Songs you can slit your wrists to, then die alone in the bathroom.

Drove to the gym listening to Kings of Leon – Cold Desert. It’s a miracle that I didn’t fucking drive my car off the highway into a ditch.

No mobility before tonight’s workout, lazy after the drive from San Antonio, caught up on sleep more than anything else.

Had 5 tacos in corn tortillas from Freebird’s as “pre-workout nutrition,” was done eating at 6pm, took a nap and woke up at 9pm, was training at 9:45pm. Felt OK energy wise for the workout.

Pressed 155lbs 3×5 without much drama. Front rack and overhead position feels significantly better after a few months of mobility woding. My life has definitely been changed.

Front squat 315lbs x 5, 4, 3. Dumped the bar on the second set on rep 5, was kind of dumb. Legs felt pretty good on that first set, haven’t pushed the front squat very hard in a while but I intend to do so this week and into the next and see if I can make anything cool happen.

Caught a pretty legit pump db benching 80lbs dumbbells and doing chest supported machine rows.

Came home and listened to Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy, thought about killing myself, ate a double baconator deluxe from Wendy’s instead.

  1. I see you’re still not dead yet. Congratulations!

    Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Baconators killed people at some point. Even if it was just because they ate it without stopping to breathe.

  2. I lol’d at Jacob.

  3. Maybe Justin can answer. But do you really do all that mobility WOD stuff?

    • yes

      my shoulders used to be inflamed a lot, had a terrible overhead position, started doing tennis ball to anterior capsule which helped inflammation but not the cause i.e. terrible positions; mobilitywod fixed my overhead position, a lot of my shoulder internal rotation, and i’ve read/heard from multiple blogs/people that you can’t address mobility of single parts, that you have to address the movement of the body as a whole, so now i just hit a few things each night

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