Daily Archives: April 16, 2011

This workout could have been better.

Have noticed that Kelly Starrett has mentioned several times that the external rotators wrap from the lateral border of the scapula all the away around to the front of the humeral head. Been trying to hit external rotators wherever it hurts, noticed that there were bands that fucking sucked to roll on around the lateral part of the humeral head. Spent a lot of time last night rolling shit out there. Also did the best shoulder mob ever for bench prep, then hip flexor/quad stretch and external rotation in hip flexion.

Pre-workout food consisted of 8oz ribeye, green beans, and a small sweet potato fried in butter. Will probably upgrade to a medium sweet potato for future workouts, not sure how many g of carbs there are in a small one but doesn’t feel like it’s sufficient. 16oz water and an iced grande cocoa cappucino. Jacob Tsypkin’s roommate made the comment that I don’t deserve to be on 70s big because I drink Starbucks iced cocoa cappucinos. Get fucked bro.

Also had a protein shake with 50g pro/50g waxy maize.

Benched 245lbs x 4, 225lbs x 5, all reps paused. These felt OK, I was hoping for more but right shoulder has been inflamed since two weeks before Texas State, probably from db overhead pressing (not exactly the strongest db cleaner, will prob have to watch some vids of proper execution because I’m pretty sure the mechanism if injury was from cleaning the db, then rotating into position to press).

Low-bar back squat 405lbs x 3, was hoping for more here, probably too ambitious considering current circumstances.

Pressed 135lbs x 8, all reps paused. Would have done another set if time permitted.

Front squat 330lbs x 1, figured I was good for at least a triple but the rushed workout prob didn’t help me here. Probably going to try front squatting again tomorrow. This won’t be the first time I’ve low-bar back squat, then front squat the next day. If this sounds ridiculous, it probably is, and if you can’t tell, I give a flying fuck.

This could have been a lot better.