Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

Apparently other people contemplating suicide stumble on this blog.

This is a screen cap of my blog’s dashboard. Draw your own conclusions.

I went to a Starbucks today before I trained, and when I drove up to the drive-through menu, the girl on the other end had a pretty sultry voice. I immediately imagined her as a hot caucasian phone sex operator wearing a button-up shirt, glasses, and with her hair in a bun. As her phone sex session would continue, she would let her hair down, unbutton her blouse gradually, and remove her glasses. When I drove up, the girl was actually Asian, probably Korean, and she didn’t look pleased to see me. I don’t know, I haven’t cut my hair in a while. Or, it’s possible she was a soul mate, and she hated Asian-Americans as much as I did. Things got real awkward real fast. She ran my card, left the window, and someone else brought me my drink. I drove away listening to this song.

I didn’t do too much mobbing before tonight’s workout, just the best shoulder mob ever and some rolling on external rotators and medial border of my scaps.

I benched 240lbs 3×5 touch-and-go for a lifetime volume PR, then got another set of 4. Felt pretty good benching tonight. The new bench grip is working out for me pretty well. I’ll attempt this again next week and shoot to complete 240lbs 4×5, then attempt 245lbs for multiple sets of 5. If it doesn’t go, I’ll microload and attempt 242.5lbs. This is all fucking moot though, words are fucking cheap, I’m a man of action. I’ll do it live.

Something that probably helped a lot with making this happen was that I carb loaded the FUCK up with some Chinese take out from First Chinese Barbecue. Combination fried rice + barbecued pork.

Brent: i’m about to get some Chinese take out
Brent: do you have anything to say about that
Jake: i hope they give you lots of napkins
Brent: ? explain
Jake: because Chinese food is messy, and you’d need lots of napkins
Jake: and it would be cheap and inconvenient if they did not give you enough

Auto-regulated some high-bar squats up to 390lbs for an easy single. Gonna volume squat tomorrow (among other things). Ask me if I give a fucking shit about resting a muscle group 48-72 hours.

The Obsolete Man asks:

Brent are the two mobs you listed for better squatting both on the mwod site? Also could someone please tell me if these shoes are good for squatting & deadlifting http://www.pullum-sports.co.uk/clothing-and-shoes/shoes/do-win-2010-weightlifting-shoes/prod_618.html thanks.

It’s actually one mob that I mentioned in the post you’re talking about: I guess it’s called the tabletop stretch. However, there is another version that I like as well: at 1:05. This includes the wall stretch, where you wrap a band around your hips and around both knees, then shimmy into a squat position with your feet propped up on the wall – the band approximates your hip to the back of the socket. And while we’re on the subject I feel this has helped with squatting and pulling as well: the couch stretch, though I haven’t used it with a band yet.

As for the DoWins, they’re a fairly common shoe for OL and squatting. The heel is .75″, so some people don’t like pulling in them because I guess it makes that much of a fucking difference. But most people who aren’t Gordon fucks like them for squatting. If you are a Gordon fuck, you will know, because you will complain about feeling like you are going to fall over the first time you squat in them. This is one of the reasons Msingh is such a fucking douche. If your overall mobility isn’t fucking garbage, you shouldn’t notice a significant difference squatting in the DoWins other than the fact that your feet are firmly planted and you feel more stable. I like pulling in my Adidas, which also have a .75″ heel. The argument for pulling in a heel is that the increased tilting of the shins allows for more knee extension to be used in the pull, meaning more overall muscle mass can contribute to lifting the bar.

To answer the search term “why is Msingh a douche,”

1.) He’s like spar. You can’t talk to spar without her frothing at the mouth about discrimination, civil rights, and equality. You can’t talk to Msingh without him ranting uncontrollably about how fucking fat he is. Women with irrational body image issues have a problem with that too.

2.) Benches with an uneven grip and doesn’t realize it or attribute significance to it herp fucking derp.

3.) Sucks as an athlete, but gives his opinion like anyone gives a fucking shit.

4.) Spends more time bitching and arguing fucking minutiae than he does trying to get better. He is a classic keyboard gymrat. 90% of the shit that he talks about doesn’t fucking apply to him, because he isn’t benching fucking bodyweight. Cry me a fucking river bro. He’s like the fucking lady that wants to lift at USAW-sanctioned meets wearing a long-sleeved shirt because she’s incapable of adapting to the fucking 21st century, i.e. they both couldn’t be more irrelevant. They also apparently snatch the same weight.

This list could go on.