Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Being recovered isn’t a sport.

Randle McMurphy writes:

Brent I notice you do your o-lifts the day after quite hard squat and deadlift sessions.
Don’t you find that the fatigue from this really effects your o-lifts?
I am doing TM where I do o-lifts on the recovery day.
And I lose a lot of kilo’s on my o-lifts just because I am still very sore and tired from my volume day.

Randle, from what it sounds like, you just give too much of a fuck. Sometimes you just have to go hard, bro. Just keep in mind that someone out there is always training harder than you. There are probably things that you absolutely hate about this guy. He posts pictures of himself shirtless on facebook. With a fitted cap sitting crooked on his fucking head. He has never competed or trained anyone but he posts advice on message boards as though he is an authority on training. He does the oly lifts the day after he deadlifts. He deadlifts 5×5, with a rounded back, and straps, and is absolutely an ego lifter, because often he will forgo the last few sets of 5 and just work up to a single so everyone in the gym will see how strong he is with 495lbs on the bar. For accessory work he does rear and lateral barbell lunges, and he touts Bulgarian split squats as being equally effective for leg development as back squats. Then later that night when he goes to the same bar that every other useless fuck head in his town goes to on Friday nights he’ll put on a polo that’s a size too small so people will “know” that he lifts weights. People will ask him advice on working out and he will tell them about the dude from leangains.com and Lyle McDonald, even though he wouldn’t have the discipline for IF or any sort of controlled eating. Also, he’s in a fucking talentless band and all his songs are about generic tragic life experiences that he hasn’t even fucking had. Are you really going to let this pussy fucking bitch train harder than you? Because I sure as FUCK am not.

On Wednesday I ate a dry rubbed pork chop with 3 scrambled eggs topped with salsa verde and a sweet potato pre-workout.

Couch stretch, double lacrosse ball to t-spine, tack-and-stretch anterior deltoid with internal rotation.

Snatched up to 205lbs, cleaned 245lbs for a double and jerked it, c+jed 265lbs, pulled 325lbs x 6 double overhand no hook. Did some chest supported rowing for a quick pump, headed out. PS no bumpers in this workout.

Didn’t feel particularly good this workout, was hoping to snatch a bit more (i.e. power snatch 190lbs for a double or something) but the strength was not there. I felt ok about cleaning 245lbs for a double, but I’m pretty sure I could power clean that for a double and will be trying to hit higher squat clean doubles from here on out, and the grip PR in the deadlift is ok.