minutes of rest after the squats so I could have gotten a solid 10+ reps. I finished this workout in about an hour flat.