Could have been better.

Rolled on anterior capsule and pec minor as well as external rotators, IR stretch, couch stretched.

Pre-workout was a sweet potato with brown sugar and butter with a 4 egg omelette folded with 4 strips of bacon, baby spinach, and a small tomato. Possibly not enough carbs, I think this will be pretty good pre-workout with a 50g pro/50g waxy maize shake.

Benched 225lbs x 7, 6, 5 (first 3 reps of each paused). Baffled as to why I’m not hitting 225lbs x 8. I went for 8 on the first set because 7 was hard, but not “next rep will be failure” hard. 8 stalled at lock-out, I had omitted a spotter for all my benching this workout and had to rack the bar into the second pair of j-hooks, the ones that were below the top pair.

“Why didn’t you ask someone to spot you, Brent?”

When I was benching the other two guys in the free weight area were 1.) a reasonably jacked Asian who definitely had a fob accent, he absolutely could get fucked. I’d punch my mother in the face, full force, before I’d ask him for a spot. 2.) A 50 year oldish dude who, if he didn’t have a personality disorder that required medication, was at the very least a huge fucking douche. Wears a bandana and elbow pads all the time, and you can tell from his labored grunts while doing bent-over rear delt flyes that he works real hard. I’m fucking done.

Related story to this, the first time I c+jed 275lbs without bumpers at a globo gym, there was another jacked Asian, probably Chinese-American and white-washed, that was training a lady friend of his, who was white. “Why does their race matter, Brent” because I’m a fucking bigot, get fucked. Sumo dumbbell deadlifts with partial range of motion, “targets your glutes better,” partial dumbbell squats, I couldn’t have been less impressed with this fuck head. My motivation for that session was how much I wanted to set his Mazda 350Z on fire. I’m fucking done.

High bar back squat 355lbs x 9, 5, 5. I think with more than 5 minutes rest between sets I could be doing more reps on the 2nd and 3rd sets but my hearing is still tinny and distant when I get under the bar for these and I’m hitting “fuck my life” difficulty and lactic acid levels at rep 3. I went after 10 on the first set but fucking pussed out, I got stapled and the bar went to the pins.

Want to kill myself.

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  1. Brent. You need more ribeye burritos in your life. Or paxil. Not sure.

  2. Awesome blog, please don´t kill yourself.

  3. Randle McMurphy

    How come you are doing high bar back squats brent?

    • why wouldn’t i do high bar back squats randle?

      • Randle McMurphy

        because you know how to front squat, and you know how to low bar squat, and so all bases are covered…And a low bar squat resembles a pull, and a front squat gets you out of the hole in a clean. A high bar is just an odd hybrid.

        I’m sure you’ve heard this argument ad nauseum.

        I’m just wondering why you have taken the decision to high bar, especially since you know why it isn’t advocated.

        • i have indeed read this argument over quite a few forums to fucking death, and to clarify, high bar back squats aren’t advocated by Rip and maybe Charles Staley

          doesn’t make sense to squat because it resembles a pull when you could just pull, and a lot of weightlifters i.e. those out of LSUS/NMU regional development centers, train variations of the pulls a couple times a week, this probably holds true with a few Bulgarian method types as well

          in my experience the bottom position of or a clean or snatch feels different when you squat low-bar vs. high-bar … i.e. i’m stronger and more stable out of the hole of a clean or snatch when i’m squatting high-bar, and in fact my front squat changes when i’m squatting predominantly low-bar, i.e. more forward lean, possibly due to being used to relying on hamstrings/hip drive and suddenly not having these things in a front squat or clean

          Glenn Pendlay mentioned idly in one forum discussion that while high-bar squats might not utilize the hamstrings in the sense of maintaining back angle, there was something to be said of the increased torque on the back due to increased lever arm and its effect on the glutes/hamstrings

          i don’t really give a fuck either way

          i train both movements because they are both legit and i compete in OL and PL

          if i’m not being efficient by someone else’s definition of good training i couldn’t give less of a fuck, i think it’s been demonstrated countless times that as far as lifting weights go there’s more than one solution to getting stronger

          if i really, truly wanted to be stronger as efficiently as possible i’d be stacking deca, dbol, and winstrol so this is all really a moot point in the end

        • another thing about weightlifters and hamstrings

          a lot of these guys do a fucking lot for hamstrings

          RDLs, SLDLs, good mornings, GHRs, back extensions

          i think arguing that they don’t focus on posterior chain movement because they don’t perform a squat that involves isometric contraction of the hamstrings to maintain back angle doesn’t take into account how much these people pull or extend their hips

          i.e. talking about LSUS’s training program, their schedule is

          Mon squat
          Tues deadlift/pull + sometimes RDL
          Wed squat
          Thurs deadlift/pull + sometimes RDL

          Sat front squat

          not including pressing, snatch and c+j and variants, and accessory movements. the overall volume of their training is pretty humbling

          imo, they train their posterior chain pretty sufficiently, and in fact you could make the argument that utilizing a squat which involves extensive utilization of the hamstrings would be detrimental with their programming

          i’m done

          imo the only answers you need are 1.) try hard 2.) when 1 fails, get on steroids

  4. Randle McMurphy sounds like a Gay Porn Actor name.

    Randle “The Man Handle” McMurphy.

  5. Nice work Brent!

  6. I don’t normally comment on blogs.. But nice post! I just bookmarked your site

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