Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Wichita Falls is a fucking shit hole.

Patrick writes:

Explain to me how to do these round-back extensions? Could you do a video of them?

Glenn Pendlay has posted a video for them: works real well if you have a GHR. I use a regular globo gym 45 degree back extension bench, adjust the leg support so it’s at abdominal-level, and use a squat bar vag pad as cushioning for my stomach so that flexion of the movement = spinal flexion.

Msingh writes:

You fucking shitcunt.
Everyone on the SS Board is blowing up my PM box because of you. If i met you in person, id be sure to beat the shit out of your weak ass.

This clearly isn’t the real Msingh, but if any of you did PM Msingh as a result of my post, please share your PMs in the comments, would be curious to see what kind of trolling was done. I just can’t take anything he writes on the SS board seriously. “Eating 10k calories and a gallon of milk a day just makes people fat and there is no point to squatting 300lbs if it is at 250lbs bodyweight and 25% fat fucked bodyfat.” This is all he ever fucking posts. If he did mobilitywod, drank a protein shake, or banged out some curls instead of spending half the time he does on the SS boards he’d be a much better lifter than he is now. Actually, the issue isn’t that he posts on the SS boards, the issue is that he just doesn’t fucking try hard, and spends more energy focusing on excuses for why he failed as opposed to physically doing shit.

Chris writes:

Hey Brent, I picked up a lacrosse ball today after always reading in your logs about how effective your mob work is. What other stuff can I work on with the lacrosse ball?

Basically if it hurts to have the ball on something, you should roll on it. Pec minor, anterior shoulder, suprapatellar pouch, glutes, anything that fucking sucks, go for it. Search the site for things that you suck at, i.e. overhead position, squat bottom position, hamstring flexibility, and look for soft tissue mobs you can do.

Guys, really, just commit some time to going through the site. “The best mob program is the one you aren’t doing.” If you feel completely lost about this shit and don’t even know what to start searching for, just do fucking everything. Chances are if you are aware that your shit is fucked up, you will benefit from a kitchen sink approach, because if your problems are very apparent, there’s more going on than just the thing that’s obvious. The more you read the site and listen to the vids (which tend to be less than 5min most of the time) the more you’ll start to see about the general picture of what you’re trying to do and how to do it, and you can start getting more specific from there. But it’s a fucking great resource, and if you haven’t paid attention to mobility and want to start, just start reading the site.

I went to 70s Big HQ this weekend, i.e. Mike’s garage, high-bar squat 365lbs for 6, 5, 5, and 345lbs x 5. Going to start doing some legit TM-style volume days for squats and presses. These were pretty hard, I’d been driving most of the day and it was about 930pm by the time I started training. This wasn’t a terrible session, I was just hoping to work hard considering I came into this one a little tired.

Today I benched 235lbs for 3×5 and another double, touch-and-go. Did some RDLS at 225lbs for 9-10 reps, bent over rows at 175lbs for 3×7 (hitting failure here with some cheating towards the end), and barbell curled 95lbs x 8. All of this was done in 100 degree heat, with shirt off. Was hot, but with a fan providing a breeze and the sweat it was actually pretty pleasant. The benching could have gone a little better I think, but the last time I benched 235lbs for sets across, I was 180lbs.

The RDLs done strictly were pretty legit, I may do these in addition to/in favor of my light, grip-oriented deadlift day. I did AMRAP double overhand today, which was about six, before having to reset my grip. I’ve noticed that my shoulders feel a lot better now that I’m doing bent over rows. Big fucking surprise. However, I had tried doing bent over barbell rows regularly before, and saw no benefit to the general well-being of my shoulders – the only thing that’s changed is I’ve done a lot of mob for external rotators/upper back/scapular movement and all of a sudden rows make my rhomboids sore and my right shoulder feels a lot better even after I bench. LIFE. CHANGING. SHIT. FOLKS.