Daily Archives: May 8, 2011

Let me start with a low point in my life.

I’ve told Justin this story, but a while back, I had front squat 3×5 in a workout and probably PRed. I got into my car and drove home, and when I tried to get out of my car, I immediately collapse to the ground because both my quads cramped pretty significantly, and wouldn’t stop when I tried to get up and walk to my apartment. One of my neighbors saw me struggling and staggering away from my car, and asked if I needed assistance.

“Nah man I’m good, just cramping up. Should have drank more water!” I was trying to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal, because it wasn’t, but at the time it was a life-or-death struggle to continue stumbling bow-legged to the steps up to my apartment.

My neighbor again asked me if I needed help with my gym bag when he saw me hunch over at the bottom of the steps, mentally steeling myself to begin a slow crawl up to my place, and I thanked him and told him I was fine.

Point being, I looked like an asshole who was pretending that he trained legs too hard.

Anyways, had another episode of that today, front squat 335lbs x 4 for a 1 rep PR and got out of my car to check my mail, immediately fell back into my car as both legs cramped and spent the next 5 minutes furiously stretching to relieve the cramping, which was pretty constant and made my entire leg ache, and chugging down a bottle of water while my neighbors drove past wondering what the fuck the douche Asian was doing.

Uh mobs I did this week, IR stretch, double lacrosse ball to T-spine, deep hip flexion with external rotation, couch stretch, rolling anterior capsule, and if you haven’t taken a look at the latest mwod check it out, I like this one a whole fucking lot. Right shoulder is still inflamed and recovering from a strain, hitting internal rotation with tack-and-stretch was pretty good for it.

Been eating one sweet potato a day as far as diet, lots of steak, and I have confirmed a 4 egg omelette with 4 strips of bacon and a microwaved yam + butter + brown sugar to be a legit pre-workout meal given enough time between eating and lifting. Also supplemented with a 50g pro/50g waxy maize shake 1 hour before training.

Sucked shit on Tuesday, didn’t snatch or c+j anything meaningful, pulled 315lbs x 6 double overhand (no hook) for grip work.

On Thursday I benched 245lbs for three triples and low-bar back squat 405lbs x 5.

Today (Saturday) I did pretty well, power snatched 200lbs x 1 for a PR, snatched 215lbs x 1 without much trouble, then finished off with max rep power snatches at 185lbs, got 4 + 1 squat snatch. Hammering internal rotation on the right shoulder has been paying off. Also, I was not using bumper plates for these.

Cleaned and push pressed 225lbs for two singles, on both of those attempts I was wanting to at least double 225lbs but I suppose this was too ambitious for a movement that I rarely train. Cleaned 255lbs and stopped without jerking, felt too heavy to safely jerk.

Front squat 335lbs x 4 for a 1 rep PR, then 315lbs x 4 and 3.

Push pressed 195lbs x 4 out of the rack, was hoping for 5 but couldn’t seal the deal. Possibly if I’d done these earlier I could have done a lot better, but I didn’t know if I’d have time to do them at all and needed to get my front squats in for sure. Just decided to do a set when I figured I’d have enough time to get a set in (gym closed at 8pm).

Pulled 365lbs x 9 double overhand hook grip <– this wasn't challenging for the dohg at all and pain scale was pretty low. Pulled 385lbs x 4 afterwards, 5 would have been nice but I understand that opening with 365lbs x 9 will produce some fatigue for me.

DB benched for a quick pump, then finished off with weighted rounded back back extensions, 90lbs for 19.

Pretty happy with today's workout, did some good snatching and pulling and got a little swollertrophy in.