Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

My theory on feds, they’re like mushrooms – feed ’em shit and keep em’ in the daaahk.

Pan-seared and pan-finished two 16oz ribeyes and oven baked about 3 lbs of ribs to start this week off.

For mob Sunday night I hit up wide supinated grip on pull up bar, banded the elbows together, and loaded the movement for improved external rotation overhead. Also did soft tissue work to anterior deltoids, scap/rib/external rotator soft tissue, then the couch and table top stretches. Forgot to do IR stretching for the right shoulder, which I’ll make up for tonight.

Power snatched 195lbs, then snatched it again without going into a full squat (but still didn’t pull the bar high enough to make it a power snatch). Snatched up to 215lbs for an easy single.

Cleaned and push pressed 205lbs for a triple – thought I could have gotten 5 here, but this felt real heavy at 3. I should honestly just kill myself for not being able to push press 300lbs for a double. Clean and jerked up to 245lbs, cleaned 265lbs. While we’re on the subject, I should probably kill myself for not cleaning 300lbs for a double.

Front squat 335lbs x 4 + 1 after racking it and a minute, then 315lbs x 4, and 315lbs x 2, sets done with less than 3mins rest.

On Tuesday night I tacked-and-stretched external rotators along both thighs, did the best shoulder mob ever, rolled on external rotators of the shoulder and t-spine.

Benched 250lbs x 3 fairly easily. Hitting 5 @ 245lbs has been a no-go so I will vary things a bit with triples and doubles.

Double overhand hook grip deads, 375lbs x 10, “10” but total time to do all 10 took like 3 minutes. Pulled 395lbs x 4 after. Was not hard to hold onto the bar, but the pulling was pretty difficult.

Close-grip benched 225lbs x 5 for a pretty decent set. I’m probably going to transition from attempting max reps at 225lbs on regular bench to doing this with close-grip (not necessarily immediately, will prob build some volume at 215lbs and progress to 220lbs etc.) and doing a legit volume day instead for bench, i.e. 4×5 or something comparable. Save the max reps for accessory volume on intensity day.

Would have done some more close-grip benching and back extensions but had to get to work. Probably going to do the back extensions tomorrow.

Some passable training this week. Could take it or leave it really. The deads were OK.

I worked with a girl from Boston tonight and I made her quote lines from The Departed all shift.