Daily Archives: May 21, 2011

There is a girl who makes very good animal noises floating around on YouTube with a pretty smile and laugh, I am in love with her.

Hit suprapatellar tack-and-stretch yesterday, lots of work on external rotators and scap soft tissue, and did shoulder IR stretching today.

Ribs, 3 eggs, 4 strips of bacon, a sweet potato, and a pro/waxy maize shake pre-workout today. Also, I was off from work, so everything was scheduled pretty leisurely.

Power snatched 190lbs x 3 for a slight PR, went on to snatch 225lbs. Again, this was at the globo gym. Felt pretty decent here. My best power snatch ever is 90k/198lbs for a double, I’m fairly certain I can surpass this reasonably soon. I also think power snatching 100k or 225lbs for more than one rep would be pretty cool. Also, now that I’m working on internal rotation for the right shoulder again, it’s very probable that I may make a fucking PR with the snatch without using bumpers.

Oh, roommate and his girlfriend are having sex, fyi, I’d punch my roommate’s girlfriend in the face if it were morally acceptable. She’s a typical hipster fuck face, just tries too hard imo, whines like a 12 year old when she’s 20, every other word out of her mouth is “baby,” she reads out loud to him in a really haha-pretentious reading voice that I actually don’t think is fucking funny at all, hyper-clingy, she’s always at the apartment, doesn’t have a life, when she’s not with him she sits at her apartment texting or calling him and just fucking sucks as a human being imo, she’s vegetarian, thinks meat is gross, thinks she’s fat when she’s not, really dumb and what makes that fact even more infuriating is my roommate doesn’t think she is dumb but she’s a fucking psychology major FYI 20 year old “psychology major” automatically means fucking dead beat wannabe intellectual, fucking get fucked dude. Her name is “Asia.” I’m fucking done.

No, I got more, something that fucking annoyed the shit out of me is she was using the oven to make her fucking vegetarian, fuck, I don’t know what they were, but she fucking put these organic rice cake things into a pan and topped them with like pesto or something I don’t know but it was definitely a fucking useless thing to eat and she was gingerly adjusting the topping onto the rice cake with her fingers, just everything about this made me want to fucking puke it was just too fucking pathetic, just the fact that she thought she was eating in a good way was sickening.

Cleaned 255lbs for a double and jerked it. Jerks felt pretty good tonight. I was going for a power clean on the first rep but that didn’t happen. Prob gonna try this again in a few days. 255lbs x 2 on the squat clean was a fucking joke though, not that that’s a big deal, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to make a PR squat clean double pretty soon.

Push pressed 200lbs x 5, 5 was a pretty terrible rep and the lockout took uncountable seconds to complete. Think I’ll be doing these a bit more, when I did them regularly, i.e. 1-2x a week, it drove my jerk up quite a bit. I haven’t done them for a while since I’ve focused more on benching and pressing the past year or two, but I’m experimenting with greater frequency at the moment so we’ll see where this takes us.

Deadlifted 330lbs x 6 double overhand no hook grip, these were unreasonably hard for the grip, especially compared to 325lbs x 6 last week. I may stay at 330lbs next week and try to focus on holding at the top at the end of the set.

Did some quick machine rows, at home I knocked out 20 chin ups touch-and-go for a rep PR, followed by 15 and then 10, finished up with curls.