Hamburgerfan writes:

Brent, could you recommend some good techno?

These are songs I’ve recently added to my YouTube favorites:

Though I don’t know what you’d consider to be “techno.” The above is apparently “house,” which is just repetitive shit. I listen to a trance internet radio station at when I’m in the lab at work. I also like just straight up instrumentals i.e. this guy. And I like deep house a lot. I dunno why they call it deep house, maybe because it makes me feel emotions so deep that it makes me want to fucking kill myself?

I only had time to bench today, I hit 245lbs x 5, 4, then 235lbs x 5, 4. I woke up kinda late for this so I wouldn’t say I was 100%. Kind of a mediocre day. However, I think the close-grip bench has been helping me quite a bit, grinding through to lock-out is still hard but it’s not insurmountable like it used to be. I was also hitting these with about 5min rest between sets, which is a good improvement for me. Guess I’ll re-take 245lbs for 4×5 next week. Guess I should fucking kill myself.

Irregardlessly, I’m off tomorrow, so I’m gonna do a lot of shit for training.

Pet peeve, cable punches on the cable cross over machine. Especially when a long-haired, mouth breathing, comic book collecting, LARPing Gordon fuck does them. Jesus Christ that grates the fuck out of my nerves. “I have not and never will be in a fight but I want to make damn sure I can punch someone with 60lbs cable resistance when it happens.” The dude I’m talking about in particular right now was trying real hard on these, so hard that he had to use his other hand to pull the punching fist along because he was overloading the movement that heavily.

It’s not only the act of the cable punching that bugs me, but what their probable thoughts on barbell movements are – “All right, so those guys can ‘power clean’ 300lbs or whatever, but how hard can they PUNCH?” Oooh KAY.

The corollary to this is punching while holding dumbbells.

I fucking hate everyone at my gym.

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  1. You should see the dump I work out in. Some guy asked to work in with me on squats yesterday, and procedes to bust out half squats, shirtless, with gloves and two of those foam pad things on the bar. However mediocre I may be at lifting at least I’ll never do that.

  2. Hey Brent, what is auto-regulation and how does it work? You mentioned it recently regarding squats.

  3. mother_fn_rambo

    The first one is bad quality and the second one kind of blows.

  4. Brent, did you get into larping because the larping king in Role Models was played by an Asian?

  5. Brent how often do you use the turn signal in your car?

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