Daily Archives: June 11, 2011

I don’t give a fucking shit about the Muslim lady that wants to compete.

“I refuse to wear a singlet, take off my hajib, and will only wear a snug (not skin-tight) long-sleeve shirt.”

It sounds like you are fucking refusing to compete, imo. Also, you snatch fucking 47.5k. It’s hard for me to fucking give a shit about your predicament. Glad you got an article in Who Gives A Fuck Magazine, though.

Pzilla, who I’m assuming is Patrick Stroup, writes:

Tell me more about this shithole place [Wichita Falls]?

There are four things that people in Wichita Falls do on a Friday night. They go to Stage West, which is a club that a bunch of airmen and underage girls go to. That’s real fucking exciting. Or, they go to Old Town, which is a bar owned by an oil tycoon who buys all the girls who work there a pair of fake tits. Fucking classy. Making mom and dad proud there I’m sure. There is a new bar called Denim and Diamonds. Self-explanatory, and by that I’m referring to when people who go there later fucking kill themselves, it’s just self-explanatory why they decided they had nothing to live for. Fourthly, they gather in parking lots of closed businesses in large droves and be a bunch of fucking red-neck shit-kicking dead beats.

There are a handful of local places that have moderately OK to pretty good to excellent food. That’s all I got. Fuck suburban Texas.

I think I trained Wednesday. Benched 260lbs x 1, thought I’d be good for at least a double. Benched 245lbs x 2, which was real hard. Front squat 335lbs x 3, then 315lbs for two sets of 4. Sleep and pre-workout nutrition sucked this day, I was running on about 5 hours total (divided into two separate stints) and not enough carbs. I did manage to close-grip bench 225lbs x 6, which was all right, then fucking crashed and got 5 reps at 215lbs. Pretty sure it was primarily not having eaten enough fuel pre-workout.

I felt a lot better on Thursday, got up early enough and went to Potbelly’s for a sandwich with extra meat pre-workout.

Managed to power snatch 195lbs for a double, then a squat snatch. Cleaned-and-jerked up to 265lbs, squat cleaned 275lbs, then pulled 400lbs x 5 double overhand hook grip, all reps halted at the knee. Then pulled 375lbs x 5 double overhand hook grip, halted at the knee. My fingers hurt after pulling 400lbs x 5, and by fingers I mean thumbs. What was that? I said my fingers hurt. Oh, well now your back’s going to hurt, because you just pulled landscaping duty.

I’ve got tomorrow off, gonna do a lot of sleeping and training.

Was hitting on a Vietnamese girl at work, who couldn’t have been less impressed with me. We’ve worked together before and there were a lot of implications from everyone else in the clinic that we should date, which she completely brushed off as ridiculous. This time she said,

“I heard you like someone else now,” to which my immediate response was,

“You know you’re the only one for me, Dana” AND SHE HAD NO FUCKING REACTION TO THIS. Couldn’t be less interested in me. Jesus fucking Christ.