Daily Archives: June 17, 2011

Water jet explosive diarrhea.

That’s what I had to deal with this week.

I did the wall stretch this week, the one where you wrap a band around your waist and over both knees to drive the head of the femur to the back of the hip socket and find tight corners, did some other miscellaneous mobs, hit my high gastroc with a lacrosse ball for some tack-and-stretch which helped noticeably for squatting. Also did hip flexion + external rotation + band distraction to the back of the socket, I should prob do this joint approximation stuff once a week at least because I know that the best shoulder mob ever works fucking miracles for me.

I had an OK volume bench day on Monday, hit 235lbs for 3 x 5 reps touch-and-go, then a fourth set for 4. Squat 385lbs x 3 high bar and beltless for intuitive training – I didn’t have time for true volume and I decided it’d be cool to hit an easy triple Monday and come back Tuesday to go balls-to-the-wall with volume.

Had Taco Bell Monday night, which is typically never a good idea and was especially not a good idea that night … had some pretty terrible, shit-out-my-mucosal-lining diarrhea for the next 48 hours. Could have taken it or left it. Didn’t feel ready to train until Thursday.

On Thursday (today) I hit 255lbs x 3 bench, all reps paused. That might have been a PR. I’ve brought my grip in about a finger width, and I feel a lot stronger with it, both off the chest and at my sticking point.

I high-bar squatted 365lbs for two sets of 5, a triple, and hit 400lbs for a single. One of Kelly Starrett’s things is pushing for a more toes-forward stance for squats, which I was resistant to at first, but I’ve been experimenting and bringing my toes a little more forward and have decided that I like it better than toes out. From what I’ve watched on mwod.com he’s not asking for toes 100% forward, but more of a range between “7-10 degrees” which is pretty attainable for me. I like it. It feels a lot better at the bottom of a squat, and keeping the knees out is a bit easier.

Close-grip benched 225lbs x 5, then 215lbs x 5, and did some bent over bb rows. Might bang out some fucking curls in my room before I have a ribeye steak and sweet potato.

Not really a fan of this week. Could have been a lot better, and I didn’t get a chance to do my RDLs on Tues … couldn’t do them tonight because I’ll be deading heavy on Sat. I’ll prob end up doing a topset touch-and-go DL and follow up with a bunch of RDLs for accessory.