Daily Archives: April 22, 2011

Made an attempt to talk to a girl today.

Internal rotation stretch, band around the shoulder in extension + adduction. Rolled lacrosse ball on anterior capsule and pec minor.

Preworkout food was a generous reuben and 50g pro/50g waxy maize shake. Iced cocoa cappucino and plenty of water.

Benched 245lbs x 4 paused, pretty shitty for how good I felt today. Thought a 5rm would happen here. Adjusting max reps at 225lbish on Monday with a 3-5rm on Thursday for bench.

Front squat 330lbs x 5 for a PR. Dunno if I’ve ever done 325lbs x 5, if I have it was while weighing 180lbs so … can’t really complain here. I suppose this happened today because I didn’t low-bar back squat, having did the oly lifts yesterday. Front squat another 2×5 at 315lbs, probably sand bagged it here, I think I could have gone a bit heavier on the back off sets for volume. Liked what happened here today though. The plan here is to have a higher 6+ rep day on Monday and do a 3-5rm on low-bar back squat and/or 2-3×5 front squat on Thursday.

Overhead pressed 150lbs x 6 and 5, was hoping for a few more reps but wasn’t ready for it. Will try for 7 or 8 next week.

Finished up with chest supported machine rows and a little db benching for a pump.

Had sushi afterwards, spider roll and a crab roll topped with avocado and baked eel. The place was playing fucking Daft Punk when we walked in. Asked the waitress if she was into this kind of music and she was like yeah man. I said man I’m about to go crazy, I’d bust a few moves but I don’t think you could handle it so I’m keeping it toned down. She said nah man go for it, I want to see. I was like maybe if you’re lucky bro. She said if you dance you don’t have to tip me.

I didn’t dance.

I’m hitting up the overhead position mob right now, the one where you wrap your elbows together with something, hold onto a pull up bar with as wide a grip as possible in external rotation, and then load the movement. Sucks a lot, I’d say 8/10 pain scale.