Daily Archives: June 12, 2011

I want a misc. t-shirt.

The guy pretending to be Msingh writes:

She’s not interested in guys with 1 inch equipment erect.

Not surprised that you’re too much of a pussy Mormon virgin to use grown-up words like “dick,” “cock,” “peen,” etc. What else are you afraid of? Benching bodyweight?

I got in a good session for the oly lifts today. Snatched up to 215lbs, push pressed 205lbs x 5, c+jed up to 245lbs, cleaned 255lbs. Some of the lifts felt heavy here since I DLed 48 hours ago but I felt pretty solid otherwise. High-bar back squat 355lbs x 3 and 375lbs x 3 beltless, these felt pretty good, moderate-effort and smooth.

Finished up with some barbell rows, about to do some chins and curls in my room.

Well just finished doing curls and chins in my room.

This is all I did on my Saturday, that and waited for Justin Shawn AC Chris Mike Alex fucking ANYONE to get on gchat or facebook chat which never fucking happened. Probably because they have lives and instead of doing mobility wod at 2am like I just did they were prob walking into crowded bars where they were greeted by applause and then told stories about how cool they were.

Yesterday Jay Statdfield noted that we were both on facebook on a Friday night, and I said “what the fuck else would I be doing.” Going to Denim and Diamonds? Driving 30mins to downtown Dallas so I can not find parking in a crowded bar and socialize with urbanite Texans who are drunk? I’d rather be doing mobility wod. I’d rather be turning down this 25 year old mom who is STILL texting me every night because I don’t think she seems like a kind person. I’d rather listen to this song for the 36th time today.

I’m supposed to head out to a sushi bar/club in Addison tomorrow with some friends from work. Hopefully the Vietnamese girl is there so I can continue hitting on her and getting shot the fuck down so I can tell you guys about it.

One time I went to a coworker’s birthday dinner where I was the only guy there with like uh seven girls, 4 of whom were like 7/10 or greater. After dinner I was invited to go to a strip club with them and I declined. The birthday girl, who is 22 and has fat round tits, also joked that she wanted to give me a lap dance, and insisted rather persistently that I go to the strip club with her. I declined at least five times and told her happy birthday. Then I went home and did mobility wod. This is a 100 fucking % true story. When I told Justin he either said,

“I don’t think you’re gay, and I want to believe you are not gay, but you are not making this easy for me.”


“I don’t agree with or understand your decision but I will stand behind it.” I can’t remember what he said because there have been multiple occasions in which I’ve done something like this so I’m getting his responses mixed up.

When I told Shawn, he said, “Well, I was expecting a story, and I definitely got it. It was not the story I thought it was going to be, but it was definitely a story.”

Andrew Koontz who posts on 70sbig told me, “your blog makes you sound like a despondent and miserable individual.” <– If he had said that on my fb wall I would have "liked" it. Truth be told I don't really give a shit. I just want to inject a gram of test a day and muscle snatch 130k @ 85k.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, I wonder if I've got the internal rotation to muscle snatch now ….. just tested the movement and I don't think I'm ready for it yet. Guess I'll fucking kill myself.