I’m mobbing as I type this.

Did the best shoulder mob ever, rolled on external rotators around the humerus again (right side was sore, feels a lot better today), hip flexor stretch, and hip flexion stretch.

Pre-workout food was an 8oz steak, green beans, and Maruchan instant noodles. I’m sure that’s real fucking funny to some of you, get fucked. 12oz water and a java chip frappucino.

Snatched 200lbs+ for 5 singles, 200lbs, 200lbs, 205lbs, 205lbs, and 210lbs. Controlling the weight to the hang was a lot of fun. Felt pretty easy here, I think whenever I’m at the globo gym I’ll hit multiple singles at a medium weight for volume as opposed to pushing for a heavy single, this is probably a little more reasonable.

C+jed up to 265lbs. Pull felt heavy, even at 245lbs.

Front squat 330lbs x 2. I got the point today and called it done here. I’ll throttle back on the low-bar back squat next week and continue pushing the front squat hard.

Deadlifted 375lbs x 3 to the knee, paused, then completed the pull. Two of the reps I pulled double overhand hook, had to alternate grip the third. Repeated attempt at 355lbs x 3, 5 would have been nice but grip was too spent and the back was already tired. Right now the limiting factor for the hook grip is pain, this is the first time I’ve hook gripped challenging deadlifts in a long while. Hopefully I can work on these on lighter pulling days and build a decent hook grip.

Chris and Mike were in town, so I stopped here to meet up with them for Chipotle (burrito with rice, no beans, peppers and onions, chicken), then finished up the rest of my workout at another gym of the same chain, which was:

Rounded-back weighted back extensions, chest supported machine rows, and barbell curls. There was a really pretty girl at the gym with a dude wearing camo shorts – which were not even gym shorts – and he looked like he played a lot of CoD MW2 and posted actively on 4chan. Definitely wanted to kill myself.

I spent most of the night watching YouTubes of Dead Space 1 and 2, this and training were the highlights of my Saturday off, I’m a pretty fucking useless person.

  1. Brent,
    Nice log…enjoying it a lot.

    Any chance you’d share that best shoulder mob ever with a guy whose overhead position could use a bunch of work?

    • hey man

      it’s the one with lateral distraction of the humeral head, combined with a force to drive the head into the posterior socket and external rotation

      he originally introduced it here

      but he also talks about it in a recent post regarding overhead position here

      i had some pretty legit fucking improvement combining that with rolling out sore spots along my t-spine with a double lacrosse ball and also on sore spots around the medial border of both scapula, felt like a completely different athlete a month later

    • the soft tissue work around medial border of the scapula was with one lacrosse ball, just to clarify

  2. thanks Brent…appreciate the response.

    awesome #s, btw. keep it up.

  3. I’m all up in this thread

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