Daily Archives: May 20, 2011

Should probably log this before I forget.

First of all, Stankrom, I am jking about killing yourself bro.

Second, I’m fairly certain that that’s not the real Msingh commenting on my posts. Also, if you are wanting to “learn” anything from reading my blog, it’s that 1.) steroids are cool 2.) all other lessons are irrelevant.

Loosely related, and Justin already knows about this, but I regularly ask a doctor that I work with to rx. me testosterone. This is also the same doctor who approves of me responding to his verbal instructions with “wilco.”

I made two 10oz ribeyes and 5lbs of pork ribs last night, that was a pretty good decision imo.

I squat 365lbs x 8, 5, and 1 high-bar yesterday (Wednesday) – I wasn’t expecting to train yesterday but got to clock out for a 1 hour break last night at work and my first instinct was to squat. Traffic kind of cut into my gym time, i.e. I did this in 25mins, but I’ll take it for now, I might up the volume next squat workout as opposed to doing 3×5 front squats.

I sucked fucking shit benching today (Thursday), 225lbs x 6, 5, and 3, I suspect that I didn’t have enough to eat before training (two ribs and a sweet potato and a protein shake – it would have been smarter for me to add at least 3 eggs to that and some more carbs). I think I’ll repeat this workout along with the volume squat on Sunday and kill shit. I was also benching without a spot this workout, which may have contributed to my poor performance. The only guy available to give me a spot was a ranga motherfucker who was making the biggest fucking deal out of his partial bench reps at 135, 225, 275, 285, and 295lbs, and I just could not bring myself to ask this fuck head for a spot

Been doing a lot of mobbing, and trying to add some new things to my repertoire. Hit suprapatellar tack-and-stretch tonight <– which felt like a 10/10 pain scale the first night I did them, may have been because my quads were cramping though, and pulling the scapula off the rib cage with humerus in external rotation, in addition to my regular drills.

Anyways fuck my life, there is a 25 year old lady who has two kids that texts me periodically and asks to hang out, i.e. tonight she asked if there were any places to get drinks in Plano (where I live). She is cute and probably bangable but our personalities would clash i.e. I don't see her being exceptionally nice or laid back in a relationship which is kind of a requisite for me. So I keep giving her a pretty honest answer, hey man I don't drink, I just lift weights lol. Is this really what my life is about? Turning down what could probably be non-committal sex and lifting weights while wishing I could just swallow dbol twice a day? Should I just fucking kill myself now?

My parents keep pressuring me to go to a Korean church (Christian, of course, and most Christian Koreans in Texas are fucking Baptist) to pick up a docile Korean American chick.

I'm fucking done.