Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

I could have bigger delts.

This weekend was a landmark in mobility – I did some pretty legit muscle snatches and didn’t end up with a SLAP tear.

Just been real consistent with hitting my goats, internal rotation for the shoulders, overhead mobility, suprapatellar pouch. I need to put some time aside for my meat sticks, though, forearms + calves and I’ve never really done tack-and-stretch for the hamstrings which I think I should try. That and some high hammy flossing.

On Saturday I muscle snatched 95lbs for a few triples, did some weighted chins that amounted to +55lbs for two sets of 5, +75lbs for a triple, and +90lbs for a single. Did some barbell rows and curling after that and finished up, did some mobility throughout this workout as well.

Sunday I pressed 162.5lbs for 5, 4, 4, 3, and 3, then front squat for 330lbs x 3, 2, 2, then weighted ring dips with chains around my neck for +20lbs x 8. Did quite a bit of mobility after this including super couch, behind-the-back adduction for the shoulders, and joint approximation with the wall squat.

There was a vid on mwod.com that talked about the difference between couch stretch with plantar flexion and super couch with band distraction – apparently you can focus on knee flexion vs. hip extension between the two, and often a limiting factor in couch stretch with plantar flexion is quad soft-tissue tightness – I’ve been hitting my suprapatellar pouch pretty regularly, as well as whatever tight spots I find higher up the quad (esp on the left side), and all of a sudden couch stretch + plantar flexion is a lot fucking easier. There’s always been a discrepancy in knee flexion between my left and right knees, and I was never sure what the FUCK that was about but I think I may be doing the right approach to address it. Tack-and-stretch the suprapatellar pouch, attack quad soft-tissue, and couch stretch + plantar flexion.

Also been hitting glute/high hammies for some soft-tissue work, felt a pretty significant fucking difference squatting tonight, like more musculature was involved.

The changes I’m seeing from mwod legitimately help my deep-seated depression by giving me the illusion of reward in empty progress, the same way that an MMORPG addict is kept hooked into the game by grinding out item hunts/experience.

So yeah – despite the fact that NO ONE gave me any advice or guidance on doing front raises in that thread, YES I will be doing front raises tomorrow after benching. Lateral raises too, hopefully – this is all depending on how fucking early I actually get up to train. If you need me, call me – I’ll be the guy getting a REAL SERIOUS FUCKING PUMP IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR DOING DUMBBELL FRONT RAISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lone ranger writes:

lol brent ur a real funny guy…but im kind of getting tired of seeing u getting friend zoned by hot chicks. lol im a bit curious who the father of the half hispanic half pakistani girl’s kids are…i bet ur more jacked than him though…anyways im still waiting for the day u make a move on the pretty powerlifting chick and live happily ever after.

Dude, I am real glad you get something out of the shit hole of emotion that this blog is a vessel for, but if you LEGITIMATELY THINK that I am going to even LOOK in that girl’s direction for more than like half a second I’m afraid you’re gonna be real fucking disappointed. I can’t. I just. Fucking. Can’t.

Phil B writes:

I like this youtube meme. I could take or leave hearing about your training and foreveralone.jpg status though. This blog could have more gaming content.
How does this video make you feel?

I think that I’d like to fucking play co-op with that guy??????

Becky writes:

you spent more time naked with saul than i did. so sad. so on a scale of 1-10, 1 being uff da ugly and 10 being sizzling hot, how would you rate saul?

He’s about a 9. Like Justin, he is a source of inspiration for my aesthetic goals. No homo.