Daily Archives: October 28, 2011

I think of Thom Vale every time I press.

I clean-and-pressed 175lbs for a pretty smoked triple on Wednesday for a legit life-time all reps dead-stopped press PR. Thom Vale had this to say about it:

Tom: that’s decent
i don’t care what you press
because it’s never going to be 230
so grats on prssing
Tom: 55lbs less
than the required amount?
Tom: hi 5 for not reaching the goal?
Tom: congratulations, you made it to everest base camp, but not the summit?

So I filed this away in my folder labeled “Motivation.” where I compile all the things that have been said and done to me that make me want to train (these are the same things that haunt me that will drive me to start a never-ending cycle of 500mg test IM a day). Among other things, this is the same record where I’ve written the one time that a girl – who I WASN’T hitting on – told me, “You’ll find a nice girl one day.” That is to say, “You’ll find a nice girl one day, but it sure as FUCK isn’t going to be me. I am just saying this pre-emptively just so we are on the same page. Good luck with your being single goals of 2011.”

Yeah that folder doesn’t really exist. I mean it does but I don’t have a written record.

For those of you aren’t aware: a current side quest in my overall mission statement is to press 230lbs while at a bw < 175lbs before the end of 2012. Thom Vale doesn't think I can do it before then. I intend to press 230lbs from a clean, with a dead-stop, for a double, since I am 2x the man Thom Vale doesn't think I am. Every time I do something pressing related I think of Thom Vale telling me I am shit, I am nothing, I don't belong here. NEGATIVE SERGEANT I AM SPECIAL FORCES MATERIAL.

I also snatched 225lbs, c+jed 275lbs (after three or four attempts, meaning I cleaned it 4x and missed the jerk 3x), and high-bar back squat 390lbs x 3 without a belt. I haven’t been stretching my glutes/hip external rotators as frequently as I have, but I’ve been hitting them pretty regularly again and my shit is normalizing back into something that makes for decent squat mechanics.

This is a guy who does commentating for SC2. If you think SC2 is lame, get fucked please. Anyways I wanna train with Day[9]. Him and Tasteless actually, two coolest guys in the world, I’d def do some benching with them in a globo. If I could choose between training with some hardcore national team in like Cuba or Russia or even the OTC vs. benching with 30mm bars at a fucking globo with Day[9] and/or Tasteless – well I’d pick the former if I have to be 100% honest. But honestly? Honestly? Day[9] legit seems like a cool guy and it’d be sweet to bang out some dips with him or something.

This is what I’m reduced to. Watching clips of a guy’s fucking YouTube vlog wishing I could be friends with him.

Ryan asks:

Brent, how do you feel about the McRib?

It looks like a pile of dog shit.

Captain Ronn writes:

The Choctaw Nation has a wellness center in Hugo. It’s for shit. I live in Oklahoma City now but we could definitely meet up in Hugo. We could buy a 30 pack of Keystone Light and get rejected by toothless meth heads. And then fucking kill ourselves. Please respond.

Oklahoma City?????? Jesus. Fuck that. I’m not gonna have both of us drive 2 hours to meet in a fucking podunk city to train at a shitty gym, eat shitty food, and have one person drink shitty beer (since I do not drink). We should figure something out though. Maybe we can meet up for a meet if you do PL or OL.

I’d be interested in having a 70s Big/I’m Just An Asshole Who Reads Your Blog meet-up sometime as well. Would make for at least a few good facebook pics and a decent blog post I imagine.

Matt writes:

If you need to meet a nice Korean girl come to Gwinnett Co. GA. You pick pick tons of them out at the Assi Supermarket or Super H Mart. Or you can check out one of the 10,000!! Fucking Korean church’s that are EVERWHERE in Duluth. If you can’t find the soy for your sauce here you are out of luck chop stick.

One of the best comments ever posted to this site, well done.