Daily Archives: April 14, 2011

I could be more sore.

Was going to train yesterday but ended up napping too long after work to make it to the CF gym; could have done the oly lifts at the globo gym but it would be running a little late there, as well, so I decided it’d be wiser and more productive to push it today. Mobility two days ago was the best shoulder mob ever, some anterior capsule/pec minor soft tissue work, hip extension mob, and external rotation with hip flexion. Didn’t do anything yesterday because I slept from 4-8pm after work, ate, then slept from 1am to 12pm today.

Pre-workout food was an 8oz ribeye, green beans, and sweet potatoes fried in butter.

I snatched up to 100k without a lot of trouble, which was nice. C+jed up to 110k, then missed jerks at 115k and 120k, prob because my legs were tired from the front squats and I am also four days post meet so …

Finished up at the CF gym with some clean pulls with a pause above the knee, 130k, 140k, and 150k x 3.

At LA Fitness, I did some db rows (110lbs x 8, 7, 7), chest supported machine rows, barbell curls, and rounded-back weighted back extensions. Caught a pretty mean pump here, I finished this shit up in like 30mins.

This is mostly a fuck off week. I’m interested in getting some hypertrophy-oriented training in, i.e. killing myself with some sets of 10. One of the things that Justin didn’t like with the way I trained when we first met was that I was doing snatch-grip and regular deadlifts for sets of 10, he’s probably not going to like that I’ll be doing exactly this starting probably next week.

Patrick asked me if I was serious about the mobility work the night before a training session – yes, I am 100% serious about it. Typically 2 mins+ per drill/side, or until I have achieved “change,” i.e. the spot in question hurts a little less to roll on with a lacrosse ball. I’ve legitimized my overhead position from being out in front of me or with lumbar hyperextension to bar above a fairly neutral spine. Shoulders hurt less, are inflamed less often, and I’ve been working on posterior chain/hip extension stuff which I feel has had a significant effect on my movement as well.