To catch up:

On Thursday (last week) I benched 260lbs for a triple. I was going to pause all three reps but two was really hard so I just touch-and-goed the third. This is a lifetime PR. Then I squat 390lbs for a double high-bar. There was a wannabe powerlifter in knee wraps doing a fantastic job of not hitting depth with 405lbs in the rack next to me. I can’t wait for the day that I can bang out a set of 5+ at 405lbs high-bar to end range. Finished up with some close-grip bench and some barbell rows and curls.

On Saturday I power snatched 195lbs x 1, then squat snatched it for another two reps, this was disappointing. C+jed up to 255lbs, push pressed 210lbs x 4, then pulled 405lbs x 5 double overhand hook grip. I think I’ve officially legitimized my double overhand hook grip. Did some barbell rowing.

Today I snatched up to 215lbs, c+jed up to 260lbs, and front squat 315lbs for two triples. Did some more barbell rowing and some curls.

So this weekend was pretty intuitive as far as training. So intuitive, in fact, that I did two sets of barbell rows on Saturday instead of three, so I did three more sets of barbell rows the next day?????? Oooh KAY. Caught a pretty legit pump though, I didn’t regret doing this.

Sam writes:

Brent, i have problems with my high bar squat man, i seem to good morning the weight on the way back up any ideas how i can counter this?

You may have to drop the weight to where you can do the squats without your chest falling? That’s prob what I’d do. Not sure what the exact issue is but more than likely if you’re used to low-barring, you’re not used to keeping your chest as high with the high bar squat, so you’ll have to do some re-learning. This might be obvious but you will be high-bar squatting a fair bit less than your low-bar squat. Discrepancy should catch up pretty fast though, once you’re used to the depth and the different emphasis on the legs.

Uh so this week has already sucked pretty bad for training. I was going to train today, at least bench, but upon going out to my car I discovered the battery was dead. I changed it, so go fuck yourselves. However the trip to Walmart and changing it put me pretty behind so I wasn’t able to train. I’ll be training tomorrow instead. Couldn’t tell you how much this bothered me.

FYI I love how people on the misc boards talk. See me trolling a post on the 70s big fan page for reference (as background, someone linked yet another article on the fuck face lady who doesn’t snatch bodyweight that wants to wear a long-sleeved shirt to meets. Saudi Arabia called, they said why don’t you go fuck yourself). Also, apparently she’s gonna lift at meets. My roommate’s girlfriend Asia was at the apartment when I read the story, I told Justin, “This is the worst day of my life.”

The “reality” meme, “lettuce beans real tea,” “if we are going to be reality here,” those always make me lol. I like reading posts typed entirely in misc/4chan speak.

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