Daily Archives: June 22, 2011

Some interaction with my dad.

While I was mobbing today (lacrosse ball between my t-spine and scapula), my dad called and we had a typical dysfunctional conversation common among a Korean immigrant and his first generation Korean-American son.

Dad: do you work today
Brent: no
Dad: what about tomorrow
Brent: i don’t work tomorrow
Dad: what?
Brent: i don’t work tomorrow
Dad: you work?
Brent: no, i don’t work tomorrow
Dad: ok. what are you doing
Brent: just hanging out at the apartment
Dad: ok. do you work on your sister’s birthday?
Brent: no i’ll be off
Dad: what about Monday?
Brent: i work 8 to 5
Dad: ok Brent. talk to you later

Five minutes later he calls me again and says

Dad: Brent, are you sure you’re ok?
Brent: yeah i’m good
Dad: when i called earlier your voice didn’t sound right. so you’re sure everything’s ok?
Brent: uh yeah everything’s fine.
Dad: ok brent, if you say everything’s fine

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of just mobbing and not sounding like I was under duress when he called but I guess his parental detection works through that? I should prob just kill myself.

While we’re on the subject, a while back I was supposed to meet my dad to pick him up here in Plano from my aunt’s place and then drive back to Wichita Falls with him. He was dropping off my aunt’s car here. Anyways about fifteen minutes before I leave to meet him he calls me and says

Dad: Brent, did you turn off the oven?
Brent: uhhh why would the oven be on?
Dad: ok Brent see you soon

This is literally with no prompting. There was no discussion of me cooking or being in the kitchen at all. It was just a sudden concern for him that my oven was turned off. OoohKAY. All of this is 100% true-to-life and there is nothing I can do to change it.

Hit up a lot of mob two nights ago, figure four external rotation + hip flexion with posterior band distraction, shoulder IR stretch, couch stretch, some extensive scap/external rotator work for the shoulders. My right shoulder is now pain-free, I’m assuming it’s from a combination of bent over rows, bringing my bench grip in, and improving my internal rotation/soft tissue work I’ve been doing; the reduction in pain seemed to coincide most with just bringing my bench grip in, though.

Snatched up to 200lbs, was attempting a power snatch, but this was probably a little too ambitious for how I was feeling. I didn’t feel capable of tripling a 195lbs power snatch, but thought I could manage a single at 200lbs.

I did power clean 240lbs for a double with a jerk. Didn’t go too terribly hard on the oly lifts since I needed to squat for volume that day.

High-bar back squat 370lbs for 5, 5, and 4, though this was with about 5mins rest between sets and I think with even 7 or 8mins before the third set I would have put this away without a lot of trouble. I would have also done another set if I had the time. Also, remember that I squat 390lbs for a single the day before this workout, with full intentions of squatting for volume today. I want to start squatting more frequently, although not every workout, maybe 3-4x a week with 1-2 of those days being working up to an auto-regulated, moderate effort topset between 1-3 reps. Felt pretty good squatting this workout, if tired from the short rest periods. If it seems like I’ll be able to stay on the path to squatting 400lbs+ for multiple sets of 5, I may just say fuck it and squat high-bar at USAPL Raw Nationals (and still attempt to overall PR in the squat). As of right now my plan is to start low-barring 1-2x a week about a month out and go weapons free at the meet with like 220k.

Basically, fuck programming.

255lbs x 10 RDLs, limited to one set since I’d done these on Sat and also because of time. These are becoming my favorite assistance exercise, it has carry over into the Oly lifts, deadlifting, and squatting. I’ve been killing my squats since I’ve started doing them. I feel I can do these pretty aggressively for now, i.e. 1x a week on top of my other pulling, but I’m not sure how I’ll program them once they’re actually heavy.

Did one set of bb rows, had to get to work, when I got home I pounded out some chin ups and curls.