Daily Archives: April 7, 2011

Pretraining motivation:

Mobility last night was hip flexor stretch, soft tissue work between scapulae/t-spine, double lacrosse ball to the t-spine, and more external rotation of the femur with band distraction.

Preworkout meal was a much more generous reuben sandwich than yesterday’s and another iced cocoa cappucino.

Hydration 16oz water, 60min glucose elevation time.

The brunette girl behind the counter today at the Starbucks I went to was all smiles with me, more than likely because my haircut was stupid to begin with and now that it’s slightly grown out I’ve got this idiotic swoop in the front, also the right ear piece of my glasses are taped on, so she was probably just trying to hold back laughter. Irregardlessly, the correct decision on my part should have been to say, “Hey man how’s your day? Me, I’m regular, thanks,” but instead she basically asked,


with my response being a scowl and shaking my head, “Nah.”

Hey Brent, want to talk to a cute brunette girl who is actually going to give you the fucking time of day, nah I’d rather snatch and c+j without bumpers.

I power snatched + drop snatched up to 195lbs, and c+jed 260lb and doubled the jerk. The x2 jerk would be a PR. Hardest part was lowering the weight back to my shoulders.

Did some weighted rounded-back back extensions, 2×10 with 115lbs held to chest. I would like to have monster pythons for my erectors one day. One time Justin’s girlfriend asked me what one of my favorite bodyparts to train was (other than traps of course), I said “erectors,” and she shouted back, “ERECTIONS?” and then told Justin.

Finished up the workout with chest-supported rows and curls.

Mike’s under the impression that snatching and c+jing three days out from a powerlifting meet is a big deal, I’m not convinced that it is.

Oh yeah, lifting in a meet Saturday, should probably mention that.

Intuitive training folks, every day.