I love reading shitty threads.

Snatched and c+jed like shit, I felt real weak tonight. I did manage to make the session semi-productive by doing some snatches off of blocks for position work. I wish the boxes were like two inches higher, right now the bar rests at exactly knee height when I lift from the blocks, which works, but I’d like a few more options for above and below the knee. I think I can make something work for starting below the knee, there’s some rubber matting that should stack fairly well.

I benched 240lbs for 5, 4, 4, 4 and a final set at 2 (was attempting to take 20 reps total) tonight. I’ve been rolling the fuck out of my triceps the past couple days and have been hitting a legit 9/10 on the pain scale, seems to have worked pretty well, my lockout feels quite a bit better.

Front squat 315lbs for a triple and a couple doubles, wish I felt stronger here but this is all I had for tonight.

Mark showed me this thread which was real fucking good – this fucking guy, who CAN’T DEADLIFT 300LBS WITHOUT STRAPS, is being a real fucking virgin about lifting weights. See Marotta’s opinion of him. Guy is A+++++++ unintentional troll. He definitely gives too many fucks. BRB posting more about lifting than actually lifting. BRB “Johnnie Jackson did 765 pounds with straps. His grip ain’t exactly suffering. So how come he uses straps and he can DOH DL 400 pounds?” BRB “Strongmen use straps. The best deadlifters in the world use straps. Their grip isn’t exactly suffering. If I have to, I’ll just do some fat gripz work. Can’t be too hard. Kroc uses straps for god’s sakes.”

Mark, I loved this response to him as well (Marotta aka Puke deadlifts a lot for those of you who don’t know him).

There have been a few links to this blog from the “StrongLifts Inner Circle,” bothers me because I can’t stand SL.com, so if you’re reading this, and you’re a subscriber to Mehdi’s forum – can you ask him what he benches and post it in the comments? You probably don’t want to do that since he’d just ban you though. I can’t stand heavily-moderated forums (since you can’t troll them).

I loled while reading this thread as well. If StrongLifts ends up burning to the ground, all the ex-members could go to bodybuilding.com, they’d be all right. Have some flame wars in the misc for a few days too, I’d bookmark a couple of those threads.

Matt writes:

Speaking of girls.. how about this [http://www.buzzfeed.com/burnred/katy-perry-topless-nsfw-281t]
Brent what is your take on this photo?

Lettuce beans and real tea here, I don’t think Katy Perry is that hot. Her tits jiggle, yeah, and yes I like “California Girls” and “Teenage Dream” but other than that I don’t really give any fucks. I think Ellen Page is real cute though.

YES she plays a 17 year old in this movie but she is 24 IRL go fuck yourself thanks. Favorite parts are 3:35 and 3:45. And then when she loses it at 4:00 I lol too. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST this is pathetic.

Funny story guys, I was actually watching bloopers from this movie and SuperBad at like 3am last night and I was legit loling real hard alone at my computer, that’s all I got, I’m done now, if you need me I’ll be outside on my second story balcony – I’ll be the guy hanging by his fucking neck.

I got one more though:

And also this one:

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  1. Did you think Ellen Page was hot in Hard Candy?

  2. put a bumper plate on top of the boxes, and lift from there.

  3. Ellen Page wears underwear with dick holes in ’em.

  4. Brent, since you like fat tits, what does this picture do for you?


    Or, since we now know you like EP, what does this picture do for you?


  5. I love that people come here via links on Stronglifts and see you telling them and Medhi to go fuck themselves.

    So, serious question: are you still training intuitively or do you have some form f programming at the moment – you seem to be keeping/improving strength on weightlifting and powerlifting movements atm.

  6. I thought this was funny and yeah the first guy you posted from the SS boards now posts on BBcom, great! As for Medhi I personally cannot stand him and I usually get along with everybody but its just something about how he presents himself that I can’t put a name on. Just not the fact on how he words the “articles” he writes but ALSO that for about maybe three years now whenever Deadlifting comes up he ALWAYS has to first mention how he is a natural athlete and can pull 500lbs @ 165. Three years and you can’t even add 5lbs?

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