Daily Archives: May 3, 2011

Could have been better.

Rolled on anterior capsule and pec minor as well as external rotators, IR stretch, couch stretched.

Pre-workout was a sweet potato with brown sugar and butter with a 4 egg omelette folded with 4 strips of bacon, baby spinach, and a small tomato. Possibly not enough carbs, I think this will be pretty good pre-workout with a 50g pro/50g waxy maize shake.

Benched 225lbs x 7, 6, 5 (first 3 reps of each paused). Baffled as to why I’m not hitting 225lbs x 8. I went for 8 on the first set because 7 was hard, but not “next rep will be failure” hard. 8 stalled at lock-out, I had omitted a spotter for all my benching this workout and had to rack the bar into the second pair of j-hooks, the ones that were below the top pair.

“Why didn’t you ask someone to spot you, Brent?”

When I was benching the other two guys in the free weight area were 1.) a reasonably jacked Asian who definitely had a fob accent, he absolutely could get fucked. I’d punch my mother in the face, full force, before I’d ask him for a spot. 2.) A 50 year oldish dude who, if he didn’t have a personality disorder that required medication, was at the very least a huge fucking douche. Wears a bandana and elbow pads all the time, and you can tell from his labored grunts while doing bent-over rear delt flyes that he works real hard. I’m fucking done.

Related story to this, the first time I c+jed 275lbs without bumpers at a globo gym, there was another jacked Asian, probably Chinese-American and white-washed, that was training a lady friend of his, who was white. “Why does their race matter, Brent” because I’m a fucking bigot, get fucked. Sumo dumbbell deadlifts with partial range of motion, “targets your glutes better,” partial dumbbell squats, I couldn’t have been less impressed with this fuck head. My motivation for that session was how much I wanted to set his Mazda 350Z on fire. I’m fucking done.

High bar back squat 355lbs x 9, 5, 5. I think with more than 5 minutes rest between sets I could be doing more reps on the 2nd and 3rd sets but my hearing is still tinny and distant when I get under the bar for these and I’m hitting “fuck my life” difficulty and lactic acid levels at rep 3. I went after 10 on the first set but fucking pussed out, I got stapled and the bar went to the pins.

Want to kill myself.